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United Healthcare Medicare Brand Changes

United Healthcare Medicare products to unify brandDaily News Extra Extra

There are several reasons why a company may re-brand itself or some of its products.

United Healhcare Medicare products have no doubt re-branded to build brand equity as it relates to all aspects of their business.

United Healthcare Medicare members received notice of this re-branding campaign  in the Annual Notice of Change.

SecureHorizons and Evercare to be re-branded as United HealthCare

If you ask a SecureHorizons or Evercare member the name of the insurance company behind their plan you may not get the correct answer. This is testament to how poorly United Healthcare has been able to develop a perception of a unified brand. This is one reason why United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplements have been re-branded.

Brand Changes

AARP MedicareComplete From SecuredHorizons will become AARP Medicare Complete Insured Through United HealthCare.

SecureHorizons MedicareComplete will become United HealthCare MedicareComplete.

SecureHorizons MedicareDirect will become United HealthCare MedicareDirect.

SecureHorizons Medicare Supplement will become United HealthCare Medicare Supplement.

Evercare Special Needs Plans will undergo similar brand changes.

Better branding for consumers

Many members and prospective members of AARP MedicareComplete believe that AARP is the insurance company. Countless comments on this website bear this out. Some believe that SecureHorizons is the insurance company.

Re-branding AARP MedicareComplete from SecureHorizons, United HealthCare’s most popular plan, to AARP MedicareComplete Insured Through United HealthCare will certainly clear up some confusion.

Apparently being allied with AARP is more of a benefit that any potential fallout related to some opinions as to how AARP contributed to the health care reform championed by President Obama.

The AARP MedicareComplete brand will stay intact with the only difference being the Insured Through United HealthCare tag line.

New United HealthCare Medicare plans are available for review on October 1st. Enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans will take place between October 15th and December 7th. Plans can be viewed on the company website or at medicare.gov.



  1. I currently have United Healthcare through AARP. The premiums have gone up, up, up. During the open enrollment period, can I change insurers and must they accept me or do they have medical underwriting?

  2. Larry, Sorry to hear about your increasing premiums, this is not uncommon with all companies.Technically the Open Enrollment Period is a term related to the first 6 months you have Part B and are 65 or older when you can buy a supplement without going through underwriting. The Annual Enrollment Period is for Medicare Advantage and Part D and runs from October 15 to December 7 which is a new time frame. Unless you were enrolled in Part B in the last 6 months you will generally be subject to underwriting if you apply for another supplement. You could switch to an Advantage plan without underwriting other than the ESRD issue.

  3. Larry its important to know what state you are in. What plan do you currently have. Davids answer is correct for most states but there are exceptions. Please respond with your state and plan type.

  4. How do I find the United Health Care Rx program COMPLETE formulary for 2012?

    I am deaf and communicate only by e-mail.

    Thank You,
    Jessie Dunn

  5. Jessie, Formulary information for 2012 plans will not be released until October 1. After October 1 visit the AARP Medicare website and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Site Map. Scroll to Part D formularies and click that link. Choose the plan you are interested in and then click plan formulary. They don’t make it easy to find as they would rather you use their look up tool. All information contained there now is for 2011 plans.

  6. I received my Part D changes for 2012 from United Healthcare.
    I was shocked beyond belief to see that my copay for a common generic drug I’m taking Methocarbamol is increasing from $7.00 to $117.00 for a 3 month supply. They moved it to Tier 3. I talked to customer service but they were not at all helpful. Who can I write to to express my complete dissatisfaction.

  7. D.E. I guess you could write to UnitedHealthCare but personally I would save the paper. You enrolled in a plan that was designed to last for one year. You have an Annual Enrollment Period to choose the plan that you believe is best for you. Your time would be better spent finding a suitable plan. You can eliminate the stress and anger while knowing that the company that could not serve your needs will not get your business. More Info: Don’t Enroll in Part D Without Considering These 5 Things.

