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Medigap vs Medicare Advantage – eBook Helps You Choose

Straight-forward easy to read eBook helps you decide between Medigap and Medicare AdvantageMedigap vs Medicare Advantage eBook

Everyday nearly 10,000 people turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. You may be one of those people or you may be helping someone research their Medicare plan options. And as you have probably learned, unless you’re willing to gamble with Original Medicare, you will need to first decide between a Medigap policy (Medicare supplement) and a Medicare Advantage Plan.

My eBook, Medigap vs Medicare Advantage: Follow These 5 Simple Steps And Get the Best Medicare Plan… Guaranteed! will help you untangle your options and ensure that you are making the right choice. Whether you are new to Medicare or are thinking of switching plans this eBook is a must read.

There is no shortage of information on Medicare but this is the only resource with the single focus of answering the question: Which is better for me… Medigap or Medicare Advantage? Many people become overwhelmed with choosing a Medicare plan because of the vast amount of information available. Save yourself the information overload and read this book.

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Here’s what others are saying about this concise resource…

This is an excellent booklet, with clear writing. Should be required for EVERYONE when they become eligible for Medicare. I can’t tell you how long it took me (an honors college grad) to understand that Medicare Supplement and Medigap were the same animal. I finally did manage to understand Medigap, but it’s taken me two years since age 65 to even begin to understand Advantage plans. David Forbes’ booklet is a great help for people to understand the pros and cons between Medigap and Medicare Advantage. Just one example: I always wondered how some Advantage plans could have a monthly premium of zero dollars. David Forbes explains this clearly, and where to consider this factor (zero premium) in choosing a plan. He has done a real service in writing this.    brooklennie

I was totally in the dark about this subject until I read this book. Unless you are already an expert on Medicare advantage and Medigap, I would highly recommend you read this book. It will help you to understand this complicated subject and give you a much better idea of what will work best for your personal needs. He also has several websites in the book that are very helpful. Since reading the book I personally made changes in my own medical insurance plans that I feel will benefit me that I wouldn’t have known about prior.
It pays to understand this subject and Dave does a great job explaining the differences.             Robert J. Wente

This is an excellent book in several ways: it is highly readable, no frills, and no fluff, just the facts on Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans and the basic differences. When finished reading, you may not know exactly which Medigap supplement or Advantage plan you want, but you will definitely know the difference in the two options and which way you should go. I have never read anything else quite so concisely written!                                                                           David W. Crisman

Why an eBook on this topic?

For the last 5 years I have written about Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Part D and Medicare in general. I’ve also taken the time to respond to thousands of questions on numerous Medicare topics, both blog comments and emails. And one thing I’ve learned is there is a lot of confusion about Medicare plans.

Too many times I found that the questions or comments were the result of the reader not understanding the difference between a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage Plan… or worse… not knowing that they are two different types of plans!

The eBook is written so each step will lead you closer to choosing a plan that’s right for you. I’m emphasizing  RIGHT FOR YOU because one element of choosing your best plan is understanding your unique set of circumstances. If you follow the 5 simple steps outlined you will be able to choose a plan with confidence.

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