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Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Insurance

Mutual Of Omaha LionMutual of Omaha Medicare supplement premiums are some of the lowest

Mutual of Omaha has been offering Medicare supplement insurance nearly as long as Medicare has been around.

Their large number of policy holders allows Mutual of Omaha to remain competitive in a crowded market.

If you are shopping for a Medicare supplement insurance policy, comparing Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplemental insurance to other carriers may be worth your time.

Why you need a Medicare supplement

When Medicare was signed into law in 1965 it was not intended to be a comprehensive health plan. Medicare has some substantial gaps. Medigap or Medicare supplemental insurance as it is known fills the gaps left by Medicare.

If you have Medicare alone  you will be subject to some large out-of-pocket expenses, including:

Medicare Part A Hospital insurance

  • $1316 deductible for inpatient hospital stays – days 1 -60
  • $329 per day coinsurance days 61-90
  • $658 per day coinsurance days 91-150
  • $164.50 per day for skilled Nursing Facility Care days 21-100
  • All expense for blood beyond first 3 pints
  • 5% coinsurance for inpatient respite care – Hospice benefit
  • $5 for outpatient drugs during Hospice

Medicare Part B Medical Insurance

  • $183 calendar year deductible
  • 20% of all covered outpatient charges
  • All expense for blood beyond first 3 pints
  • All Emergency care received outside the U.S.

Depending on the Medigap plan that you choose these expenses will be nearly or completely eliminated. Mutual of Omaha offers several plan choices in each State where plans are available.

Depending on the State plans will be offered by one of the Mutual of Omaha companies. Companies include:

  • Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
  • United World Life Insurance Company
  • United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

What Does a Medicare Supplement Cost?

Choosing the right Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement policy

The good thing about shopping for a Medigap policy is all plans are standardized plans.

For instance, if you are interested in Medicare Supplement Plan F, the benefits will be the same no matter which company your are interested in. For many people it comes down to the plan’s premium, the stability of the company, and the perceived level of customer service.

The easiest way to shop for a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement is to compare quotes online. Many agencies and brokers will list Medicare supplement quotes side by side so you can make an informed decision. You may find that a supplemental policy from Mutual of Omaha is what you have been looking for.


  1. I have a Mutual of Omaha Supplemental plan to Medicare.
    There is the possibility that my neurologist may suggest
    getting a service dog to help with my condition. I would
    like to know if my present policy or a different policy
    you have would help me with the cost of purchasing/maintaining a service dog. Thank you, Nancy

  2. Nancy, An insurance plan that is supplemental to Medicare is technically referred to as Medigap. A Medigap policy will generally pay your portion of Medicare covered expenses. The most comprehensive plan available from Mutual of Omaha or any other provider of Medigap plans is Plan F. Plan J is also comprehensive but is no longer available for sale. If you have Plan J, you are grandfathered in.

    In order for any Medicare supplement to pay benefits, the expenses must be covered by Medicare. I can’t find any reference to Medicare paying for a service animal as a covered expense. But Medicare is ever changing and there may be a special program. To get helpful advice and consultation, contact your local Area Council on Aging or similar organization, as they will have access to numerous resources and possibly any local programs that may exist in your area.

  3. I signed up for hosp income @ $75.00 a month. I have a claim now and need some info as to how to go about sending in the bill. What address to send them to?

  4. Mary, I believe the address you are looking for is:

    Mutual Of Omaha Insurance Company
    Mutual Of Omaha Plaza
    Omaha NE 68175

    You may want to call the claims department at 800 931-8908 to verify.

  5. I will be signing up on Medicare shortly. I will also need a supplemental policy. I am not as concerned about the monthly premium as the best coverage. Ideally, I would preferred everything paid that Medicare doesn’t pay. Which is best?

  6. Ron, Medicare supplement Plan F will afford you the most comprehensive coverage. Next in line is Plan G, the difference being that Plan F will pay your Part B deductible, which is currently $162 annually. Since plans are standardized shop several companies to secure the best rate. Mutual of Omaha was the first to offer Medigap, they have the most insureds and have a good track record with rate stability. They do not offer a Part D plan so you will need to find one from another carrier.

