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AARP MedicareComplete What to Know Before You Enroll


AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plan one of the most recognized brandsAARP MedicareComplete

AARP MedicareComplete is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by United Healthcare. MedicareComplete is a popular plan option in many service areas. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered in service areas (typically Counties) and the benefits can vary widely depending on where the plan is available.

In many service areas AARP MedicareComplete is often available  as a HMO. An HMO will often have lower out-of-pocket costs but be more restrictive when it comes to which providers you can use. You will receive your services from in-network providers except in an emergency or if you register for the United Healthcare Passport Program.

Medicare Complete can also be a PPO or Regional PPO Plan. You have the flexibility to receive care out-of-network but will have lower costs if you receive care from network providers. A PPO can be quite appealing if you need to see a specialist not in the provider network.

To learn what AARP MedicareComplete plan options you have available it’s easiest to compare plans online. You can also compare MedicareComplete to other available plans.

AARP MedicareComplete vs an AARP Medicare supplement

It’s worth pointing out that MedicareComplete is not a Medicare supplement (also known as a Medigap policy). Advantage Plans and Medicare supplements are completely different types of plans. Both plans are offered by United Healthcare but that’s where the similarities stop.

A Medicare Advantage Plan is merely a different way to receive your Medicare benefits. The plan is administrated by a private insurance company that contracts with the centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). You will receive your benefits from the plan and not from original Medicare.

AARP MedicareComplete includes all Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. And you must continue to pay your Part B premium. Plans also generally include Part D prescription drug benefits and frequently include extra benefits like dental, vision and a Silver Sneakers Gym membership as well.

You will receive care from network providers and pay co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles required by the plan. You will also pay a plan premium which is often $0 per month. (CMS doesn’t allow them to be called free).

If you choose to buy an AARP Medicare supplement you will receive your benefits from original Medicare and the supplement. The supplement pays a portion of the charges that are your responsibility. With original Medicare you’re responsible for some hospital costs, the Part B deductible and 20% of all outpatient charges.

Like all supplements AARP supplements are standardized plans and what your plan pays depends on the plan chosen. Medicare supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive and the most popular.

When you buy a supplement you are able to choose any provider that accepts Medicare. You do not generally have network limitations unless you buy a Medicare Select plan. You will need to buy a separate Part D plan as none are included in a supplement’s coverage.

Is MedicareComplete a good choice for you?

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about your Medicare plan options. Will you insure with original Medicare only? Doing so will leave you vulnerable to some potentially high out-of-pocket costs. The real option is between enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan or buying a Medicare supplement.

If you are new to Medicare or need more information about these two types of plans watch my 8 part Video Medicare Mini-Course to get up to speed.

If you decide that a Medicare Advantage plan is your better choice – compare plans. AARP MedicareComplete is a popular plan with credible networks but it doesn’t necessarily mean it the best choice for you. Do your homework. Once you enroll in a plan you have little opportunity to dis enroll until the next Annual Enrollment Period.

Review these documents:

  • The Summary of Benefits
  • The Provider Directory
  • The Part D Formulary

The Summary of Benefits will detail what is covered and what it will cost. The provider Directory is more than a list of doctors. Hospitals, clinics, labs and other outpatient facilities are all included. The Part D Formulary is a list of all covered drugs and what tiers they are placed in. reviewing these documents is essential.

You can also visit the AARP Medicare Plans website to search for more information.


  1. I’m trying to download Evidence of coverage 2010. I got 2009 & went to a different site to try to get 2010 & got 2008. Why is this old info on SECURE HORIZONS SITE? betsyfilz

  2. Your best bet is to contact Secured Horizons rather than playing hit and miss with various websites.

  3. Patrick Burneske

    Please send a list of dentist that are approved and honor
    your medicare complete dental program.
    The hmo-pos w/deluxe. plan None in my area honor this plan.

    Thank Patrick

  4. I post commentary on many different plans and information on Medicare plans in general. I do not speak for Medicare Complete.
    I would suggest contacting a local agent who represents Medicare Complete.

  5. Julia m. Westphal

    do you have any agreement with dental serve providers for discounts on services?

  6. Plans differ from one area to the next. here is a direct link to the “contact us” page on the secured Horizons website. Let them know what State and County you reside in when you ask your question.



  8. Richard Levine

    I am a member of Humana in Boynton Beach Florida and I am very unhappy with the policy and their customer service, I need AARP:S help in finding and much better Health Ins. company. Can you please help me. Thank you, Richard Levine

  9. A good resource in situations like this is your local Area Council on Aging. Search for area council on aging in your county online to find a local office.

    They often work with trusted insurance agents who represent several different companies. Also, if you are an AARP member, you can call their toll free number to get information.

  10. I need information about enrolling.

  11. Gwyn, I’m a big fan of speaking with a local agent. This way you get to spend a few minutes face to face with someone who will answer your questions and take the time to make sure the plan is right for you. If you do not know a local broker in your area that represents Secure Horizons, I would suggest that you call your local Area Council on Ageing or similar organization, as they typically have relationships with agents that they trust.

  12. I and My wife, have AARP/Medicarecomplete(HMO)insurance.I want to change the PPO insurance now.Ask how wants to replace the insurance? The couple gather adds pays expense together.Ask how many insurance premium is?
    Thanks for your help !
    William Huang

  13. im looking for a list of doctors for mom she stays in mansfield,tx 76063 need a list for near by doctors please

  14. This happened to me today in South Bend Ind (Aspen Dental) (One of many dentists AARP supposedly works with) as i was getting my teeth looked at.
    The dentist office could not find who or where the claim was suppose to go after finding out the services are sub contracted out to other providers by AARP. Therefore i was refused serviced that the deluxe rider was suppose to cover.

  15. I have several blockages one large femoral/popliteal and 2 internal iliac that need stents.
    I have medicare complete secure horizons.
    Previously I was hit for $2500 for stent in iliac two years ago.

    This doctor wants to get these done in 2 or 3 procedures.

    Am I better off asking him to do as much as possible at once to avoid getting hit with several high co-pays or is there a limit per year that I may be forced to pay?

  16. Jay, AARP Medicare Complete has an annual maximum amount out-of-pocket. You may hit this limit whether you have your procedures done in one or several visits. That said, there may be a good reason for your doctor to want to this over 2 or 3 visits. I’d focus more on your health and less on the money. Secure Horizons is going to pay the lion’s share of the costs. No one is going to turn you away if you don’t pay your portion up front. Good luck.

  17. I’m on ssi and will be getting medicare in dec. I want to know which aarp medicare plan would be the right one to take and should i also sign up for mdeicare plan b?

  18. Val, Good questions. Yes you should sign up for Medicare Part B. You cannot enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan without Part B in place. An AARP Medicare supplement may or may not be available in your State if you are under 65. If it available, you will generally pay a higher premium if you are under 65. Most people who receive SSI and become Medicare eligible before they turn 65 enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. As it relates to your question, that would generally be AARP Medicare Complete. Check with a local agent to see if more than one AARP MedicareComplete plan is available and then compare benefits.

  19. I live in the new york area and am interested in the Medicare Complete PPO Choice Plan 2, underwritten by Secure Horizon. Is this plan available in my area? Could you give me more information on this matter.

    Thank you

  20. Yes Dolly, but I will need to know which zip code or County that you live in. Availability of plans is specific to your County of residence.

  21. I’m 43yrs old and live in South Carolina. I’ve been receiving Social Security Disability benefits since March of 2010 and would like to know if I can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. If not what options are available to me to get supplemental insurance coverage for vision, dental benefits and to cover those extra expenses not covered by regular medicare.

  22. i would like to know if this plan would be accepted at mercy hospital in springfield massachusetts. and also if the plan would be accepted by dr. calvanese, dr. chircop, and eyesight & surgery they are all located in springfeild massachusetts and are all at mercy hospital. also would the plan cover chiroprators..thank you

  23. Donald, I’m sorry I do not have a AARP Medicare Complete provider directory for Massachusetts. You may want to contact a local insurance Agent in Springfield Massachusetts or you could call the hospital and other providers and get the information from them directly.

  24. Stephanie, If you have Medicare Parts A and B you are able to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Since you have referenced expenses not covered by regular Medicare, I’m assuming that is the case. If, on the other hand you are not yet eligible, you would need to purchase individual coverage if it it available.

    When shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan, whether AARP MedicareComplete or some other plan, make sure you review the Summary of Benefits, The Provider Directory and the Part D Plan Formulary. These documents will give you the best idea as to whether the plan will meet your individual needs.

  25. I am enrolled in Medicare Part A & B. Plus I have enrolled in a Part D prescritpion drug plan. However, I’m still looking for suggestions on what plan would be best for dental and vision coverage and help with other out of pocket expenses related to doctor visits.

