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Considering Medicare PPO – Read This Before You Enroll

Connected Figures Represent Medicare PPO Plans

Medicare PPO plans have some attractive features but are they worth considering? If you are enrolled in Medicare you have some choices to make. You can stay with original Medicare and enroll in Part D, purchase a Medigap policy and enroll in Part D or join a Medicare Advantage plan that more than likely will include Part D coverage. If ...

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Medicare And You 2014 – Medicare Resource

Medicare supplement benefits chart

Undeniably the best Medicare resource – Medicare And You 2014 handbook The is no shortage of questions when it comes to Medicare. If it wasn’t confusing on its own the changes are enough to keep people asking questions. The official government handbook, Medicare And You 2014 is the best place to start to understand all you need to know about ...

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Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Blue Ribbon for Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Is searching for the best Medicare Advantage Plan futile? Anyone who has ever enrolled in an Advantage plan has hoped that they found the best Medicare Advantage Plan available. But what qualifies for the best Plan? There are countless search queries for some variation of the phrase all in the hope that the name of the best plan will be ...

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Medicare Insurance Plans – Medigap or Advantage Plan?

Get the facts when comparing Medicare Insurance plans – Medigap or Advantage plan? If you are turning 65 and becoming eligible for  Medicare, you need to consider one of the Medicare insurance plans that are available. Very few people become eligible for Medicare and decide that Medicare Parts A and B are enough coverage. There are just too many holes ...

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Do I Need Medicare Part C?

What is Medicare Part C? Enrolling in Medicare and deciding on a Medicare Plan or Medicare supplement can be a daunting task. To make things even worse the terminology is new and not very descriptive. Part A, Part B, Part D and now Medicare part C! Most people know that Medicare Part A is your hospital coverage that requires a ...

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Medigap Plan N – Advantage Plan Alternative

Medicare modernization act brings about new additions to standardized Medigap options It almost seems as though there are too many Medicare plan choices. Should you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan? Is it best to buy a Medigap policy? These are questions you can ask once you a firm grip on how the plans work and what that will mean ...

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Blue Medicare PPO Overview

Blue Cross Blue Medicare PPO offers some flexibility At some point in your life you  may have had insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Whether you had an individual or employer group plan, you probably formed some opinion about the company. If your experience was good and you are Medicare eligible, you may want to check out the Blue Medicare ...

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The Three Types Of Medicare Special Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans are only for those who meet specific qualifications There are many people on Medicare for which a Medicare supplement or traditional Medicare Advantage plan would not be appropriate. Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans have benefits tailored to people with a specific set of circumstances. If your situation does not meet the defined set of circumstances ...

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Medicare Advantage Enrollment Periods Explained

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Periods Change

There’s more than just the annual Medicare Advantage enrollment period If you ask most people on Medicare when they can enroll in, switch or drop a Medicare Advantage plan they will be quick to tell you. The annual enrollment period is from October 15th through December 7th. New plans become effective on January 1st. But don’t look for specific information ...

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AARP MedicareComplete What to Know Before You Enroll

Happy AARP Medicare Complete Members

  AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plan one of the most recognized brands AARP MedicareComplete is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by United Healthcare. MedicareComplete is a popular plan option in many service areas. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered in service areas (typically Counties) and the benefits can vary widely depending on where the plan is available. In many service areas AARP ...

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