  8. Comment on D. E. Johnson’s question and David Forbes answer. I had the same problem last year with one of my medicines. I, and my Doctor, [and my Doctor told me, “Good Luck”] wrote to UnitedHealthCare and lost. But, then you can write to an arbitrator, [ it may be different for other parts of the US] Part D Appeals and Grievance Department ATTN: CA124124-0197 P.O. Box 6106 Cypress, CA 90630-9948, which I did. I had a reversal answer within five days requiring AARP to put the medicine back from $ 45 to $ 7. It was worth my time. What irritates me, is that AARP claims they strive to save us older people money. I also found out their car insurance through Hartford had been costing me $1000 a year more than another excellent company for the past, at least, six years. I trusted AARP and got taken. I am going to have to do the same thing this year, but while searching, I did learn that all Formularies are not the same. Yes, follow Mr. Forbes advice,’ to choose the plan that you believe is best for you.” AARP is just the same as any other company – out to make money for themselves and their cohorts.

  9. Orville, You make a good point that many people often lose sight of…. although strictly regulated by CMS, the insurance companies offering Medicare plans are for-profit entities.

  10. Cathy From Tampa Florida

    David, United Health Care AARP Secure Horizons is contracted with Coast Dental. This is the company your comments appear to be representing. “Your” Medicare Advantage Plan states that participants will receive dental cleanings at no cost to the patient after they enroll. Coast Dental routinely denies that coverage for cleanings and instead charges large sums of money to seniors for the same service. Coast Dental does not adhere to the same standards that private dental insurance companies adhere to. As such, seniors and the disabled are left without service when a dentist is needed unless they pay for repeated crowns (during the warranty or assurance period) thus Medicare participants pay for their cleanings at this provider at prices that are up to three times greater at AARP’s provider, Coast Dental, than that of two other local providers that were contacted during the same period for the identical servicers. If seniors and the disabled trust your Medicare Advantage Plan they receive less than the standard of care required for licensed professionals at Coast Dental and their out of pocket expenses are greatly higher. Why is this allowed by a Medicare contracted insurance provider?

  11. Cathy from Tampa, Please read the About Us page on this site. This site is not owned or operated by an insurance company. This article was merely pointing out a brand that changed names. If you have an issue with Coast Dental file a complaint with UnitedHealthCare or cease to use the provider.

  12. My Remicade treatments this year (2011) cost me a total of $60 for the drug and infusion at my doctor’s office.

    I am told that next year, as well as a 9% increase in premiums, I will have to pay about 30% for the drug; which cost around $6000. I guess the infusion charge is up to the doctor.

    I am told that this id because it is being put under part D Tier 4.

    Why did UHS change this policy?

  13. Ed, Who knows what lurks in the minds of insurance company actuaries!

  14. My husband and I have signed up for AARP UnitedHealthcare for the coming year now that QHP has been closed (it was wonderful). I know they have the $2.00 drug plan IF your drug is at those pharmacies (in our case, Target or Publix) which all aren’t. What are the other pharmacies that serve UnitedHealthcare? We’ve had really good service by CVS and this month, Medicare put us on Humana’s drug plan and sure glad we’re not going to be on it after 1/1/2012 but hoping that AARP UnitedHealthcare is not a disappointment also.

  15. Shirley, Most people commenting about AARP UnitedHealthCare Part D have positive things to say. You should have no problem using CVS as well as over 60,000+ pharmacy locations nationwide.

  16. I am questioning why my brand medication Lexapro and Seroquel both were placed in tier 4, increasing my copays from $125 a month to $180 a month. I am on a very fixed income and reside in an Alzheimer/Dementia facility which is very expensive to begin with then for you to increase my medication costs even more? What can I do? My medications control my anxiety and delusions,they are the only medications that have been effective..

  17. Leaving soon on a long cruise from USA to Australia. We are both subscribers to AARP medicare supplemental D through United Health and wonder how we stand on coverage outside the USA.

  18. Nancy, The easiest way to approach this is to work with your health care provider to get 90 day prescriptions when possible so you will have ample supply for your cruise. If you are required to use out of network pharmacies you will likely have to pay the full retail price. You can submit documentation to United Healthcare to receive reimbursement. However, you will probably receive the amount the insurance company would pay if you were in network. You can also look into a short term travel medical insurance that may offer some benefit.

  19. Please note I had AARP united care for more than three year my doctor
    Inform me that they are want be service miami florida after jan 2014
    Is this true, I have not seen a letter to this effect,, my doctor is John
    Jackson could someone call him or e/mail me if this is true..

  20. Alberta, You should contact United Healthcare and ask for a provider directory or a link to that directory online.

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