  26. Stephanie, A Medigap policy would certainly help with many of the Medicare Covered expenses that are your responsibility, but will not afford you non-Medicare expenses such as dental and vision. Another option would be to explore Medicare Advantage plans available in your area. These plans will typically give you fixed out-of-pocket costs in the form of co-pays and coinsurance. Medicare Advantage plans also often include the extras that you are looking for.

    If you are going to renew your existing drug coverage for 2011, the only type of Advantage plan that will be available to you is a private fee-for-service plan without drug coverage. If you you are interested in a network-based Advantage plan such as a PPO or HMO it would be best to find one with Part D included, as regulations do not allow you to have a network-based Advantage plan without drug coverage included and a separate Part D plan. You may want to speak with a local agent after you have compared several plans online, so you can ensure that you get the best 2011 Medicare Advantage plan for your needs.

  27. I am Medicare age and have your AARP Medicare Complete Plus Essential (HMO-POS) insurance at the present time.

    Why is there no place where I can see what procedure numbers are covered and the amount of payment allowed if any?

    During my annual physical I was given a home test kit for a Fecal Immunochemical test. The box checked on the Physician Requistion indicates “(F) 11293(X) (Fecal Immunochemical Test(Medicare Screen))” Diagnosis Code 99216302. How can I tell if this is a covered test.

    Previously I spent a year and a half fighting with Quest Labs and Secure Horizon dealing with payment over a similar test. I am not about to go through that again even if it means changing to another Insurance carrier.


  28. Larry, I can understand your frustration, it’s nice to know whether procedures will be covered. http://www.affordablemedicareplan.com is a blog about Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare related news. I would start by call the phone number on the back of your card to pose your questions. You may try to contact your insurance agent to get his or her help, they were after all paid a commission for enrolling you. If they are doing their job, they will provide customer service after the sale.

  29. Currently I am member of Secure Horizons AARP Medicare CompleteChoice. In Sept of this year (2010) I hit the donut hole and have not received the $250 refund from Medicare. Does it usually take this long ( It is now Nov 11)Does the check come from Secure Horizons?

  30. Ruth, My understanding is that it does take a few weeks to process. The check is issued by the government not Secure Horizons. Hopefully things will be better for you in 2011. You will have some help in the coverage gap due to health care reform. You will pay about 50% of the cost of most brand-name drugs and 93% of the cost of generic drugs until your true out-of-pocket costs (not including premiums) equal $4550. Extra help in the Part D coverage gap and the gradual closing of the Part d coverage gap (through 2020) is probably the brightest spot in health care reform for seniors.

  31. still looking for the directory of names of doctors. what site can they be found on????????????????????

  32. Pete, Try looking for the 2011 AARP Medicare Complete provider directory. Keep in mind that if more than one AARP plan is offered in the same area, there may be more than one provider networks. So first identify your plan before you search for providers.

  33. barbara gaworowski

    I am looking for dentist who accept AARP Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2. Could you send me directory, please? Thanks,

  34. Is Secure Horizons afiliated with United Healthcare and if my Dr. takes United Healthcare are they automatically taking Secure Horizons?

    How does Secure Horizons make their money if i am paying no premiums? Will the $96.40 that comes out directly go to Secure Horizons or am i paying Medicare and Secure Horizons? What will be taken out of my ss check per month for this AARP medicare Complete Choice Plan 2 (regional PPO)? I live in Florida.


  35. Patti, Great questions. United HealthCare brands their Medicare products as Secure Horizons. Different plans from the same insurer often have different networks. So, no it is not automatic and you should review a 2011 Secure Horizons provider directory for AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2 (Regional PPO).

    United HealthCare is approved and contracted with CMS to administer your Medicare. They receive a payment from CMS to do so. This money would normally be spent by the government to administer your Medicare plan. United HealthCare makes their money as a contractor for the government. The $96.40 that is deducted from your Social Security check is for your Medicare Part B coverage and would be deducted whether or not you were enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. This does not automatically go to Secure Horizons. The 2011 AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2 Medicare Advantage plan is a $0 premium plan in Florida.

  36. I am 69 years old and I am clueless as to which Medicare supplemental plan I should acquire. I would like the all-inclusive package. I would like a plan that will cover the 20% that medicare doesn’t, exams, prescriptions, dental and vision. I reside in Chicago, County of Cook. What are my options and their cost? I need some orientation, please advise. Thank you

  37. George, A Medicare supplement is a different product than a Medicare Advantage plan. What you are looking for may not exactly exist. A Medicare supplement is also referred to as Medigap insurance because it fills the gaps for covered expenses. These policies, to one degree or another, will pay your share of Medicare expenses, such as the 20% of outpatient charges that you mentioned. A Medicare supplement will not cover dental or vision, unless it falls into a specific procedure covered by Medicare. This does not include exams and routine care including glasses and dentures.

    A Medicare Advantage plan will afford you some benefit for dental and vision, but it can hardly be considered comprehensive. An Advantage plan also does not fill in the gap and pay the 20%, for example. But rather you have co-pays and coinsurance as cost sharing. If you are more interested in protecting yourself from out-of-pocket expenses, you may want to consider a Medicare supplement and accept that you will self insure for dental and vision.

    Medicare supplement Plan F will afford you the most comprehensive coverage. Plans are standardized so they are easy to compare. Here is a link to the 2010 Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison Guide, which is published by the State of Illinois – Department of Insurance. All companies offering Medicare supplement plans in Cook County Illinois are listed. The premiums quoted are annual premiums. You will also need to compare Medicare Part D plans for 2011. I hope this helps.

  38. Search as I will…I’m unable to find IF there is Dental coverage in Yamhill Co., OR…and IF there is…what the added cost is.

    Please advise.

  39. MarDee, AARP MedicareComplete Choice PPO has two dental options available in Yamhill County Oregon. The plan has a monthly premium of $0 per month and includes drug coverage. You can add an optional rider for $19 per month to cover diagnostic and preventative services, including X-rays, routine cleanings and check ups.

    There is also an optional platinum dental rider for $32 per month. The plan requires a $100 deductible and up to benefit maximum of $1000 per year. Although preventative services are included with $0 out-of-pocket. I hope that will work for you.

  40. Are the locations and times for New Member Orientation meetings available on-line?


    North Jersey locations

  41. John, If you are interested in attending a community meeting for AARP Medicare plans visit their website to locate meetings and RSVP. If you are looking for Medicare seminars with other carriers you should visit their respective websites.

  42. I am writing from Chong Hua Hospital in the Philippines. One of your members under Secure horizons AARP Medicare Complete came to our hospital enquiring if she could use her HMO here in the Philippines. We are not familiar with your HMO so I hope that you could answer a few questions. First question, do you cover admissions or consultations or check ups outside the U.S.? Second question, if you do cover the previously mentioned, will you issue a Letter of Guarantee or reimburse the patient after the procedures? Thank you very much.

  43. Dorothy, I’m sorry I am unable to help you with this matter. This site is neither owned or operated by an insurance carrier. I would suggest you visit http://www.aarpmedicareplans.com or call the toll free phone number on your patients Medicare plan card.

  44. I have the AARP plan(Medicare complete). I have been told we can join a health club covered by our plan. I live in Bradenton, FL., is there a list I can find that would give me the names of the Health Clubs covered under our plan?

  45. Vicki, You are referring to the Silver Sneakers fitness program that is associated with Medicare Advantage plans. The best resource would probably be the plan’s website.

  46. I work for a dental office in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I have a patient that has presented new insurance today. It is the AARP Medicare Complete from Secure Horizons. I was able to contact the dental customer service to get benefits by the number listed on the card, but they did not have a claims address to send out for treatment payment. Do you have this information?

  47. Rachel, I’m sorry I do not have an address for AARP Medicare Complete claims.

  48. THis is a helpful site. I have Secure Hor.Medic.Complete but want to know how to submit a claim for ostomy supplies. Is there a form to fill out and how do I get one?

  49. Ann, Normally a doctor’s order is required for medical supplies to be a covered expense. The doctor gives the order to a company that carries those supplies and that company then submits the claim on your behalf. If this is not how your process seem to be progressing you may want to call Secure horizons customer service to get guidance.

  50. My Mom is enrolled in ARRP Secure Horizons medicare Complete.went to Whittier Presbyterian Hospital With a Urinary tract infection on 11-16-2010.PIH discharged her in 5 days with ongoing infection got worse she got delerious from bacteria in blood ,passed out went back to PIH .they cleared her medically, sent her to post acute care center where she got worse..they called secure Horizons for authorization to send her for mental delerious which is common in seniors..they denied her authorization time and time again..the county Represenative commented how bad Secure horizons was running us and them around..My Mom is now in a county Hospital for 20 days and going..Secure Horizons has left their customer stranded without support..please think twice before getting secure Horizons..

  51. How much are they taking from Social Security this year (2011) to cover the cost of Medicare, I know last year it was 110?

