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Compare WellCare Part D – WellCare Classic VS WellCare Extra

WellCare Part D options include Classic (PDP) and Extra (PDP) – but which is best?Pink Highlighter Marks Word Value

Unless you have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan which includes Part D you should enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan.

WellCare Part D is one option if you are staying with original Medicare or have purchased a Medicare supplement.

You have two WellCare Medicare Part D options: WellCare Classic (PDP) and WellCare Extra (PDP).

This article will address the differences between plans and include some tips on which plan may be your best solution.

Choosing the best WellCare Part D plan

Here is a brief overview of  plan features and benefits.

WellCare Classic (PDP)

  • Low monthly premium
  • Standard formulary
  • Either $0 deductible
  • Reduced copays on preferred mail order

WellCare Extra (PDP)

  • Moderately priced premium
  • Expanded formulary
  • $0 deductible
  • $0 copay on preferred generics
  • Reduced copays on preferred generics
  • Tier 1 drugs are $2 while you are in the donut hole


And The Best Medicare Plan is…

The WellCare Classic (PDP) is designed people who take prescription drugs occasionally or take few drugs each month and is also best for people who receive extra help  according to information on the WellCare website.

Even if you take few drugs you should still explore the Part D formulary to be certain that those drugs are covered. There is no sense in enrolling in a Part D plan if your drugs are not included in the plan’s formulary.

The WellCare Extra (PDP) is according to WellCare, designed for people who take several drugs or want lower preferred generic costs. This explanation by WellCare is a little misleading. If you do take several drugs which are all included in the Classic formulary and you live in an area without a deductible you can save money by not choosing the Extra plan.
The bottom line is to be certain that your drugs are included in the Part D plan formulary. The premium as a major factor as to which plan you choose pales in comparison to having an adequate formulary and enrolling in a plan that will actually meet your needs.

Do the math to compare WellCare Part D plans to learn whether the Classic (PDP or the Extra (PDP) will be your better option.



  1. Frieda Lieberman

    How can I receive quotes on Medicare D plans.There is a Classic and a signature plan. Can you send detailed info? Thank you F.Lieberman

  2. F. Lieberman, Here is the web link to WellCare. Enter your zip code to see plans and pricing in your area.

  3. how can I know which Well Care plan I have? Classic or Signature?

  4. Carolyn, It should state the plan name on your member ID card. if not call WellCare and speak with a member services representative.

  5. Celebrex 200 – whattier is this and what is the retail pharmacy cost under WellCare Classic for FL ZIP code 34201?

  6. Jerry, I used the formulary look up tool at wellcare.com and found that Celebrex 200MG not covered by either WellCare Classic or WellCare Signature in zip code 34201. They estimate the retail cost at $293.77.

  7. What plan is the best Part D since I do not take any medication at all.

  8. Marie, Most people in your situation choose a plan with a low monthly premium. If you are considering a WellCare Part D plan, the Classic PDP will have a lower premium primarily due to a difference in the plan’s formularies. Plans can also have a lower premium because an annual deductible is required.

    Other factors to consider include; the pharmacy network, copayment amount if you do need an occasional prescription, and any value added benefits that may exist. In the end it’s an individual choice and it’s difficult to say that there is a best plan for everyone in your situation. Also. if your situation changes you will be able to choose a new plan in the next Open Enrollment Period.

  9. I am already a member. Although I have made a request several times, I still don’t have the needed information. I need proof of the dollar-amount premiums I pay every month. I live in a senior-citizen building, and this information is required. Thank you

  10. Helen, You should call the member services number on your card. They should be able to get you the information.

  11. Alla Yeghiazaryan

    I am a Wellcare member almost 1 year at last day of June i paid by credit card my ballance$99 or 100.00 and i ask to representative to change my plan because i am low incom and have diabetes HBP hurt attacks artritis and your representative say that I get classic plan.Now i get severe chekbooks bills that I must be pay $64.20 for monts.What thats mean,please chek my Welcare plan because I had a call 1 week before and agin representative confirmed that i am on Classic plan.Than You

  12. Alla, Sounds like you need to have serious discussion with your agent or call the member services phone number on your card.

  13. Patricia L. Spencer

    My husband & I have this year 2012 the wellcare signature part D plan.
    We have noticed an increase in several drugs we use, one being Januvia, Is there a generic equivalent to this drug?
    Also dicyclomine 20 mg taken 3 x daily; Nifedipine 30 mg taken 1 time daily; what is the cost comparison of each of these prescriptions in both of your part D plans? Classic and extra.
    I know Classic is $28.50 a month , no deductable; And Extra plan is $39.00 mo. no deductable.
    Please answer questions. Thank you,

  14. Patricia, This site is not owned or operated by Wellcare. You will probably need to speak with member services or an agent who represents Wellcare.

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