  7. Does the Mutual of Omaha Plan F include any coverage for “preventive care”, such as health club/exercise programs?

  8. Forrest, No, Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare supplement plans do not offer any benefits related to non-Medicare covered expenses. Mutual of Omaha Plan F is a true Medigap policy that will fill in the gaps in Medicare but will not offer any benefit for health club or exercise programs. These benefits are typically reserved for Medicare Advantage Plans like AARP Medicare Complete.

  9. I have Mutual of Omaha supplemental insurance. I am in Israel and had to go to the hospital. Does my supplemental include international coverage. I tried to call about this before I left, but the hold time when I called stretched into over an hour and I was still holding.

  10. Ron, If your Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement became effective June 2010 or after you have a Modernized Medicare supplement and plans; C, D, F, G, M and N will afford you foreign travel emergency coverage. Plans purchased prior to June 2010 will afford you coverage for Plans; C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J.

    Your hospital confinement must be deemed an emergency and you are subject to plan limits. Benefit is 80% after a $250 deductible and a $50,000 lifetime maximum.

  11. Why does my supplemental plan F keep going up in price each month ?

  12. Ray, Mutual of Omaha recently had a rate increase on many of their Medicare supplement policies. Rates on Medigap will generally increase for all companies. If you are ever told otherwise you are being misinformed. You should not see a rate increase every month. If you honestly feel that this is the case month after month contact your agent or all Mutual of Omaha customer service.

  13. I am interested in Medicare Plan F Medicare coverage for Man 79 and wife 78. Who are presently covered and are considering change. Need price

  14. B.L., The best place to get the information you seek is from the Mutual of Omaha website. This site is a blog covering many topics related to Medicare Plans and is not owned or operated by an insurance company including Mutual of Omaha.

  15. Can you tell me where I can find the history record of rate increases for Mutual of Omaha especially but also other carriers of Medicare Supplimental Insurance. I keep hearing the Mutual of Omaha has a terrible record of rate increases and that is why their premiums to start with are so reasonable and the lowest in the market.

  16. Barry, Since rates must be approved by each State’s Department of Insurance or Department of Financial Services I would think that starting there would probably give you credible information on the premium history for all Medicare supplements offered in your State.

  17. My husband and I have Mutual of Omaha plans and we have been very satisfied but we have been stunned by the rate increases since we signed on o4/10. As of 09/11 our combined premiums will have increased over $100/mo.

  18. Marilynn, You’re not alone. Policy holders with many different insurance companies have had similar experiences. If politicians working on a budget deal get their way you could have more problems with your Medigap coverage.

  19. I recently turned 65 and bought the G policy . How long do I have to wait untill it takes affect? I was told by your represeitive that it would immediatly take affect but I am not sure if that is true or not. Can you please answer my question?

  20. Donald, this site is not owned by Mutual of Omaha but I will take a shot at your question. Even if you are in the Open Enrollment Period the insurance company will need to verify that you are eligible for Medicare. The agent should have included a proposed effective date on the application. Until you have a policy in hand or notification that it has been issued you are not insured. Insurance companies routinely cash checks prior to the policy being issued to verify the availability of funds. Contact your agent an hold his feet to the fire!

  21. Geraldine Yielding

    how and where do I go to change my address? all my other ins. has websites for address change but don’t find one for this one. yet.
    thank you
    Geraldine Yielding
    Moline Il 61265

  22. Geraldine, Here is the customer service number for Mutual of Omaha: (800) 228-7104.

  23. 2010 I signed up for Plan F with Mutual of Omaha/United of Omaha at $90.80 a month, one year later this plan increased to $118.98 or about a 25% increase.

    I’m told, that MofO/UofO has a long history of rate increases whenever they want. Can you tell me if this rate will stay the SAME through 2012, or should I shop for another provider?
    Thanks…really angry customer.

  24. Marion aka “really angry customer”, All companies that offer Medicare supplement policies have annual rate increases. Without exception each company must seek approval with the State’s Department of Insurance or Department of Financial Services. You could have named any insurance company in your post and my answer would be the same. I can’t say for sure whether your rate will be the same (this site is not owned or operated by Mutual of Omaha) but I feel confident that any company you switch to will do the same thing.