  52. Betsy, Your Medicare Part B premium for 2011 will be $110.50 per month if you have less than $85,000 annual income and file as single or file jointly with less than $170,000. If your income is above that you will have a premium of $115.40 per month.

  53. Craig, I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. I’m not an apologist for any insurance company but it sounds like you should more upset with the hospital. Your description of events sounds like they dropped the ball. File a complaint with Medicare if you feel as though Secure Horizons is treating you unfairly. I’m not sure that you are going to get anywhere speaking with a County representative…. what power do they have to address a federal program?

  54. I had to use a dr out of network. How may I go about submiting my invoices for reimbursement?

  55. Lynn, If you are enrolled in AARP Medicare Complete PPO the provider should submit the invoice and require you to pay the higher copay amount listed in your plan’s summary of benefits. If this didn’t happen contact customer service for United Health Care at the number listed on the back of your membership card to inform them about your experience with this provider.

  56. Could you send me info on the Medicare Complete by Secure Horizons. I will be be on Medicare 5/1/11. I know someone who has this and they pay $10 for the Doctor, $50 for ER and $150 per day to be in hospital. There is no monthly premium. Thanks.

  57. Barbara, This site is a a blog about Medicare plans and is not owned or operated by AARP or Secure Horizons.

  58. AARP medicare complete
    jan 2011 dental has been dropped, call and was informed a letter had been sent to enable me to change plans during the dec. jan enrollments. Never received a letter. What I was told however was , if I wanted Dental I would now have to pay an additional $32.00

    All their propaganda still show the complete PPO includes Dental.

    I feel Scammed.

  59. Donald, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. A painful way to learn that Medicare Advantage plans are annual plans and end on December 31st each year. Ultimately, it’s the Medicare beneficiaries’ responsibility to be proactive and learn about plan options for the following year. Medicare Advantage plans are offered on a County by County basis and benefits can vary from one County to the next. I know that in areas where AARP Medicare Complete plans include dental for $0 it is normally a benefit only for preventative and the dental network is spotty at best.

    If you really feel like you were scammed you can take advantage of the Annual Dis-enrollment Period which began January 1 and ends February 14. During this time you can cancel your Medicare Complete plan and return to original Medicare. If you do, you will need to purchase a stand alone Part D plan. And unfortunately, original Medicare will not include dental, with small exceptions related to trauma. Personally, I’d tough it out and actively compare Medicare advantage plans for 2012 when the time arrives.

  60. I will be traveling to east africa in june and was told on the phone by an aarp rep that the required shots will not be covered because they are not required in the us.ex. yellow fever, typhoid, hep a. is this accurate info?

  61. Theresa, I’m honestly not certain if this is the case. It sounds like a reasonable answer from an AARP Medicare Complete customer service representative, but my experience is that they are often misinformed. Contact your doctor to see if the required vaccinations are covered. Given the doctor’s level of self interest in either providing or not providing the service, you will get the answer to your question.

  62. We switched my 91 year old mother in law from Medco to the AARP part D plan this year. BIG MISTAKE. The mail order organization is abysmal compared to Medco and any support we’ve tried to get is a big run around.

    First of all AARP has nothing to do with Medicare part D. It’s really United Health Care.

    But wait, they don’t handle mail order prescriptions. That’s Prescription Solutions. But the two companies don’t talk to each other and they won’t talk to my wife unless she is set up as an account manager, by invitation from my M-I-L, who has dementia and can’t remember what you or she said for 5 minutes.

    We finally got the invitation set up and received the code to authorize my wife, but when we put it in along with the secondary factor information and it refuses to authorize. We call the support number that is listed on the web page for help in getting past this web page. “We can’t help you unless you are set up as an account manager”. THAT IS WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO, YOU IDIOTS.

    We’ve spent 3 hours on this so far and gotten nowhere, but spent a lot of time on hold.

    If I, with 30 years of IT experience, can’t figure this stuff out, how is someone who is suffering from dementia supposed to navigate?

    BTW, the Prescription Solution web page is absolutely horrible. Extremely slow. A high school web designer could do a better job that this.

  63. AARP Medicare Complete is a COMPLETE SCAM! They do not follow Medicare Guidlines and their claims department is THE BEST at using every stall tactic and excuse to not pay MEDICARE COVERED services. Please do not fall for the things the sales reps tell you! These plans do not follow Medicare guidlines and since the service is covered by Medicare, I am not being billed $1035.00 for servies that were rendered and not paid for. For example, a Chiropractic manipulation is covered by Medicare and if you call AARP Medicare Complete, they will tell you that a Chiropractic Manipulation is covered as well however; when your provider submitts the claim, it will be denied. When your provider submitts an appeal, it will be ignored, when the member contact AARP to find out why the provider was not paid and why the claim was ignored, AARP Medicare will then thell the member (someone over 65 and does not do Medical Billing) that they need to submitt an appeal. hen the member submitts an appeal, AARP Medicare ask the patient to send in medical notes (like they their Medical Records). So then the patient then has to get their records, write an appeal, wait 60 days for a response, only for the claim to be denied for either the same reason or some other illegitimate reason. SO BASICALLY, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PLAN OR ANY PLAN BY UHC and AARP! THEY ARE SCAMS AND DO NOTHING BUT TAKE YOUR MONTHLY PREMIUM AND NOT PAY YOUR CLAIMS! Plain and simple

  64. Deanna, Thanks for your input. Your experience is unique and not representative of the largest provider of Medicare advantage plans. If you feel you have a valid complaint, file it with Medicare.

  65. Philip, Sounds like you’ll be shopping for a new Part D plan in 2012. The enrollment period begins October 15 and ends December 7. When you enroll your mother in law in a new plan make sure they have a copy of your POA so you don’t encounter similar problems with having your wife as an account manager. Good luck.

  66. I have aarp medicare complete and I need a mail in form for my prescriptions, where can I find it?

  67. Bambi, information on the AARP Medicare Complete mail order pharmacy is contained in your welcome kit after you enroll. If you do not have the welcome kit call the customer service phone number on your membership card to locate the forms.

  68. theresa f. dorry

    it has been 11 years since my last td immunization and my doc wants to give it to me as recommended by cdc every 10 years but when i checked with uhc they said sorry we don’t cover it. is this true?

  69. Theresa, I did not specifically see TB immunization listed in the AARP Medicare Complete Summary of Benefits. The easiest way to determine if something is covered is to have your doctor request prior authorization. If they are to perform any service they will verify coverage and benefits with the insurance company to ensure that they are paid.

  70. theresa f. dorry

    hi, i did not say tb, i said td(tetnus-diptheria).or realy specificaly tdap(tetnus-diptheria-& acellular pertusus.is it covered after 10 years as recomended by the cdc ? thank you.

  71. Sorry Theresa my mistake, but I’d still give the same reply.

  72. My husband and I are AARP Medicare Complete (Secure Horizons) members and we are interested in obtaining dental insurance. Is it available in the Tarrant County, TX area? If so, what is the premium amount per month and how can we get it set up?

  73. Paddy, AARP Medicare Complete HMO in Tarrant County TX includes two dental options. The basic option includes benefits for routine dental at $18 per month and the deluxe dental rider offers expanded coverage for $37 per month. Contact AARP United Health Care customer service by calling the number on your membership card to make your inquiry.

  74. My parents are on SSI since the last three years. Recently my mother received a bill from AARP Medicare RX preferred Plan stating that she needs to pay her monthly dues for 2011. She never enrolled in th plan to begin with. Since she is on SSI, does she need to pay her annual dues for AARP Medicare RX preferred Plan?

  75. Farah, Your mother wouldn’t receive a bill if she was not enrolled in AARP Medicare RX Preferred plan. Is she using the plan to get her medications? If so, yes she needs to pay her premiums. If she is not and is certain that she did not enroll contact the plan provider to be certain no fraudulent activity has occurred.

  76. I would like to know the best medicare advantage health in Utah for medicines and preventative care. Is there on better than Sierra Spectrum? I cannot afford my medications through Sierra Spectrum, the co-pay is too high and I am just not taking the medications any more

  77. Jean, The benefits of a plan should be measured against one’s individual situation. There very well may be another plan that could save you some money on copays and yet that same plan may be more costly for someone else on different medications. In any case at this point in time the question is really academic. You are locked into your current plan for the remainder of the year unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period. Since plans can change on an annual basis, speculating on what 2012 plan may be better for you is guess work at best.

    The 2012 Annual Enrollment Period begins October 15 and ends December 7. During this time visit http://www.medicare.gov and search for 2012 Medicare Advantage Plans with Part D coverage in your area.

