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Evercare Medicare Now Care Improvement Plus

Person in Wheelchair Near FlowersEvercare Medicare Special needs Advantage plans have been re-branded as Care Improvement Plus

United Healthcare offers Medicare Special Needs Plans. Formerly these plans were branded as Evercare Medicare plans. Special Needs Plans are now branded as Care Improvement Plus and are just one aspect of an overall branding initiative.

United Healthcare also offers  AARP MedicareComplete Insured Through United Healthcare, formerly branded as a Secure Horizons Medicare plan.

While AARP MedicareComplete is suited to the vast majority of Medicare beneficiaries that may consider an Advantage plan, Care Improvement Plus is specifically designed for segments of the population that are designated as having special needs. To be considered as a member of a Special Needs Plan you must meet certain criteria outlined by the plan.

Types of Care Improvement Plus Advantage plans

Care Improvement Plus includes the following types of Medicare Advantage plans:

Health plans for people with limited incomes.

If you are enrolled in Medicare and qualify for Medicaid benefits through your State, you are considered to be dual-eligible and may benefit from this plan.

Check to determine if you qualify for full Medicaid benefits, as this can affect the benefit level of the plan for people with limited incomes. One benefit of this plan is the wellness services that are often included. Some benefits go beyond what would be available for people with both Medicare and Medicaid.

Health plans for people with specific long term illnesses.

Some Care Improvement Plus plans are designed to serve the needs of people with specific long-term illness including,  cardiovascular disorders (like coronary artery disease), chronic heart failure and diabetes.

Plans for specific long-term illnesses offer additional benefits beyond original Medicare and give the beneficiary fixed co-pays for many services. The plan focuses on preventative care and regular visits to the doctor so changing conditions can be monitored and managed appropriately.

Health plans for people in nursing homes.

Special Needs Plans are available for those Medicare beneficiaries that are confined to a nursing home. Care Improvement Plus supplements nursing facility services by including more covered benefits and a Nurse Practitioner for no extra monthly premium. This plan gives nursing home residents personal individualized care with a higher level of coordinated case management.

Choosing the right plan

United Healthcare offers Special Needs Medicare Advantage plans that provide full Medicare health care coverage, prescription drugs, plus additional benefits and services for those Medicare beneficiaries that meet the plans qualifications.

If you meet one of the qualifications for enrollment into one of these plans, it would be in your best interest to explore your options. Many people who qualify for a Special Needs Medicare Advantage plan are unaware of their options and choose a plan that would be better suited to someone who didn’t have the special needs. If you would like to see what Special Needs Plans are available in your area visit the ehealthInsurance website or call 888 310-0376 to speak with a licensed agent.

If for instance, you qualify for a plan because of a limited income, and you choose MedicareComplete you may not be maximizing your benefits and may actually have higher out-of-pocket costs.

It’s important to discuss your situation with an agent that can point you in the right direction so you can get the best Advantage plan for your situation.


  1. Deborah Williamson

    My mother had Evercare insurance and I said when I would need a supplemental health plan it would be a Evercare Medicare Plan.

  2. Deborah, Evercare is a Medicare Advantage plan not a supplemental health plan. Evercare is considered a Special Needs Plan. It is designed for people on Medicare who either; have a qualifying chronic illness, have both Medicare and Medicaid or are confined to an institution. If you do not meet any of those categories you will not be able to enroll. There are other Medicare Advantage plans offered by United HealthCare that may be available in your area.

    Visit the Medicare website and search for plans in your area by entering your zip code. Also, as a side note Evercare will be known under a different name in most areas for 2012. Read this article On United HealthCare 2012 Medicare Brand Changes to learn more.

  3. How does customers rate Evercare? I am new at this and I need help in making decisions regarding my father’s care.Is this a good plan based on the fact he is on Medicare and

  4. Valter, Determining the suitability of a Medicare Advantage plan should be based on your specific needs. How others who may have different needs than yours feel about Evercare is not a good measure of how you may feel about Evercare. If you are looking for some objective yardstick, visit medicare.gov and see the Medicare Stat rating compared to other plans. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  5. How do I go about getting a list group of providers for my nephew is is a psych patient and has recently lost his mom 8 months ago. He needs to be under a physican care and i need help navigating

  6. Phaedra, Call the Evercare member services number on your card and ask for a provider directory.

  7. I have been trying to obtain an EverCare ID card for 2 years now for one of the individuals I work with. I have made numerous telephone calls and get switched all over the place and have never been able to connect with the correct person that can assist in this matter. Furthermore, I am constantly disconnected after spending almost an hour on the telephone trying to accomplish such a task that should be simple. Instead, I just keep getting the run around. I am fed up and would not recommend this service to anyone if you can’t even get such a simple matter resolved.

  8. Debra, A new card is mailed out by all insurance companies that offer Advantage plans each year. This person has lost their cards each year? Or maybe they are not enrolled? In any case HIPPA rules dictate that the member or a member’s authorized representative (health care POA) can inquire about such matters. Beyond that it would be seen a violation of a member’s privacy. Have this person take some responsibility for their own matters so you can avoid reviewing a product that you have no experience with!

  9. can i get a phone number so i can request info for my parents it is time to change or renew insurance

  10. Dawn, If your parents are renewing they should have received their Annual Notice of Change form in the mail during September. This will detail what the new plan will look like. If they did not receive it call United Healthcare at 1-800-547-5514. To compare plans you can call PlanPrescriber at 888-310-0376.

  11. My mother is now in a long term care facility and they would like for her to change to Evercare. She has medicare and medicaid. Also, is there a time frame given before they start taking social security.

  12. Mom went into nursing home June 24,2014. She qualified for Medicaid and has received a MassHealth card on July 2014. She has a medicaid D Plan and we signed her for Evercare supplement. Do we keep her Tufts Health plan she had at home as well? Also can we drop Tufts or have to wait till September enrollment time?
    Thanks, Tricia

  13. Patricia, Questions about dropping a plan should really be directed to a licensed agent in your State. But generally you can only have one plan at a time. Evercare is a special-needs Medicare Advantage Plan not a supplement. You could ask the agent who enrolled your Mom about the status of the Tuffs plan.

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