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Medicare Doc Fix Impacts Your Pocketbook

Medicare Do Fix Reform

Medicare legislation means higher out-of-pocket costs in the future It plays out in congress every year. Doctors are threatened with payment cuts and congress ultimately kicks the can down the road until the next year. These annual cuts were mandated under what was known as the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). The general idea was to keep payments in line with ...

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Best Medicare Plan For Travel

Best Medicare Plan When Planning to Travel

Things to consider when choosing the best Medicare Plan for traveling If you have plans to travel once you’re retired you should give some careful consideration to which Medicare Plan will afford you the best coverage when you’re away from home. Choose the wrong plan and you may find yourself with inadequate coverage or a very limited amount of providers ...

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Original Medicare And Part D – Too Many Gaps?

Original Medicare and Part D Questions?

Is it too risky to choose original Medicare and Part D as your only Medicare health coverage? As you contemplate your Medicare health choices you may be inclined to choose original Medicare and Part D as your coverage option. Each year a small percentage of people choose this option mostly prompted by the desire or the need to save money. ...

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What Does A Medicare Supplement Cost?

Questions About Medicare Supplement Cost?

Explore Medicare supplement cost before writing supplemental coverage off as too expensive Too many people make decisions about their Medicare coverage based on misconceptions and second opinions from others. Some Medicare plans have been dismissed outright without doing the proper research. If you are new to Medicare or are considering making a change during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period don’t ...

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Medicare Advantage Insurance – Read This Before You Enroll

Medicare Advantage Insurance Application

What is Medicare Advantage insurance and is it right for you? A recent survey found that a significant percentage of people either don’t know what type of plan they are enrolled in or couldn’t identify the differences between Medicare Advantage insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance. This doesn’t bode well for people on Medicare choosing the best type of plan for ...

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AARP MedicareComplete Or Medicare – Which Is Better?

Choice Between AARP Medicare Complete and Medicare

Start with the facts when choosing between AARP MedicareComplete or Medicare There have been several questions and comments as to which is a better choice: AARP MedicareComplete or Medicare. It’s important to look at the facts and clear up any misconceptions that may exist on this topic. The choice between original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan is just one ...

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Compare Medicare Advantage Plans – 5 Tips

Compare 2011 Medicare Advantage Plans

What to consider when you compare Medicare Advantage plans Unlike standardized Medicare supplement policies Medicare Advantage plans not only have different premiums they also include a wide range of benefit differences. Having a road map to help you compare Medicare Advantage plans can insure that you are making the best choice. In the past few years we have seen Advantage ...

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Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Plans – couldn’t be more different The only thing better than having choices is understanding exactly what you are choosing between. Deciding between Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Plans is the first step to getting your best plan. If you are about to be Medicare eligible or are contemplating changing your Medicare coverage, it’s important ...

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Medicare Insurance Plans – Medigap or Advantage Plan?

Get the facts when comparing Medicare Insurance plans – Medigap or Advantage plan? If you are turning 65 and becoming eligible for  Medicare, you need to consider one of the Medicare insurance plans that are available. Very few people become eligible for Medicare and decide that Medicare Parts A and B are enough coverage. There are just too many holes ...

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