  78. Trying to find a physical therapy rehab facility for my father in Utah who just fell and broke his hip. They have AARP Complete Advantage. The facilities we have spoken to tell me that he has no coverage for rehab care and that there are no facilities in our area that have coverage under this plan. They tell us that if he had Medicare he would have coverage or if he had AARP as a supplement the care would be covered at 100%. They suggested we try and find a way to drop the Complete Advantage Plan. I am having a hard time understanding how you can lose basic Medicare coverage by having an AARP plan that is supposed to enhance your coverage. We are looking at $15,000 + out of pocket for this debacle.

  79. Nan, First, let’s put to rest the advice of the rehab facilities. Your father is locked into his plan until December 31 unless he qualifies for a special enrollment period. For instance; he moved out of the plan’s service area or qualifies for extra financial help.

    I would suggest contacting the customer service department for AARP Medicare Complete. The rebab facilities have already given you errant advice related to your father dropping the plan so let’s not count on them for accuracy. Find out if your father has a PPO, HMO or HMO-POS plan. All three of these plans offer coverage for physical therapy rehab generally for a copay. The question more than likely relates to the network. The customer service department should be able to direct you to the nearest facility.

  80. I have a patient that has no income. He is connected with a Medicare Part D insurance that has a monthly premium. He can not afford to pay the premium.
    He lives in the 45458 Zip code
    This patient is a 34 yo male. He receives SSDI. Income stopped.
    What is the process to enroll in your AAPR Medicare complete Plan 2 HMO or AARP Medicare Complete Plus
    Both plans offered through Secure Horizons
    Any information you could gice is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Mike Baker

  81. I am an AARP medicare complete member. When I became 65 two yrs ago, I enlisted with a local medical group from St Jude’s. Later, I saw a replacement doctor who ordered medications for me that I felt were not suitable for my well being. When I did not pick up the medication from CVS I received a certified letter from this Doctor Rhodes, threatening to cancel me as a patient if I did not OBEY!. And that is what happened last year. My mother is 90 and I brought her to the same Drs group a year before.
    Now, since they cancelled me they refuse to give me Appts for my mother also. They insist in our seeing this Dr. Rhodes or else NOBODY will see me. They told me on the phone, “NO DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU IN THIS OFFICE YOU ARE CANCELLED AND HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.” CAN THEY legally do this? Aren’t there Patient’s rights? I’m very healthy and have not been to a doctor all year. St Jude’s also told me THEY had rights NOT TO SEE ME!
    What do you say, have you ever heard of such a confusing mixup? I, as a patient have NO rights as to my treatment and can’t ask questions?
    I was told, “you have to be nice in order to get what you want” . Can they do this for a whim of a personality conflict? Don’t they have to write me a letter of termination and SAY WHY??? Thanks for feedback. Kindly. H P.

  82. I have a friend who has medicare complete united healthcare with oxford. She was admitted to a mental clinic a couple of weeks ago and she might be there even longer. Is there a limit to how many days she can stay before her plan will make her pay out of pocket. Is there a copay for each day she stays? Any information would be great.

  83. Christine, Typically there is a copay for a limited number of days for a inpatient stay. Plans also have a maximum out-of-pocket amount. If that sounds vague it’s because Medicare Advantage Plan vary in benefit structure from County to County. AARP Medicare Complete can (and does) have different terms depending on the County where your friend resides. If she does not have a copy of her Summary of Benefits search for her plan by entering her zip code. Once you find her plan you can review her benefits to find answers to your questions.

  84. I switched my parents Medicare Part A & B to AARP Medicare Complete, Advantage Plan, in which it replaces that; but my question is in the past, they never really used insurance, but now that they are over 70 medical issues are arising. My Dad needs to go to rehab for a few months because his legs are really bad and he is constantly falling. Does AARP cover medical transportation from home to rehab? If so, do I call Medicare or AARP to arrange this? Thanks…

  85. Meral, Medicare Advantage Plans can have different benefits depending on the type of plan and where it is offered. In some cases Medicare Complete will cover transportation to and from medical appointments with a limited number of trips. You should contact AARP Medicare Complete by calling the member services number on your parents card to find out if you have this benefit.

    Your parents plan is administered by United HealthCare and includes Parts A and B. It is not a replacement for Medicare Parts A and B. If the benefit is available it will be included as an extra benefit of the plan as it is not included as a benefit under Parts A and B.

  86. patricia leonhardt

    I am eligible for medicare Nov 1st,2011. I want to choose a plan to help with rx costs and hospital costs. I live in Arapahoe County and I wonder if I choose a plan within this county and I move next year to Denver county, will this affect my coverage? Will I need to change next year and will it cost more in Denver? I put in my drug list and found that AARP in both plan 1 and 2 covers all my drugs.

  87. Patricia, If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan like AARP Medicare Complete and move to another County you will need to enroll in a plan available in that County. Medicare Advantage plans are offered County by County. You will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period to switch plans. It”s hard to say if you will pay more. Next years plans will not be available for review until October.

  88. I have medicare advantage with AARP in texas. I need to have spinal surgery. The doctor who I trusted with my previous surgery is in Georgia, that is where I used to live. AARP informed me that they would not cover this expense because he is an out of network doctor. There are not many specialist in my area. What can I do to get this covered?

  89. I am an AARP medicarecomplete by SecureHorizon member. I went to the chiropractor but he does not submit insurance claims. I need a claim form plus bill and the address where I am to sent it so I can get half of my paid chiro bill reimbursed. please help! Thank you!

  90. Joni, your best option is to call the member services number on your AARP Medicare Complete card. They should be able to help you.

  91. I have what I would consider a pretty complicated and very unique question to ask. If you do not have an answer to this, I completely understand. Here goes….my mom has been on dialysis for about 2 years. She had Secure Horizons prior to her kidney failure. She lives in San Diego and is currently on “AARP MedicareComplete Value Plan from Secire Horizons”. Due to her health issues and age, she is wanting to move to live with me in Texas. Naturally, she would like to transfer her insurance plan to Texas. Is there a safe and secure way of doing this? I have been told that when someone is on dialysis, if they lose their Secure Horizons for any reason, that they can never re-enroll in Secure Horizons ever again. She and I are very worried about even the slightest possibility of this happening. Could you please guide us on what we should do and/or who we can talk to about this? We would greatly appreciate your help!! Thanks!!!

  92. Sheila, Normally a change in residence would afford your Mom a Special Enrollment Period. The Medicare & You Handbook for 2011 states, ” If you’re already in a Medicare Advantage plan when you develop ESRD, you can stay in your plan or join another plan offered by the same company under certain circumstances.” The certain circumstances are not detailed. I would consider calling your local Agency on Aging and pose your question. You could also speak with a licensed agent, call United HealthCare or contact Medicare at 800 633-4227. Sorry I don’t have a definitive answer.

  93. I
    have medicare healthinsurance( partA & part B sept01-2006)
    my brith day oct 11 1946
    i would like to buy insuarance for( part D)
    how i pay $20.oo monhthly
    (iam no enlish)please teach me and give to me paper work


  94. Chi, Visit the Medicare website and search for plans in your area. Use Google translate if needed.

  95. My husband and I have have Medigap Ins which is Plan F and have Part D which the two plans cost us an extra $430 plus our drug cost which mine are $140 a month and my husband’s are $52. We are insurance poor. I looked into AARP MediareComplete and it makes me nervous if we had to have a procdure like a heart cath,(which I just had) or colonoscopy or someother type test do we have to pay up front? We live in FL. Also how do we find out about a better dental plan? Thanks for your help. Terry

  96. Terry, A lot of people struggle with the same questions. If it’s possible to hang onto the supplements without a major sacrifice I would consider that. Of course the premiums will continue to rise and that won’t get you dental benefits. On the Advantage plan side of the equation, all plans will have a maximum out-of-pocket of $4700 or less for 2012. You could reason that you could enroll in an AARP MedicareComplete plan with a $0 premium and worse case scenario you could both max out at $4700 for the year. But how likely is that? It’s possible but for most people it’s unlikely. If you were saving on the premium you could shop for stand-alone dental plans.

    For the record, I’m not a huge fan of stand-alone dental plans. They are expensive, include an annual cap on benefits (often $1000-$2000 per year) and include waiting periods before you can claim benefits. You would be hard pressed to find a plan that would allow major restorative or dentures without at least a years wait, all while you are paying monthly premiums. Sorry I don’t have a more succinct answer but it’s something you will need to weigh against your budget and current health condition.

  97. At present I am living in Bangkok Thailand but want to sign up for a medicare health plan. If something major happens I would go back to the U.S. for treatment, specifically Az. I know the longer I wait the more it is going to cost. Do I have any options or do I have to wait until I move back to the U.S. if I ever do? I know the benefits would not cover me here. Thank You

  98. Lenny, You typically cannot be out of the country for more than 6 months to get coverage. You may want to contact an insurance agent in Arizona to verify that information.