  25. Being a Georgia Retiree on Medicare Disability Georgia requires you to either go straight Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, or pay the full premium for our health insurance, which I cannot afford to do, I’ll turn 60 in November and my Wife is on my SHBP, so when Georgia made the new requirement last year I had to go with a split plan Her on my regular PPO and me on the Medicare Advantage plan, should I do the same again during open enrollment or take a supplement for myself and take single coverage out on her?

  26. Denny, It sounds as though you could benefit from meeting with an agent that can help you sort through your options. It would be worth the meeting to be certain you are doing the best thing for both your health and budget.

  27. I presanyly have mutual of Omaha supplement plan “f”. I am disabled and required to workout at a gym. Will MoO cover the cost of membership to a local exercise center?

  28. Thomas, A Medicare supplement such as Plan F offered by Mutual of Omaha pays your share of Medicare covered expenses. Gym memberships are not considered a Medicare benefit. If your doctor wrote an order for physical therapy with a licensed provider MOO would pay your share of the costs.

  29. Dave,
    You may want to make sure that you are telling your clients/medicare recipients on the site the most accurate information. It is completely misleading to tell seniors that every company has a price increase annually. I know for sure that Colonial Penn came out with new medigap policies last June and their company had no annual increase in 2011. Which leads me to my next point. BC/BS offers a medigap plan C that has had no more than a 5 percent increase over the last 5 years. It is called “Legacy” Plan C. This is a non-underwritten plan which is great because everyone can enroll in it without proving insurabiity. I’m sure you know of this plan but don’t offer it because the commision is about 1/4 of what you get paid for Mutual of Omaha. Agents like you need to stop defending increases and blaming it on the government or ObamaCare because the realization is that it has nothing to do with the companies medigap plans. It’s underpricing to get new enrollees and the companies roll the dice on future claims. This is why increases happen, not because the part B deductible goes up 7 dollars from last year. Everyone should be aware that there are many credible companies out there offering the same insurance as Mutual of Omaha….don’t fall into the “AARP says buy it”, or “My neighbor has it” trap. If you do you can only point the finger at yourself and say “I told you so” when the increases come rolling in.

  30. Jeff, I’m guessing you are an agent without a Mutual of Omaha or UnitedhealthCare (AARP) appointment. First, read the About Us page on this site. No insurance is sold and I am not representing or recommending a specific company. I do not currently sell insurance so commission rates are not relevant to me.

    Colonial Penn will raise rates eventually (or they could cut your commission) if nothing else, administrative costs will force that. As for the Legacy Plan C from Blue Cross, a 5% increase still qualifies as an increase.

    And what’s with your accusation that I’m blaming rate increases on the Government or ObamaCare (health care reform)? You seem to be battling imaginary demons.

  31. My wife and I just “purchased” the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement insurance, the F plan. While it appears most folks in our situation (Medicare+supplemental coverage) do have problems with their coverage, it has been our experience that many “Vendors” are trying to get our business and we are deluged with requests, conflicting tales of rates/consumer satisfaction/what’s covered,what’s not. The woman who we have been dealong with left our house and, within a half an hour, another salesman called on the phone and said, essentially, “Oh, they’re a horrible company, etc,etc.”
    While I can “blow this off” as just salesperson’s attempts to get our business, my wife is now quite upset. I guess we’ll find out the truth in a year or so.
    My drug program with Humana has been a smooth and efficient process for the past 5 years or so.
    Good luck, and Blessings, to all of you. We’re all in this together.

  32. Paul, Thanks for sharing. It is actually illegal for an insurance agent to make disparaging remarks about other companies. I’m sorry you had to interact with an agent who lacks integrity.


  34. Virginia, Part D coverage is optional. Who forced you to get Part D? If you find an insurance company (or any company offering a product or service) that doesn’t charge more over time let us know!

  35. Is Mutual of Omaha (MOO) trying to exit the medigap market in the Chicago suburbs?

    I signed up in 12/10 and my 2011 Plan F premium was $289/3 mos. MOO advised my 2012 Plan F premium is increasing to $379/3 mos! It is hard to believe MOO Plan F costs increased 31% during 2011.

    I am also surprised the IL Dept of Insurance approved such a large annual increase.

  36. Gail, It sure seems like the insurance companies that offer Medicare supplements have taken a page from the auto industry. Low ball… it gets you in the door!

