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Health Care Reform Will Affect Medicare Advantage

Health Care Reform tightens the grip on Medicare Advantage You can’t accuse President Obama of flip flopping on his position towards Medicare Advantage Plans. During the 2008 presidential election, he made his views  about the Medicare Advantage program known and he delivered with his health care reform bill. Health care reform will affect Medicare Advantage ….. and not in a ...

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Find Medicare Advantage Plans At

Locate available Medicare Advantage Plans at The Annual Enrollment Period  for Medicare Advantage Plans with a January effective date begins October 15th and ends December 7th. Plans for the following year are posted on on October 1st each year. This is the same time that insurance companies can begin marketing the next years plans. If you are new ...

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Medicare Advantage Maximum Out-of-Pocket Costs

Medicare Advantage Maximum out-of-pocket

Medicare Advantage maximum out-of-pocket limit a benefit When comparing Medicare Advantage Plan benefits, don’t overlook what may be the single biggest benefit of all – the limit  Medicare Advantage maximum annual out-of-pocket costs. It’s true that Medicare Advantage Plans include many cost saving benefits but the single benefit that could save you the most is the limit on your out-of- ...

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Florida Medicare Advantage Plans – Huge Disparity Of Premiums

Comparing Florida Medicare Advantage Plans

Florida Medicare Advantage Plans are just one example of a national trend When comparing Florida Medicare Advantage Plans one thing becomes glaringly obvious. There is a huge disparity in monthly premiums between different plans. One reason that many Medicare beneficiaries choose an Advantage Plan versus a Medicare supplement is to have a more affordable monthly premium. A quick check of ...

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