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Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage – Re-Branded

Retro Lady in Antique CarWhat happened to Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plans?

When comparing Medicare Advantage plans, you have a lot of options. Some plans will be instantly recognizable and others may be completely unfamiliar to you. Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plans are familiar to most people.

This may be due to AARP MedicareComplete, because as a Secure Horizons plan, it was one of the most popular nationally.

Although MedicareComplete is still one of the most recognizable Medicare brands, it no longer branded as a Secure Horizons plan.

Secure Horizons was a division of United Healthcare that offers Advantage plans, Medigap policies and Part D Drug plans in the Medicare market. Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plans were popular because of the variety of plans offered and having plans that are affordable and benefit rich.

Although plans are still popular, the Secure Horizons brand has been retired. MedicareComplete is now known as AARP MedicareComplete Insured Through United Healthcare.

Compare all plans offered through United Healthcare by visiting the eHealthInsurance website or call toll free to speak with a licensed agent.

Types of plans

Although plans can change on an annual basis,  Medicare Advantage plans insured through United Healthcare have utilized all plan designs. Plans include:

  • HMO plans with a medical and Part D drug benefit.
  • HMO plans with medical benefits only.
  • PPO plans with medical and Part D drug benefit.
  • PPO plans with medical benefits only.
  • HMO-POS plans with medical and Part D drug benefits.
  • HMO-POS plans with medical benefits only.
  • PFFS plans with Medical and Part D drug benefits.
  • PFFS plans with medical benefits only.

The HMO, PPO and HMO-POS plans are branded as MedicareComplete plans. and the PFFS plans are branded as MedicareDirect plans.

Not all plans are available in all service areas and some plans may not be renewed for the coming year. Advantage plans are available as annual plans and insurance carries that offer plans, contract with CMS to offer a particular plan for the calendar year.

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan differences

HMO, PPO and HMO-POS plans are all network based plans. The PPO plans will generally afford the member more freedom of choice. As a PPO member, you can choose to receive your services from either a network provider or go out-of-network to receive services. If you use a network provider you will generally have lower cost sharing co-pays and co-insurance if required.

The benefit of the HMO is the lower cost sharing by using network providers. HMO plans often have additional benefits that may not be found in other types of plans. HMO plans are often available in metropolitan areas with a greater population and strong provider network.

PFFS plans are not network based plans. These plans allow you to choose any provider that accepts Medicare assignment, and as long as the provider accepts the plans payment terms and conditions.

The provider is able to accept the plan on a visit-by-visit basis. This has caused some grief for plan members and for insurance companies that are trying to be compliant with strict marketing guidelines implemented by CMS.

Companies marketing PFFS plans are required to give those plan members access to a provider network. This has had many companies either
leave the PFFS market or announce that they will non-renew plans for the following year.

If you have a PFFS plan from United Healthcare or any other carrier, be sure to watch your mail to see if your plan is one that will not be available the following year.

No matter what type of Advantage plan you have, when it comes time to renew, taking a look at what were once plans branded as Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage may be worth your time.


  1. Rizalina Tabangay

    Please send me information on the plans available in my area Scripps Ranch San Diego CA zip code 92131.Thank you

  2. You have several Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plans available in San Diego CA. There are four AARP Medicare Complete plans in San Diego with drug overage included and one Medicare Complete plan that offers medical only. This site is for information purposes only, including reviews of 2011 Medicare Advantage plans. If you are interested in Secure Horizons plans and do not have a local agent, you can call them at 1-800-547-5514 or go to Medicare.gov and compare all plans available.

  3. Please send me information on the different Secure Horizon
    Medicare Advantage Plans in my area. I live in Scappoose, Oregon. Zip code is 97056. Thank you.

  4. sheryl Johnson-Stampley

    I am elgible for medicare as of dec.1 this year. I am looking for a supplemental plan do I need one

  5. Sheryl, If you do not have medical benefits from a current or former employer it would be wise to consider either a medicare supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan. If you only have medical coverage from Medicare, you will leave yourself exposed to a hospital deductible (currently $1100) and co-pays for extended stays as well as 20% of all allowable outpatient charges. This cost sharing could be significant. If you have not already signed up for the mini-course on this site, please do so. Also, anyone else have any advice for Sheryl? Please post your advice below.