  99. I want info on meetings for aarpmedicare united health ins. Where do I get prices for the different plans

  100. Jody, Visit their website to get info on AARP United Healthcare plans. Medicare meetings are typically presented by local agents and brokers. contact a local agent who represents United Healthcare to find out when Medicare meetings will take place.

  101. savannah mitchell

    OMG! I will be 65 on the 9th of oct. I have AARP medicare complete. I am so confused about medicare. I have 1000 questions as they have sent me so much info that I am lost. How can I get a better understanding and simple answers. Do I need to contact the advisor that came to the house or call the customer service. I live in Mobile,Al. Is there a place I can go to talk to someone?

  102. Savannah, If I was in your position I would call the agent back for a meeting. If you are new to Medicare your agent should have taken the time to answer all your questions and explained the product prior to your enrollment. Call your agent today, they are paid to represent you. If you find your agent less than helpful I’m sure you can find an agent in Mobile Al. that represents AARP MedicareComplete that would be happy to process your 2012 enrollment.

  103. would like to know if medicare complete has a plan that would enable me to go to st francis or st johns hospital in stead of southcrest or hill crest hospital in tulsa, okla. I have medicare complete now but would add a suplement to it if these were available? Please advisee

  104. Ray, To give you an accurate answer I would need to know your zip code. Medicare Advantage plans are offered County by County and can differ from one County to the next. I checked for an AARP MedicareComplete plan in Tulsa County Ok. but found only HMO plans. If the hospitals you reference are not in that plan’s network visiting them in an emergent situation would be your only option. If you live in the Tulsa area but not in Tulsa County you could check if there is an AARP MedicareComplete PPO or HMO-POS plan. Either of which would allow out-of-network coverage for more money out-of-pocket.

    Here is a link to an article about Navigating the Medicare site to research Medicare plans. I hope it helps.

  105. i have plan A. I pay a lot of copay on meds, is there any way to reduce this? also I would like to know is there more insurance to up the plan A? something like Aplus. I would like to know more about the medicare complete

  106. Rodney, AARP MedicareComplete plans vary from one area to another. I’m not familiar with the plan you are referencing.

  107. I am interested in getting my mother a Life Alert. She is 80. Is this covered by her AARP medical plan?

  108. Jacqueline, I’m not certain because Medicare Advantage plans can include different benefits from County to County.

  109. Yes how come you dont have any dentists in the Okaloosa/Walton counties in Florida.. And can you tell me how much are our meds this next year?? It looks like they went down to #3.00 a script or is it because our doctors copays are going higher??

  110. Michele, I’m not sure why UnitedHealthCare has such a difficult time finding dentists who are willing to participate in their provider network for AARP MedicareComplete. In Okaloosa / Walton Counties in Florida the plan from UnitedHealthCare is AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2 which is a Regional PPO. They have actually added a tier to their drug plan. There are now 5 tiers.

    For a 31 day supply:
    tier 1 – $3
    tier 2 – $6
    tier 3 – $45
    tier 4 – $95
    tier 5 – 33%

  111. i am member of aarp secure horizons complete for about 2 years . on comparison i will probably keep aarp complete, however my problem is dental coverage as i see many people also have this problem. i am in putnam cty fla, and there is no dentist on plan. will plan pay anything to a dentist out of network and also can i get a seperate dental plan while on the aarp plan

  112. Will signing up for Medicare Advantage or Complete negate the original Medicare? Will bills go unpaid and get sent to the elderly for payment? It seems a little ludicrous when most of them have fixed incomes. If a recipient lives in MS, are they allowed to use doctors and dentists across the state line in TN?

  113. Helen, You’re not alon it seems like UnitedhealthCare’s AARP MedicareComplete plan has very few dentists in network. If your plan is a PPO you should be able to go out of network and still receive some benefit. Review your plan’s Summary of Benefits to to learn more.

    Yes you can purchase a stand-alone dental policy and many people do just that.

  114. Kimberly, you seem to be getting yourself worked up over a situation that is not going to happen. Original Medicare is not negated when you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Bills will not go unpaid, Advantage plans are highly regulated. Whether or not you can use doctors in another State has to do with which type of plan you choose to join.

  115. I sighned up for medicare/aarp united health care ppo 2. i am so confused.I put all of my drugs in, to my shock it does me no good, to have the part d with united health care. 2 of my meds are not covered,2 cost me more then with my florida drug discount card. can someone please explain this to me? And i have to pay 94 a month for part b !!!! so that is more money out of my so little pocket. which only gets 622 a month….. so what do i do? eat or take my meds?

  116. Tami, First, the Part B premium will need to be paid whether you are enrolled in an Advantage plan or not if you would like outpatient care covered by Medicare. Also, the enrollment period doesn’t end until December 7th. You can submit another application for a plan that is more suitable. The AARP MedicareComplete through UnitedHealthCare will be replaced.

    If your household income is only $622 per month you should contact Social Security to apply for extra help.

  117. It’s true: While Chiropractic manipulations are a medicare covered service, Medicare Complete plays games with it. Customer Services claims that it is covered; provider services rejects it.

    Be careful of this plan and this provider.

  118. I cannot find a list of Dentists in my provider directory and would like to sign up for the Deluxe Rider. I live in Orange County, CA. Where can I find this?

  119. Valerie, You may want to call UnitedHealthcare member services. Dentists that accept AARP Medicare Complete are few and far between in many areas.

  120. My husband retired last April and I put him on my insuranc at work. I work part time and because of that my premiums are higher. My husband is a veteran and has been to the VA to see Doc for first time check up with them. Hes in very good health. I thought VA would be a supplementel INS like blue cross blue shield for example. My cost at work is so high and I am trying to research other options. I was recently told about AARP complete. No Premium. So does it pick up the 20% Medicare doesnt? We are new to medicare and yes we have the book but its just so confusing. Will this be as effective as, say, Blue Cross Blue Shield. He currently has Medicare part A, Does he have to get medicare part B and then apply for AARP complete. Can I get a booklet about AARP complete ? Thanks

  121. Naomi, Request my free mini-course on Medicare Advantage by entering your email address at the top right of this page. That will answer all your questions including the difference between plans like AARP Medicare Complete (a Medicare Advantage plan) and Medicare supplemental insurance. To get a enrollment kit for AARP MedicareComplete you would need to contact UnitedHealthCare.

  122. recentley started medicare complete plus(hmo-pos) I was sent to a pulmonaligest for tests because of a breathing and cough problem, due to meds for R.A. I was sent by my Rheaumatoligist(all being in service) I am still waiting on approval from aarp pending a approval. which according to my evidence of coverage is 80% paid.for the scans and x-ray. Im told by aarp customer service that I will have to wait on this approval.why is this questioned? I need a specialist now. I cant understand why Im being jerked around on such importance of this situation.all my doctors (in service)all have told me that this is just the beginning of many problems and they have hard times of getting paid for services, so I cant get help because providers dont trust this insurance. I am already sorry for signing up,but now Im stuck till I can change. hope I live that long.can you tell me something positive about the change from medicare? all the lies told by rep on the phone and misleading books of coverage should be chalenged, I just wish I was healthy enough to do it.any suggestions? thanks in advance to any help you can offer.

  123. Tina, You could dis-enroll from the AARP plan and return to original Medicare. The dis-enrollment period ends February 14th so you’ll have to act quickly. Or you could wait for the approval from AARP to receive your service. Also, the providers may be using AARP as a scape goat. No one is forcing them to be in the AARP UnitedHealthCare network. If they were that dissatisfied they could opt out.

  124. Drug storere refuse my AARP medicare card.
    He said I have another insurance on his computer.I don’t have any more.
    I got letter from x insurance company.
    My health plan #911-87726-04

    By the way I try register by on line, all those information is not take, said wrrong on red ink, way?
    Please tell me what to do.

  125. Lee, Call the 800 number for AARP UnitedHealthCare member services on your insurance card to get help.

  126. I am new to the MedicareComplete plan. Do I give both my medicare card and my MedicareComplete cards to the doctor
    when I go for an appointment? Is the MedicareComplete card my primary insurer always? Or is my MedicareComplete my secoundry insurer and Medicare is my primary insurance?
    Thank You!

  127. Joseph, You should give the doctor your MedicareComplete card. You are still enrolled in original Medicare but receive your benefits from MedicareComplete.

  128. i could not find the link to go paperless

  129. Shahriar-Mansouri, You probably need to vist aarpmedicareplans website.

  130. Joan m Fruzzetti


  131. Joan, It sounds like your options are limited. You may need to see another primary care provider at least for the remainder of the year until you can find a new plan for 2013 that will allow you to see your current doctor as an in-network physician.

  132. How do I get out of this? I have used it one time since I got my card. I can see that you are neither efficient, cost effective, or sensitive to my needs. I ask again, how do I get out and back to Medicare?

  133. Anita, Unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period you are stuck until January 2013. The opportunity to dis-enroll from a Medicare Advantage plan is January 1st through February 14th.

