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Medicare Supplement Plans M And N Have Lower Premiums

Bar Chart with Declining Red Arrow

Slightly higher out-of-pocket costs result in lower premiums for Plans M and N Buying a Medicare supplement with a lower premium is often a trade off between adequate coverage and price. In June of 2010 Medigap policies were re-tooled and two new plans, Medicare supplement Plans M and N, were introduced. These plans are designed for people who are willing ...

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10 Reasons To Buy A Medicare Supplement

Checklist with Boxes Checked

Is it time to buy a Medicare supplement? There are nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare each day. You may be one of them. If so, you need to decide how you will protect yourself from the high cost of health care or more specifically, the gaps in Medicare coverage. You’ve probably heard that choosing ...

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Should You Cancel Your Medicare Supplement?

Tight Budget

With budgets tight some insureds consider cancelling their Medicare supplement policies As food and gas prices rise many people on fixed incomes are looking for ways to cut their budget. Some people on Medicare have gone as far as cancelling their Medicare supplement policies. A Medicare supplement, also known as Medigap, is designed to control your budget by limiting your ...

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Plan F High Deductible Option – Buyer Profile

Plan F High Deductible

Are you prepared for the possible consequences of buying the Medigap Plan F high deductible option? The main reason most people buy a Medigap policy is to protect themselves from high out-of-pocket expenses. In fact, the biggest perceived benefit of owning a Medigap policy is to pay premiums as a (somewhat) fixed expense to eliminate any surprises. The Plan F ...

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When is Medigap Open Enrollment?

Questions About Medigap Open Enrollment?

Don’t confuse Medigap open enrollment with Medicare Advantage open enrollment Whether you are interested in buying a Medigap policy or enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan there is a time to do it. It’s in your best interests to understand the differences between the enrollment periods and when you can enroll. Missing the Medigap open enrollment period could mean a ...

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Tips For Finding Affordable Medicare Plans

Affordable Medicare

Follow these simple tips to find affordable Medicare plans The price of food, gas and utilities seem to be going up daily. You need to find ways to cut corners. One solution is to find a more affordable Medicare plan. Every plan provider and marketer is promising to save you money but after the smoke clears you find yourself in ...

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Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Available

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance

Finding the best Medicare supplement insurance at the lowest price Original Medicare has some substantial gaps in coverage. You are exposed to co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles. A Medicare supplement, also known as a Medigap policy, helps fill those gaps. But how do you find the best Medicare supplement insurance to meet your needs and your budget? The key is to ...

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Medicare Supplement Plan J – Should You Switch?

Medicare Supplement Plan J

Time to change from Medicare Plan J? When Medicare modernization legislation became effective in June 2010 Medicare supplement Plan J was eliminated from the line up of standardized Medigap policies available for sale. If you purchased Plan J prior to June 2010 you are grandfathered-in and able to keep your supplement. But should you? Plan J was the most expensive ...

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Medicare Advantage Plan Not Renewing?

Medicare Advantage Plan Not Renewing For 2011?

Steps to take if your Medicare Advantage plan is not renewing Medicare Advantage plans are annual plans. When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan you should be aware that things can change the following year, including having your plan not renew. Each year there are a large number of plans that do not renew as carriers focus on more ...

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Compare Medicare Advantage Plans – 5 Tips

Compare 2011 Medicare Advantage Plans

What to consider when you compare Medicare Advantage plans Unlike standardized Medicare supplement policies Medicare Advantage plans not only have different premiums they also include a wide range of benefit differences. Having a road map to help you compare Medicare Advantage plans can insure that you are making the best choice. In the past few years we have seen Advantage ...

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