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  1. Dave, I did not enroll in Medicare when I turned 65 in November 2011 because I am covered by my employer’s medical plan. I plan on taking Social Security starting in December 2012 and retire in 2013. Will I be automatically enrolled in Medicare because I start taking SS, or must I do this during a SEP? Thanks.

  2. Frank, You should have been automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A when you first became eligible. Check with the Social Security Administration to verify your status. Taking Social Security (prior to 65) does not trigger Medicare enrollment otherwise there would be plenty of people who are 62 year old with Medicare benefits. You can also check the status with you Human Resources department. Most employers would like to see you enrolled in Medicare if you are receiving their benefits as they may be designated the secondary payer depending on their number of employees. If you find that you are enrolled in Part A, you can initiate enrollment in Part B when you leave your employment. You will be granted a Special Enrollment Period for up to eight months after you lose your employer benefits. You can also apply while you are still employed to eliminate the possibility of a lapse in any outpatient coverage.

  3. I turn 65 in DEC 2015. I am told I have to signup for medicare or I will be responsible for some of my prescription fees. What part of Medicare do I sign up for A B C D. I am still working and have medical insurance through my employer.

    Thanks Mary

  4. Mary, You will normally be enrolled in Part A (hospital) automatically. Whether you need to enroll in Part B (outpatient) depends on the size of your employer and whether or not they or Medicare is the primary payer. Discuss this with your human resources department. If you are going to be covered by your employer for medical you would not sign up for Part C (Medicare Advantage). Check with your human resources department to determine if your drug coverage under their plan is “creditable coverage”. Part D (prescription coverage) would only be required if your current coverage is not creditable coverage. Drug coverage that is creditable is deemed by Medicare to be at least as good as Part D coverage.

  5. I am 68 and have medicare a, b and d……I have taken a new job, and my new employer offers health insurance and I am eligible for myself and my husband who also has a,b,d.

    ——— am I mandated to take the employer insurance
    ———–if I do take it can I cancel my medigap and rx coverage until I stop working
    ———–do I need to notify medicare?

    Thank you

  6. Judi, You are not mandated to accept your employer’s insurance. In fact, if you have Part A,B,D and a Medigap policy your coverage is probably better than what they are offering. If you can pick their dental and vision that may be beneficial.

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