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Medicare Premium And Deductible Changes – 2015

2015 Medicare premiums stable but changes to deductibles and coinsuranceMedicare Premiums 2015 Increase

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has released data on 2015 Medicare premiums, deductibles and coinsurance amounts. Any change in these amounts can either directly or indirectly affect your healthcare costs.

The good news is Medicare Part B premiums will remain unchanged from 2014. The only way you will see an increase in your Part B premiums this year is if your income has gone up and you have reached a level that requires higher monthly premiums. Part B premiums amount to a progressive tax. The table below details premiums at varying income levels for both individuals and those couples filing jointly.


Individual tax return income: Joint tax return income: Part B premium income related monthly adjusted amount Total monthly Part B premium
Less than or equal to $85,000 Less than or equal to $170,000 $0.00 $104.90
$85,000 to $107,000 $170,000 to $214,000 $42.00 $146.90
$107,000 to $160,000 $214,000 to $320,000 $62.90 $209.80
$160,000 – $214,000 $320,000 to $428,000 $62.90 $272.70
Greater than $214,000 Greater than $428,000 $63.00 $335.70


Deductible and coinsurance changes

The Part A deductible will increase $19 in 2015 to $1,260. The Part A deductible must be paid in the event that you are hospitalized. If you are covered by Original Medicare only, this will be your responsibility. If you have Medicare and a Medicare supplement policy, your supplement will pick up this increase, although if you have Plans K, L or M you will feel this increase as those plans only pay a percentage of the Part A deductible. See the Medigap Benefits Chart.

Daily coinsurance amounts if you are hospitalized will also increase in 2015. The chart below details the changes.


2014 2015
Part A Hospital Deductible $1,216 $1,260
In-patient days 61 – 90 $304 per day $315 per day
In-patient days 90+ $608per day $630 per day
Part B Deductible $147 $147
Skilled Nursing Care Days 21-100 $152 per day $157.50 per day

Even if your Medicare supplement policy will cover these increased expenses you should keep in mind that any additional cost that is incurred by the insurance company will be another reason for potential rate increases. The same holds true for Medicare Advantage Plans. Advantage Plans must include all Part A and Part B benefits and as you see increases in Medicare costs you will eventually see increases in monthly premiums, higher co-payments or coinsurance and possibly a decrease in benefits.

In addition to these changes, the Part A premium will decrease by $19 in 2015. But… before you start the celebration you should know that less than 1% of Medicare beneficiaries are required to pay the Part A premium.

2015 Medicare premiums and deductible changes for 2015 are not the only news-worthy items that will affect you financially. The Social Security cost of living increase is expected to be 1.7% in 2015, slightly more than the 1.5% last year but well below the reported inflation rate. The last significant increase in Social Security occurred in 2009 when benefits increased 5.8%.


  1. You have a typo in the medicare B premiums date – instead of 2014 you have 2104- you might wish to correct it before it gets forwarded.

  2. Thanks Lynn! Fixed.

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  4. Thank you Glenda. I’m unaware of anyone else having similar problems, although maybe they are just not getting communicated. My site like many others does not utilize the “www” so that shouldn’t be an issue. You can download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read eBooks on your computer. I have it installed and just checked the links you mentioned and they all worked. The issue could be a setting on your iPhone. I’m not tecky so I can help there.

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