  134. Russell Dotson, C. Ped

    I am an out of network provider. One of my patients has your Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2 and is requesting diabetic footwear. Medicare normally covers 80% of the cost of one pair of shoes (up to approx $135) and 3 pairs of inserts (A5513 custom up to approx $83 /pair).
    How much of this expense will his plan cover since we aren’t in your network?

  135. Russell, I’m sorry I’m not qualified to answer your question. Please read our About page.

  136. My mom and dad are on Medicare complete Secure Horizens. I need to know if they cover Nursing home care. My mom has been in a skilled nursing facility for a broken hip and has recieved therapy but she is not progressing enough and they are telling us that the insurance will not longer cover her. She is not able to come home because my dad can not take care of her by himself. Does Medicare complete cover nursing home care?

  137. Chris, Medicare Advantage plans such as Medicare Complete generally do not offer any additional benefit beyond what is available through original Medicare. Medicare will pay for skilled nursing care only after the patient has had a 3-day minimum medically necessary hospital stay. There is no out-of-pocket cost for the first 20 days and then coinsurance is required for days 21-100. After day 100 your on your own. If your Mom is likely to require a long term stay it will be her responsibility to pay the costs. If she has long term care insurance, this would be the time to utilize it. Otherwise, you may want to consult with an attorney who deals with such matters.

    Unfortunately, without proper planning, many people in your Mom’s situation enter a spend down period so they can qualify for Medicaid unless there are significant assets to cover the cost of long term care.

  138. That is what I thought.
    Thanks for your help.

  139. I’m so confused with all of this. I have medicare pans A and B and am looking for the best coverage that would pay the most premiums for what these plans cover (most are 20% of the service)I also would appreciate a website that would make it possible to make an application online.

  140. I have provider directory for the year 2012.
    I can not find mental health, or psicology on it. Do we have any coverage in this field?
    Luis D. Millan

  141. Luis, The depth of provider coverage can vary from region to region. The provider directories are generally accurate when published, but providers may be added or leave the network though out the year. Call the customer service number on your AARP Medicare Complete card to determine if you have providers available that are not listed in the directory.

  142. I just enrolled in eye glasses insurance plan in Ohio (Rider) i have a 15.00 dollard co-pay could I get the information that states this or where do i get this information in writing

  143. Elizabeth, You could call the AARP MedicareComplete customer service number on your card to determine when you will receive proof. Also, when a provider verifies your coverage it should show up.

  144. I have had nothing but problems with my plan in Peoria Illinois. My MRI was recently delayed for “review” even tho it’s a guarantee under my plan. My perscription drug coverage has been disrupted 3 times when my name is “kicked out” of the system. I’ll definitely be leaving this plan in October when I’m no longer held hostage to it.

  145. Linda, When the enrollment period rolls around call (888) 310-0376 to speak with an agent who represents several plans and can answer your questions.

  146. When will I receive my rebate check? I have AArpMedicareComplete from SecureHorizons. ID 907846707-00.

  147. Your TV ad for complete implies that it takes the place of govt parts A,B D, etc and can go to any Dr, hosp including eye,ear and dental. Is true

  148. Ron, This blog is not owned or operated by United Healthcare and has not run any TV ads related to MedicareComplete. If you enroll in MedicareComplete you will receive your Parts A, B, and D from the plan. Your choice of providers will depend on what type of plan is available to you in your service area.


  150. Does the AARP Medicare Comple SecureHorizon(HMO) cover dental,glasses,and is there deductables.

  151. Billy, AARP MedicareComplete benefits can vary by service area. Some plans offer vision or dental riders for an additional premium or offer a small discount for those services. Deductibles are not usually required. Visit medicare.gov to see what plans you have available.

  152. I have been very disappointed with my AARP Medicare Complete plan. First, they told me my doctor was listed, but sent me a membership card with another doctor. When I called, they had no explanation and said they would send a new card. Still not my doctor. I called again and selected a different doctor and got a card with his name. His office does not return calls and insurance company denied Xray or scan to see if my rotator cuff was broken. I have been unable to sign in to my account from e-mails for several months because they changed something in my user id or password and couldn’t get it fixed. Lastly, I was unable to order over the counter items. I knew things would be changed from the first book and the second one did not have an envelope to send my order. I do not have limitless time to sit on hold on the phone and no web address to order items. I gave up and changed insurance companies.

  153. Carolyn, I hope you have a better experience with your new plan. Good luck.

  154. I am a member of AARP Medical Complete. My Primay Dr. has suggested gastric by pass surgery for me. Does my insurance cover this type of surgery??? I would like to know before I decide what bariatric surgeon I want to go to for a second opinion. Thank you for your help.

  155. Patricia, gastric by-pass surgery is normally covered by Medicare Advantage plans only if it is medically necessary. Your doctor will need to get per-approval and demonstrate that it is a medially necessary procedure. Typically your doctor will not proceed unless thy know they are going to get paid. Also check your plan’s Summary of Benefits to see what your out-of-pocket costs will be.

  156. I need to ask a quetion regarding my dental platinum coverage. Will it cover any/all snapons?

  157. Thomas, Benefits available through the same Medicare Advantage can vary from one location to the next, as insurance companies can offer plans County by County. Your best bet to determine if your AARP Platinum dental coverage will include snapons is to call the member services number on your card.

  158. Could not find doctors directory on the website, very frustrating.

  159. Linda, Try this: https://www.aarpmedicareplans.com/tools/find-a-doctor.html to locate a provider for AARP MedicareComplete.


  161. Victoria, Expect Medicare supplement insurance premiums to increase every year. The information you received about a $0 premium plan was probably an advertisement for a Medicare Advantage plan. Speak with an agent during the Annual Enrollment Period to compare your options between a supplement and an Advantage plan.

  162. i have been paying 36 dollars amonth since dec.2012 and for what i called today to see what my plan was and kept on getting the samae message i gave all the information that was needed.numbers and she said i don’t have any coverage. I wish these answering machine would blow up I would like to talk to a live person not a machine.I wanteda dental which i don’t know if i have to not because no card to show for. I wish to cancell not paying for something i don’t have

  163. I have UHC MedicareComplete through AARP. I’m scheduled for gamma knife surgery for trigeminal neuralgia through a neurosurgeon, but his hospital Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach, won’t accept my insurance–they say because it’s the HMO version. They would accept my medicare if I didn’t have MedicareComplete.

    I really don’t understand. I’m in a lot of pain TN is called the “suicide disease” because of the severity of pain. Anything you can do to clarify would be greatly appreciated.

  164. Ted, I’m sorry you’re in this situation. This site is not owned by an insurance company and I can only share my thoughts on the matter. When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan you are entering into an annual contract. An HMO does require you to use network providers. It’s true that if you were in original Medicare (with or without a Medigap policy), there would be no issue with having surgery at Samaritan hospital.

    So what are your options? I’m not familiar with the condition you reference but if you could wait until 2014 to have the surgery you would only need to drop your AARP MedicareComplete and return to original Medicare. You can drop the plan between October 1st and December 7th. Or if you are new to Medicare and this is your first time enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (as in first year) you could drop the plan and buy a Medigap policy under the Guaranteed Issue Rights provision. If this option is not available and you can’t wait until 2014, is there another neurosurgeon that will do the procedure at a hospital that’s in network? Call member services to check on this option. You could also contact your local Area Council on Aging office to see if they have any ideas. I’m sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer for you.

  165. We have health coverage under the Federal Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield. We wish to shop for a new provider. We have interest in the Silver Sneakers program and believe you offer that feature. Please contact me with regard to our options.

  166. Dennis, Please see our About Us page. This site is not owned or operated by an insurance company.

  167. Because the admin of this web site is working, no hesitation
    very quickly it will be famous, due to its feature contents.

  168. why is silversneaker expiring on 12312013 fir aarp complete????

  169. Mary, Medicare Advantage Plans and features and benefits can change on an annual basis. You are not alone in asking about why Silver Sneakers has been removed from AARP MedicareComplete. I don’t speak for United healthcare, but I’m guessing they needed to save some money. Silver Sneakers would make an easy target as a very small percentage of members actually used it.

  170. Selected UHC Medicare Complete 1, 1/13; received HHS letter recently, rating for prior three years “below average”, company rep no help. What’s your view?

  171. Bob, I really wouldn’t be too concerned. If the plan meets your needs and budget, it’s a good plan for you. The star rating is based on other people’s feedback, who may have a completely different set of circumstances. With your ability to file a grievance if an issue arises, you should be able to work through any possible problems.

  172. My wife is totally BLIND and uses eye drops and a ointment under her eye. The ointment is/was FML 1% ointment. We had to change to a different ointment because the pharmacy could not get FML. Can we get FML by Mail-order?
    We had to change to Lotemax that put us in the Donut Hole that we can not afford. For 2014 Lotemax is not covered and we definitely can not afford at $356.00 a mo. or more.