  6. I heard on the radio today that a person received a notice from Secure Horizons that his supplemental plan was not going to be offered in 2011. Is this true? I have a supplemental with Secure Horizons and need to know what is happening.

  7. Secured Horizons offers Medicare Advantage plans. Advantage plans are not supplemental plans. Advantage plans are annual plans and can change each year, including not renewing for the following year. Private insurance companies offer Advantage plans with approval from CMS for a single calandar year.

    Medicare Direct, a PFFS plan offered by Secured Horizons is probably the plan that is not renewing. If you have ARRP Medicare Complete by Secured Horizons, you are probably ok. Sign up for the free mini-course on this site to learn the ins and outs of Medicare Advantage plans.

  8. I currently have AARP/Medicare Complete Plus from Secure Horizons. I live in the Salt Lake valley in Utah but am spending the winter in San Marcos, CA. (north San Diego county). I called earlier today to find out about seeing a medical provider locally and was told I wasn’t covered here. I thought I was covered anywhere in the country. I don’t understand this. I don’t mean “emergency” coverage either. If this is the case, my Medicare benefit that I pay for each month is being taken away from me. Or, does this mean I could see a doctor in another town? Thank you.

  9. Katheryn, AARP Medicare Complete Plans can be a PPO, HMO or HMO-POS. If you are in Salt Lake County your plan is a HMO-POS (health maintenance organization – point of service). Although this plan is not as restrictive as a HMO, it does not give you the freedom to use providers anywhere in the US.

    I understand how you feel, but your benefit is not being taken away from you, as it is always your choice to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan and understand any restrictions involved. Call customer service and inquire what type of services are available in the surrounding area. Medicare advantage plans are available County-by-County and can have different benefits. If your plan has the Passport program, California is not part of that program. It may be that you will only have benefits for emergencies when in California.

    Beginning January 1 through February 14 you can take advantage of the Annual Dis-enrollment Period. During this time you can dis-enroll from an Advantage Plan and return to original Medicare. You can then purchase a Part D plan and Medicare supplement plan if you would like. You can use your original Medicare and Medicare supplement without network restrictions.

  10. Hi

    I received a call from a local lawyer. His father in law (age 80) is covered by medicare advantage plan in New York but due to his age and some health issues, they are relocating him to Southern Delaware where there is only Bravo medicare advantage plan and possibly an AARP med. advantge plan, but they desire to have him reenroll, if possible into original medicare, but only if he can get a guaranteed issue traditional med supp.

    They are concerned about a waiting period, etc…we prefer to write a traditional med supp plan as our geographical area and 3 county’s don’t really have alot of competition and nor do the offer ,in southern Delaware, more than 1 reliable medicare advantage plan and the existing one, thru Bravo, is not being well received by the ins. dept nor providers.

    How can we be sure a traditional med supp. carrier will guar. issue him promptly a plan D, F, or N coverage..Do we just need the disenrollment letter stating he is being disenrolled dut to his relocation?


  11. Hello,
    My husband and I currently are enrolled in Horizon Blue
    Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage with Rx Coverage. We
    are moving to Fort Myers, Florida and having a difficult time locating similar Medicare Advantage coverage there.
    Can you suggest a plan?
    Thank you,

  12. Jo-Ann, Anyone who would suggest a Medicare Advantage plan without knowledge of your individual circumstances would be irresponsible. Visit http://www.medicare.gov to view plans in Fort Myers Florida or speak with an agent who represents several carriers. Sorry I know that’s not the answer you are looking for.

