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Medicare Advantage Quality Of Care Study

Medicare Advantage members receive higher quality of care

Consider a Medicare Advantage Plan if you are interested in a higher quality of care. According to a new analysis of publicly available AHRQ data released October 1, 2009 by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), seniors in Medicare Advantage Plans spent fewer days in a hospital, were subject to fewer hospital re-admissions, and were less likely to have “potentially avoidable” admissions for a host of chronic conditions.

Medicare Advantage Plans include many value added benefits including preventative services, such as;

    Annual physicals
    Colorectal screening
    Pap smears
    Prostate cancer screening
    Cardiovascular disease testing

These preventative services play a large role in staying healthy and diagnosing symptoms early, which can lead to a higher quality of care.

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  1. Presently I am not on medicare…when I am I would think all those things would be covered as they are now. However I do know health care in the US is not equal all over so maybe those things would not be routine elsewhere. In that case the change is good. I feel the length of time between screenings is too long now so hopefully this would improve that.

  2. Kathy, Let’s hope we have similar coverage when we become eligible for Medicare.

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