  173. Lin, you will need to check with your plan.

  174. With DPOA status, I am faced with the daunting task of managing my 77yr old father’s health/financial issues during a time of crisis. It is now necessary to transition him into a new living environment after a hospital stay this week and we will start at a rehab center tomorrow. He lives on Social Security,has significant credit card debt and no assets at all – anywhere. He has AARP Medicare Complete. He has moderate vascular Alzheimer’s dimentia and mobility/pain issues. I am trying to determine if we should transition him to Medicaid,stay on Medicare..if so – how do I make sure this is the best plan for him. I have to make swift decision as everything is time sensitive. Any advice?

  175. Lisa, You should honestly seek advice from someone who is qualified to give financial advice related to this type of situation. If he qualifies for medicaid, he will still be enrolled in Medicare. He will be considered dual-eligible. As a dual eligible medicare beneficiary he will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period where he will be able to change Medicare plans without waiting until the annual enrollment period. You may want to explore special needs plans that are designed for people who are dual eligible or for people confined to a nursing home… if it comes to that.

  176. AARP should be more carful about who the give their name to! I took out AARP Medicare Complete United Health Care In Tucson AZ. for my husband because I could no long pay the enormous amount his former employer wanted for his insurance to continue which by the way was United healthcare. This Plan is a nightmare !!! First my husband has had two by-pass surgeries and was recently in the hospital. The Heart Dr. he saw while there could only see him in that hospital…why? I’ll tell you why he doesn’t take this AARP plan! We have lost 3 different Dr’s that my husband has seen for years two of which are heart Dr’s. This plan is Identified by every office we go to as Pacific Care which must have been a terrible insure company as no one but no one wants to take it. When we went to the hospital we were told oh no your plan is secure horizions, I have spent to many desperate hours trying to explain all of this to United Health Care and they just keep telling me YOUR ON UNITED HEALTH CARE!! Excuse my yelling but at the moment my husband is in critical straits and I have to keep talking on the phone and am now being told well if you wait till Oct. you can change plans!!! I’m going to be flat out blunt here my husband my be dead in Oct and he’ll have had to listen to me trying to keep the doctors he needs instead of spending what time he may have left out of the extra stress he endures….It was bad enough when we lost all of our retirement money but now I can’t even spend one day without upset over this insurance plan. I hope others read this and will stay a way from this plan. Saying sorry just doesn’t cut it anymore!!!

  177. My husband needs back surgery and we cannot even find a doctor….. the only spine surgeon says he does not except the insurance anymore…. his doctor requested a MRI on April 2nd we are still waiting for approval. I am contacting Medicare again tomorrow to lodge another complaint against this company.

  178. Kathy, It seems as though provider networks are getting smaller and smaller. You won’t have that problem if you decide to buy a Medigap policy. Here’s an article about the government’s resource on buying a Medigap policy.

  179. Diane Tremblay

    Well, David it seems you only reply to certain comment on this site. I’ve not seen or gotten any notice of a response since April. My husbands now on Hospice and he’s been thru hell getting there.

  180. Diane, I’m sorry I didn’t post a reply to your previous comment, but I’m really not sure what I could have said to be helpful. You indicated that you hoped others would read the comment and I thought that was your goal. This site is not owned or operated by any insurance company so it’s not my place to make excuses for an insurance company that may not be meeting your expectations. I’m truly sorry to learn of your husband’s condition and the pain and frustration you must be feeling.

  181. I received a letter from United Healthcare Informing the my current PCP was no longer a part of my plan’s network. I already knew this, and I had tried to get my PCP updated with United Health Care for three days, 6/18/2014 I discovered that no only was my past PCP no long part of my plan, the Morton Comprehensive Health Care Center, was not a part of my plan. So I have the choice of going to a United Health Care selected PCP, 14 miles away from where I live, and can not be reached by bus, and I do not have transportation, or I can spend upwards of $100 a month more for a Medicare supplement program.

    So much for the Affordable Care Act and no rejection due to preexisting medical conditions for individuals. YEAH !!!!! So since they cant do that, they drop the Health Care Providers so they do not have to cover preexisting conditions. Why am I not surprised !!!! Just another example of American Business taking care of themselves first and screw anybody else.

  182. Cannot not locate any psychiatrist in area (zip code 33607) PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Linnette, psychiatrists are few and far between in the AARP provider network. You may be on your own.

  184. Louis, I know that you must be frustrated with this situation and I can understand that your angry but your anger is misplaced. First the Affordable care Act doesn’t address preexisting for people on Medicare. People applying for a supplement will still need to pass medical underwriting unless they qualify for guaranteed issue rights or are in their Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

    Secondly, were you a fan of American business when your providers were included in the network? The companies are governed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and if you are unhappy that they can drop providers maybe you should be angry at bureaucrats who allow this. Also, companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans must spend a minimum fixed percentage of revenue on care. Their profits are limited. If you feel their profits are too high, again you should take umbrage with those who set the rules.

    I do feel for your situation. It seems that stories like yours are becoming much more common. You would think that when you agree to be locked into an annual plan that the plan should honor the conditions under which you chose the plan in the first place. You may want to file an appeal with your plan. Information on how to do so is required as part of your plan materials. Or you can go to medicare.gov to get help filing an appeal.

  185. i am trying to find a dr in norman,ok who take secure hor.

  186. Joseph C. Mauro

    I have an AARP MedicareComplete health care plan from United Health Care. The Plan code is QT8. Recently all my drug co-pays have been doubled so that my long term insulin when from a $45 co-pay to $90 and a drug I am suppose to take for Diabetes (Lantus) has a copay of $216. When I called United Health Care they told me that I was in the “coverage gap”. I looked through the plan description but could not find the explanation of the coverage gap. I, of course, can not afford to pay for these drugs. I thought insurance would cover this but iy doesn’t. Can you explain this to me???


  187. Joseph, Here’s a link to a video that should help.

  188. I will never recommend this plan to anyone. I’m very disappointed with this carrier.

  189. Barbara, You should really not recommend any plan unless you are familiar with an individuals circumstances, needs, budget, providers etc. . The AARP Medicare Complete may not be right for you but there are thousands of people who are satisfied. Another thing to keep in mind… MedicareComplete (like any Advantage Plan) can have different benefits, premiums, network type (HMO, PPO etc.) and costs in different service areas. The good news is you’re right around the corner to switch to another plan during the Annual Enrollment Period.

  190. Gerald D. Stephens

    I live in Mexico and have incurred many doctor and hospital costs, I´m always told by the medical departments that when they contact my medical care provider, that they are always told NO, no coverage in Mexico. I was told when I signed up last Feb. that my medical expenses would be covered. please tell me how to get the termination form.

    I would like to cancel my contract with AARP MedicareComplete

    Thanks Gerald

  191. Gerald, Medicare Advantage Plans including AARP MedicareComplete are annual plans. During the enrollment period (Oct 15 – Dec 7) either enroll in a new plan or if you are returning to original Medicare let AARP United Healthcare know that you want to cancel the plan. Unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period… you’re stuck until the end of the year.

  192. Hello,

    Does AARP MEDICARE COMPLETE/UHC/SECURE HORIZON cover for Adult Day Health services?

  193. Why is my AARP United Health Care Medicare Complete fee increasing from $0.00 to $540/year? And, does anyone really understand all of this stuff?

  194. Bill, Ouch! Did you not review your Notice of Change?

  195. Ashley, Medicare Advantage Plans vary from region to region so I can’t give you a definitive answer but they normally do not. Call the member services number on your card.

  196. I have no idea. Do you have any idea how much crap is received from various plans during this period?

  197. I do not like how the insurance is in control of the medicines you take you have to pay a two hundred dollar deductible for a tier 3 and 4 2 of my medicines were change this year I have been on them 15 years whats the deal ????????????very unhappy

  198. Cindy, Did you compare all available options during the enrollment period? You may be able to find a plan with a formulary that is more suitable but you’ll have to wait until the next enrollment period. Be thankful it’s not pre-2006 when there wasn’t a Part D program.

  199. Looking into in net work providers can be very confusing, then when you call they say they do not except the plan. when you call customer service, you get the list of providers, call back and find out, yes they are in your network but the reimbursment is so poor they do not want you on the service. So you have a nice looking list of providers but by the end you may be lucky enough to find 1 or 2 depending where you live.

  200. Catherine, I’m sorry that your choices are limited… this is why you should do your research prior to signing up so you can avoid this problem next year. Or consider a supplement if it’s affordable. Supplements allow you to choice any provider that accepts medicare.

  201. i called and signed up for aarp medicare complete choice plan 2 regional ppo plan on 4/23/15 FRIDAYwas told in couple of days will receive to read and will receive the card before may 1.

