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Mini-Course Part 1: What Is Medicare Advantage

Medicare Plans Mini-Course Part 1:
What is Medicare Advantage?


Coming Up… Medicare Plan Mini-Course Part 2: Medicare Advantage Eligibility and How Plans Work


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Medicare Advantage facts

  1. Medicare Advantage plans are part of Medicare. You do not leave Medicare when you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.
  2. Benefits are provided by a private insurance company and may be an HMO or PPO.
  3. Medicare drug benefits are usually included in an Advantage plan.
  4. A Medicare Advantage plan is not a Medicare supplement.

All Medicare Advantage plans must include Medicare Parts A and B. You can usually receive your medical and drug benefits from one plan.

Advantage plans often include extra benefits beyond what is available from original Medicare.

It’s not uncommon that a plan may include some of the following benefits:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Silver Sneakers Gym Membership
  • Transportation to and From Medical Visits

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Additional Resources

Medicare Advantage vs Medigap: Follow These 5 Simple Steps and Get the Best Medicare Plan… Guaranteed!  – 59 page eBook.

This eBook is available on Amazon. My goal was to write a straight-forward easy to read guide to help you choose between Medigap or Medicare Advantage.  You do not need a Kindle to read this book… just download the free app on the book’s sales page and read right on your computer.

Medicare Plan Review You Tube Channel – Dozens of videos on:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Part D

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Medicare & You Handbook – A Medicare publication. 140 page pdf.

Watch: Compare Medicare Advantage Plans – Tips

Watch This “Compare Medicare Plans” Video on Youtube



  1. This video is very helpful, thanks now I need video 2 – Thanks

  2. not interested in Part C

  3. Thanks Will… noted.

  4. This was helpful. However, I think I could have easily watched another day’s video without burning out.

  5. I need info on 5 Star, I got my medicare 5/01/2014. and did not get Part D

  6. Jim, Go to and do a search for plans in your zip code to see if you have any five star plans available. if you didn’t enroll in Part D when first eligible and didn’t have creditable coverage you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty when you do enroll in Part D.

  7. Where are the other videos?

  8. i am retiring jan14,2017. my spouse retired last year,we have medicare cards when we applied last year, when will i apply for medicare part A ,B and D, my spouse is in my prescription plan but need to apply for medicare D coverage once am retired from active work. thanks i find your website very informative and helpful
    tess arzadon NJ

  9. Check your Medicare cards. You’ll see the effective date of Part A and if you applied for Part B. If you did not apply for Part B and are covered by employer group insurance check with your HR department for guidance. The same is true for Part D. If your drug coverage is ending when you retire, you will have a special enrollment period. Applying in December may be beneficial as the coverage will be effective January 1st.

  10. Ready for part 2

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