  13. My uncle just moved here(Tennessee)from Mississippi and he had secure horizons advantage plan there that had a copay for doctors visits of 15.00 and specialist of 35.00. He says he wasn’t paying a premium for this plan but I’m not sure he really understands all of this. Can you tell me if there is a plan that is similar to that plan available in Tennessee? I can’t seem to find a plan that he doesn’t have to pay for. He is totally disabled and has been for over 9 years, not sure if that matters or not. Thanks

  14. Melinda, Medicare Advantage plans are offered County by County and it’s not unlikely that your uncle did have a Secure Horizons plan like the one you described. Without knowing the County where your uncle resides I cannot give you a list of plans but can walk you through how to find all Medicare Advantage plans available in his County of residence.

    vist http://www.medicare.gov and click the Health and Drug Plan link. Next click Compare Drug and Health plans. Enter the zip code where your uncle lives. Follow the on screen prompts. it is not necessary to enter drug and pharmacy information to see a complete list. Once you see all plans available you can visit plan websites of those that are potential candidates to learn more about the plan.

    As far as the disability issue is concerned, it may or may not be a factor to plan availability. Special Needs Plans are available for individual Medicare beneficiaries who meet the criteria. For instance there are chronic illness plans that are designed for people with specific health issues like heart disease or diabetes. There are also Dual Enrolled Special Needs plans for people enrolled in both Medicare and their State’s Medicaid program. These types of plans may or may not be available in his County. If they are and he qualifies for enrollment you should take a look at this type of plan.

  15. Terry McCleary

    Why is this process so much like buying a car when you don’t know what make or model you want. Not enough simple facts available and way to much fluff and BS.

  16. Terry, This article is an overview of Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage options and is only a starting point. There are plenty of resources available. Maybe you need to meet with an agent to ask specific questions without all the B.S. and fluff associated with information designed for a broad audience. Even if you think the process of choosing a Medicare plan is like buying a car, it must not be that over whelming to millions of people. After all there are millions of people with Medicare plans driving cars! Try searching for info at http://www.medicare.gov.

  17. And there are millions of people driving cars that are not the right one for them just as I believe there are millions who have the wrong medical plan.

  18. Okay Terry… you win.


  20. Sylvia, If you are looking for information about Secure Horizons visit http://www.aarpmedicareplans.com to find plans in your area.

  21. jackylyn a rothermund

    I need to file a claim for an eye exam that I recently had.

    I can not find a form so this claim can be filed. I do have Secure Horizon.

    Thank you for your help.

  22. had a secure horizon meeting scheduled at round table pizza today and missed it can you tell me is any other meetings scheduled near zip code 92056 thanks

  23. Lee, I’m sorry I don’t have information on Medicare seminars in your area. Contact the agency that conducted the seminar. If you are unsure as to who they are, ask the management at Round Table Pizza, they will know.

  24. Stumbled across this page after having a meeting on Secure Horizons with local agent. He showed me his “sales booklet” with what SC offers versus Medicare but I couldn’t get a copy of the information and it’s impossible to retain all the info. Then he had me sign a form, something about “being required by Medicare.” A blank form at that… Didn’t even give me a copy.

    Also, Terry’s analogy between a car and advantage plans was hilarious and true. It’s how I felt leaving the meeting today. Cheers!

  25. Jake, The form the agent had you sign is a Scope of Appointment Form. It is legit and required by CMS. The form details what products the agent is allowed to discus and your signature gives him permission to do so. Unless your appointment was unannounced to him, regulations require him to have the form signed prior to your meeting. A copy is generally not given to the customer. Regulations require him to leave you with a complete enrollment kit detailing all plan information. Based on your description of how the appointment went down, I would recommend you find an agent who adheres to the regulations a little more closely. In other words HE’S FIRED!

  26. I just read that Secure Horizon is being phased out. Why was it still listed for 2014 on the Medicare & You pages? I was shocked to see that office visits went up by 50% for that plan.
    Please tell me what would be another adequate choice as a Medigap for me in San Diego?

  27. Inge, Are you looking for a Medigap policy or a Medicare Advantage Plan? They are not the same thing. The Secure Horizon plan that you are referencing is a Medicare Advantage Plan. Here’s a video on how to use the Medicare website to find Medicare Plans.

    If you are interested in a supplement (Medigap), that’s a fairly straight forward task. call PlanPrescriber toll-free at 888 310-0376 and they can help you with a plan in San Diego.

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