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Top 5 Medicare Advantage Plans

Top 5 Medicare Advantage plans

What determines the top 5 Medicare Advantage plans? I receive a fair amount of emails asking my opinion on which Medicare Advantage Plan to enroll in. The fact that I offer a mini-course helping someone choose their best plan type makes me a likely target for such a question. But my mini-course is about making a choice between Medigap and ...

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File A Medicare Appeal

File a Medicare Appeal

How and when to file a Medicare Appeal When you are enrolled in Medicare you have certain rights. One of those rights is to file an appeal with Medicare. For our purposes it’s important to note that a filing Medicare appeal is different from filing a grievance or complaint with Medicare. A filing a Medicare appeal is your recourse if ...

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Best Medicare Plan For Travel

Best Medicare Plan When Planning to Travel

Things to consider when choosing the best Medicare Plan for traveling If you have plans to travel once you’re retired you should give some careful consideration to which Medicare Plan will afford you the best coverage when you’re away from home. Choose the wrong plan and you may find yourself with inadequate coverage or a very limited amount of providers ...

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ObamaCare Hasn’t Slowed Down Medicare Advantage Enrollment

ObamaCare Effects on Medicare

Contrary to some opinions Medicare Advantage is not going away in 2014 You’ve heard it on television, on talk radio and you’ve read about it online and in the newspapers: ObamaCare is going decimate Medicare Advantage. But is that really true? Although I am not a fan of ObamaCare, I do appreciate when news is factual. I believe that people ...

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Should You Cancel Your Medicare Supplement?

Tight Budget

With budgets tight some insureds consider cancelling their Medicare supplement policies As food and gas prices rise many people on fixed incomes are looking for ways to cut their budget. Some people on Medicare have gone as far as cancelling their Medicare supplement policies. A Medicare supplement, also known as Medigap, is designed to control your budget by limiting your ...

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Special Enrollment Period For Non-Renewing Medicare Plans

Special Enrollment Period For Non-Renewing Medicare Plans

If your Medicare plan is not renewing take advantage of this Special Enrollment Period Medicare Advantage and Part D plans are calendar year plans. Each year insurance companies offering these plans can choose to non-renew a plan or exit a service area. If your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan is not going to be offered for the following year ...

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CIGNA Medicare Rx Healthy Rewards Program Benefits Overview

CIGNA Medicare Rx Health Rewards Better Than Ice Cream

The Healthy Rewards program included with CIGNA Medicare Rx provides extra benefits Insurance companies that offer Medicare Part D plans are constantly trying to set themselves apart from the competition. CIGNA’s approach looks like it will appeal to people who yearn for some extra benefits not included in original Medicare or a Medicare supplement policy. If you are looking for ...

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