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Original Medicare And Part D – Too Many Gaps?

Original Medicare and Part D Questions?

Is it too risky to choose original Medicare and Part D as your only Medicare health coverage? As you contemplate your Medicare health choices you may be inclined to choose original Medicare and Part D as your coverage option. Each year a small percentage of people choose this option mostly prompted by the desire or the need to save money. ...

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Medicare Annual Notice Of Change – Don’t Ignore It

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The Medicare Annual Notice of Change is the most important communication When you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan it seems like the mail from your plan sponsor will never end. But there is one communication that is vitally important. The Annual Notice of Change is your first step in deciding whether or not you ...

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What Does A Medicare Supplement Cost?

Questions About Medicare Supplement Cost?

Explore Medicare supplement cost before writing supplemental coverage off as too expensive Too many people make decisions about their Medicare coverage based on misconceptions and second opinions from others. Some Medicare plans have been dismissed outright without doing the proper research. If you are new to Medicare or are considering making a change during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period don’t ...

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Medicare Advantage Insurance – Read This Before You Enroll

Medicare Advantage Insurance Application

What is Medicare Advantage insurance and is it right for you? A recent survey found that a significant percentage of people either don’t know what type of plan they are enrolled in or couldn’t identify the differences between Medicare Advantage insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance. This doesn’t bode well for people on Medicare choosing the best type of plan for ...

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Medicare Advantage Programs – Navigating Medicare.gov

Navigate medicare.gov To Find Medicare Advantage Programs

Follow these steps to find Medicare Advantage programs on the medicare.gov website Each year some Medicare Advantage programs are added, changed or omitted from services areas across the Country. If you want to find information about available Medicare Advantage plans you should go to the source and visit the medicare.gov website. That sounds easy enough but navigating the Medicare website ...

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Free Medicare Plan? Not Really

Stop! There's No Free Medicare Plan

There’s no free lunch and there’s no free Medicare plan – here’s why There are many people who believe that there are free Medicare plans… but they are mistaken. Some would argue that it’s really a matter of semantics but it goes much deeper than that. Typically the plans being referred to as free are $0 premium Medicare Advantage plans. ...

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AARP MedicareComplete Or Medicare – Which Is Better?

Choice Between AARP Medicare Complete and Medicare

Start with the facts when choosing between AARP MedicareComplete or Medicare There have been several questions and comments as to which is a better choice: AARP MedicareComplete or Medicare. It’s important to look at the facts and clear up any misconceptions that may exist on this topic. The choice between original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan is just one ...

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Medicare Advantage 2015 – Changing Plans

2015 Medicare Part D Changes

Before you enroll – what you need to know about Medicare Advantage 2015 Plan Changes Whether you are new to Medicare or have been enrolled in Medicare for some time it’s important to keep up to date on any changes. Although Medicare Advantage for 2015 avoided any catastrophic change related to the budget debate there are still important changes that ...

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California Medicare Advantage – Comparing Plans

California Medicare Advantage

Criteria for comparing California Medicare Advantage Plans Most Counties in California will afford you a wide selection of Medicare Advantage Plans. In some cases, so many that you may begin to feel over whelmed. Everyone’s needs are different so it’s impossible to single out the best plan. It’s also possible that after a thorough comparison of available Medicare Advantage Plans ...

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Freedom Blue PPO – Anthem Blue Cross Option

Freedom Blue PPO Medicare Advantage

Considering Freedom Blue PPO from Anthem Blue Cross of California? If you are new to Medicare or are interested in enrolling in Freedom Blue PPO you should review this information. First, a little background. Freedom Blue is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross of California. Freedom Blue is not considered a Medicare supplement. You must meet certain ...

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