  37. No that is not what happened. After discussing the situation with 3 MOO agents here is what happened:
    In 2010 MOO advised their agents their Plan N was accepting people, aged 66 and up, with cancer, with diabetes/high blood pressure, etc.

    MOO wanted to “buy their way into the market.”
    Not sure why they made this decision, since MOO is not a new entrant into the medicare supplement business.

    The normal underwriting guidelines were suspended! And there would be no premium surcharges for those in “poor health” either!

    Naturally, the agents dumped all of their “poor-health” clients into Plan N. MOO realized their mistake (eg, suspending underwriting requirements for Plan N), and shut down Plan N for 2012.

    MOO then proceeded to increase the premiums 30-31% in 2012 to make up for their huge losses!

    This has been the same story I have heard from 3 different MOO agents.

  38. My sister is in hospice care, She has a supplement with Mutual of Omaha.
    Does her “F” policy cover hospice care?

  39. Alan, Plan F will pay her hospice coinsurance or copayment.

  40. I have medicare and mutual of omaha plan f. does plan f cover any chiropractic deductible?

  41. Janice, Plan F is a Medigap policy. Medigap, by definition fill the gaps in what Medicare pays for covered services. Chiropractic is not normally covered by Medicare, so Plan F will not pay either.

  42. I just got off the phone with a mutual of omaha agent and signed up for the supplemental insurance. I am currently in one of the UHC Advantage plans, which I am not pleased with. Please tell me this company is reputable and I can stop worrying should anything happen and I need to use this for some medical reason.

  43. Sharon, Mutual of Omaha has an excellent reputation.

  44. My father has Plan F…..does it cover anything towards hearring aids?

  45. Renee, Sadly Medicare is lacking when it comes to hearing aid benefits. A supplement like Plan F fills the cost sharing gaps in Medicare not the coverage gaps, so it will not offer any benefit.

  46. My wife and I just signed with Ohama Insurance Supplemental Plan G for one year. Starting 1/1/2013. Will our Premiums go up before the one year anniversary? What is the Part B deductible for the year 2013? Thank you.

  47. John, I believe that rates are locked for one year. Your agent should have answered that question. The 2013 Part B deductible has not been released as of yet. It should be made public soon.

  48. About to sign-up for Medigap Plan G. Narrowed down choice to two. I cannot find any discriminating (distinguishing) features between United of Omaha and Aetna for California. How do I rank them? I noticed that after age 84, Aetna rates take a steep increase. Rest all seem similar. Any suggestion/advice? Thanks.

  49. Manny, Medigap plans are standardized, so unless one company offers some ancillary benefit (such as vision, etc.) you won’t find any distinguishing features. Both Mutual of Omaha and Aetna are highly rated. If age 84 is a ways off for you, I’d choose the lower premium today. It’s anyone’s guess what could happen with premiums (for either company) in the future.

  50. I have a Mutual of O Plan F. Policy was written in Washington State. I still have my primary residence in Washington, I spend several months in Arizona each year. Will my policy still be in effect if I am out of state for those few months? Can I use my Plan F in AZ ? Also, I do not care for the independent agent who wrote this policy. How can I change agents, perhaps to one here in AZ as in the future I will probably relocated on a full time basis to AZ.

  51. Lou, You can use your policy in any State. If you relocate you will need to let the company know because the rates may be different. You can surely change agentsm, but the agent who sold the policy is the agent of record and will continue to be paid renewal commissions.

  52. Ronald stephanson

    I have to go to germany for a week . Flying out on July 29. Will arrive in germany on July 30. Will be returning on August 6 th. Just want to know if I had medical emergency would I be covered. I have plan f . Thank you ron

  53. Ronald, You’re covered under Plan F for Foreign Travel Emergency up to plan limits (normally $50,000). You can check with Mutual of Omaha to verify the limit. If you’re concerned that you may not have a high enough limit, you could explore the option of medical travel insurance.

  54. I live in Ohio and have Mutual of Omaha medical plan F. Does this plan cover any of the cost for motorised scooters for handicaps?

  55. Plan F pays the portion of your costs for Medicare approved expenses. If Medicare approves the expense they will cover 80% and Plan F by design will cover the remaining 20%.

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