    I had to go to er yesterday with chest pain still not recieve uhc card. they came back said my bcbs hmo is inactive now.

    When or who do i call to check the status where information will be mailed? is there a sight i go and see if has been done . i have my confirmation #spoke with Tamika on friday 4/23/15.
    thank you for help with this matter.

  202. is there a website I can go to to see if my doctor is a part of Medicare Unitedhealthcare aarp Complete Choice?

  203. Meg, Because plans vary by region it would be best to call the member services number on your United healthcare AARP card and ask for the URL.

  204. Shannon, If you have enrollment docs either (normally emailed) there should be a member services number. If you have confirmation number even if you don’t have the card yet, you will be covered. it normally takes a week or two for most companies to get the card to you.

  205. I been trying to register my UHCCommuntyplan card been given that website and aarp/medicare with no avail the website says it doesn’t have my information on file. i would like to know the correct address for people with duel complete insurance i am trying to find a vison doctor in Baltimore, md or DC

  206. Rhonda, Do you have a local agent? That would be a good place to start. Or call an agent that represents AARP Medicare insurance to see if they can point you in the right direction.

  207. Neeeding knowledge the doctor I have been seeing for the past years under a nother insurance company is not listed in you plan for me I am wondering if I can still us him? please let me know

  208. Paul, You should call the member services number on your card to find out if he’s in network.

  209. I have been paying AARP for drug coverage for a long time and since I never seem to reach the “DEDUCTABLE” all my drugs are out of my pocket. I rec’d your booklet this week and
    find that my coverage will increase in 2016. Why should I keep paying AARP Rx for something there is no reimbursement for?????

  210. James, You can choose another Part D plan. If you find yourself needing many expensive drugs you’ll probably meet the deductible and be glad you’re covered.

  211. How does Medicare complete choice 2 compare to Medicare plan N?

  212. Delight, Medicare Complete 2 is a medicare Advantage Plan and Plan N is a Medicare supplement. These plans are different types of medicare coverage. Plan N pays for some covered expenses that your mother would be responsible for under medicare and Medicare Complete pays instead of Medicare.

    If you would like expert one-on-one help call PlanPrescriber at (888) 310-0376. They represent all plans and can help you understand what would be suitable for your mother. They can even get her enrolled. Or you can visit them online.

  213. I currently have AARP Medicare Complete. I would like to add a dental plan. I tried the web but it always takes me to the Medicare Advantage which I do not want. I have heard of the Platinum Dental plan but cannot find it/cost/ or what it covers. I live in NC 27587.

    Thanks, Craig

  214. Hi,
    Is there a supplemental insurance that I can purchase to cover the 20% that this plan does not cover? Please advise…

  215. Susan, If you are enrolled in any Advantage plan including AARP MedicareComplete you cannot also have a supplement. If you are covered by original Medicare you can choose from several standardized Medigap policies.

  216. Craig, You will probably need to purchase a stand-alone dental plan. Contact a local insurance agent and they should be able to help.

  217. Thanks for you reply David…need some more clarification:

    “Susan, If you are enrolled in any Advantage plan including AARP MedicareComplete you cannot also have a supplement. If you are covered by original Medicare you can choose from several standardized Medigap policies”

    I am currently enrolled in AARP MedicareComplete thru united healthcare…that means I CANNOT also have supplemental insurance? Can I purchase a medigap policy in addition to what I currently have or it’s the same as supplemental insurance?


  218. Susan, A Medigap policy, aka Medicare supplement, can only fill in the gaps of original Medicare. A Medicare Advantage plan takes the place of original Medicare. You cannot have both a supplement and an Advantage plan. They are two completely different types of plans. You could return to original Medicare by dropping the AARP Advantage plan and then buy a supplement. But, keep in mind if you are not in your Medigap Open Enrollment Period (different than Annual Enrollment for Advantage and Part D) or if you are not entitled to Guaranteed Issue Rights, you will be subject to medical underwriting. Check out this article. I hope I’ve clarified it for you. I appreciate your comments.

  219. David

    I noticed “Passport” only covers certain states, what if you need care in a state not under plan?

  220. Does my plan cover Silver Sneekers?

  221. My wife and I recently signed up for AARP United Healthcare Medicare coverage for 2016
    through an independent agent. Does AARP get any kickbacks from United Healthcare?
    We do not like AARP and like AMAC, but AMAC only offers Humana which is no longer
    honored at our medical provider for 2016.
    Thanks, Glen Zip 92373

  222. JE, If you would require emergency care in a non-passport State it would be covered. You would want to have any elective or routine visits done in a State that is included in the Passport program to get the in-network discounts.

  223. Pauline, Medicare Advantage Plans including AARP Medicare Complete can offer different benefits County by County. You can call the toll free number on the back of your card and request a Summary of benefits to see what’s covered by your specific plan.

  224. Glen, I’m sure that AARP is not lending their name and member list to United Healthcare without having their hand out.

  225. Please explain the function of Silverback which has suddenly appeared in the background of my AARP United Health Care Medicare Complete insurance. They seem to be arbitrarily interfering with my primary physician’s referrals for specialty physicians. I cannot get a satisfactory answer from them as to how they have the authority to decide whether or not my doctor’s orders are appropriate. They have delayed referrals for needed care with no reasonable explanation.

  226. Ranny, Not sure what you’re referring to. Wikipedia defines silverback as an adult male guerrilla. It’s also used as a derogatory term.

  227. I have found out that my b
    Humlog isn’t covered any longer. Humalin is but in 3 months just with that one medication alone will put me in the donut hole. And the price is 300.00. How is a diabetic 1 suppose to make?

  228. Ann, I’m sorry to hear that it’s not covered for 2016. This is an example of why you should compare plans every year during open enrollment. Check with you doctor to see if another type of insulin will work. If not, you can check with your local Area Council on Aging office to see if there are any programs offed by the drug’s manufacturer that may help off set the costs.

  229. My Mom is enrolled in a Medicare Complete Plan (HMO). She’s had the same physician for 25 years and now he is no longer in her network. My Mom is blind so browsing the internet is impossible. While searching for her, I keep hitting sites that are only advertising insurance quotes. All I need is a list of physicians in her network in the Chicago land area. Please help. I feel like the blind leading the blind.

  230. Alexis, Call the 800 number on the back of your Mom’s MedicareComplete card and ask for a provider directory. They should be able to mail you a hard copy or give you a URL to a provider directory. Also, keep in mind that the providers in the HMO network this year, may not be included next year. Costs, providers and benefits can change year to year with any Medicare Advantage plan. This is why you need to review your plan each year during the Annual Enrollment Period. I hope that helps.

  231. Is a referral required to see a specialist if you have AARP Medicare Complete?

  232. Paula, It depends on whether your plan is a HMO or PPO. If it’s a PPO which is typically the case, a referral is not required although you would want to stay in-network to get the lower copay or coinsurance amount. A HMO plan will require a referral.

  233. My eye doctor referred me to an ophthalmologist for cataract surgery. Called AARP Medicare Complete/United Health Care to find one in network. I live in NJ and the only ones I was given are in NY. Are there no services available in NJ?

  234. W.M.,You could call back and ask specifically about NJ. My guess is you got your answer. Certainly they know where you live when you gave them your member number.

  235. This plan sucks. They have cut 2 drugs for me that I need for diabetes and I just got off the phone with them and I have called them 4 times today. All I need is a printout saying for the food stamp office how much my premiums for the year are and proof of them. They said they could not help me and that I had to wait another month for the statement to print. The password they wanted me to make up and set up an account on the screen said it had to be over 50 characters long and the man at Customer service said that that was a lie and that their AARP exclusive site did not have that many password characters to set it up. It did and I was on the site over 2 hours. Now I am going into my 5th phone call and I still do not have what I need. This company last year in 2015 made over 2 trillion dollars in revenue yet their customer service call center cannot even help me as a customer. I hate your guts AARP. You do not care about me AT ALL as a customer and you argue with me as a customer. Again-I hate your GUTS AARP Medicare Complete. All I need is something simple as a simple statement and all you want to do is refer me to a one button and it is done internet that has math and calculus and things that old people like me cannot begin to understand. You guys do not give a GD about me as a customer at all. I need help and no one gives a damn enough to help me. Do not ever never never ever never never ever never ever never ever never waste your money on AARP Medicare Complete because they will not help you and will tell you like they argued with me today that they do not want to help you. I hate your guts AARP Medicare Complete with a passion.

  236. Pamela, And you’re shopping for a new plan now…. right?

  237. does medicare complete ever send out a letter advising insured is entitled up to $5,000 return with copy of medicare expenses paid by insured?

  238. Does it cover denture repair ?

  239. Patrice, Depending on the service area AARP Medicare Complete may or may not include dental coverage. If included it is very basic and generally will not cover denture repair. I don’t know of any Medicare plan that will cover getting your dentures repaired.

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