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MedicareComplete Enrollment Checklist

Medicare Complete secure Horizons Enrollment Checklist

United Healthcare offers all AARP Medicare plans including MedicareComplete  MedicareComplete is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by United Healthcare. The only Medicare plans approved to use the AARP brand are offered by United Healthcare. More people are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans insured through United Healthcare than any other company. AARP MedicareComplete may be a HMO, PPO or HMO-POS plan ...

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Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Secure Horizons Medicare Questions?

Secure Horizons Medicare by United Healthcare United Healthcare has offered both Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare supplements. Although both plans are from the same company they couldn’t be more different. A Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage Plan is another way to receive your Medicare benefits. The plan includes all Medicare Parts A and B benefits and often includes prescription ...

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United Healthcare MedicareDirect Not Renewing?

"Secure Horizons Medicare Direct Not Renewing For 2011?"

Is your United HealthCare MedicareDirect plan going away? If you have followed the news about legislation that affected Private Fee-For-Service plans (PFFS), you may be expecting to receive a letter informing you that United HealthCare MedicareDirect will not be renewed for next year. This doesn’t just pertain to plans from United Healthcare.¬† In fact tens of thousands of people who ...

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AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

Secure Horizons AARP Medicare Advantage Brand Replaced Secure Horizons has gotten a lot of mileage from the AARP brand. The brand is so strong, that many people assume that AARP is the insurer. Of course this is not the case.  AARP is an advocacy group that receives a royalty for lending their brand to insurance companies that offer products to ...

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