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Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan Review

Humana jumps on the co-branding band wagon with Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living PlanOld Books

The Medicare Advantage market is fiercely competitive and any angle that will attract potential members is fair game.

Co-branding Medicare products is not new for Humana. The Humana Walmart Preferred Rx planis a very popular Part D plan offered nationally..

Humana aims to capitalize on the fact that Reader’s Digest connects with and entertains approximately 130 million consumers world wide by offering the Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan. 

This article will provide a brief overview of the Human Reader’s Digest Medicare Advantage plan and provide tips on comparing this plan to other Advantage plans you may have available.

Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan – a little misinformation

The association between Humana Medicare and Reader’s Digest was announced in May 2011 with a press release from Readers Digest Association, Inc. (RDA) where it was stated that:

“The co-branded Humana and Reader’s Digest plans will begin with a Medicare Supplement product offered in a select number of states, with plans to eventually make the product available in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico”.

How unfortunate for Humana that their partner in this co-branding effort doesn’t make the distinction  between their Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. Many people will visit to search for plans and find the Medicare Advantage plan, many thinking they have found a supplement.

If you review your Medicare & You Handbook from Medicare you will see that they go to great lengths to make a distinction between a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan.

Humana Reader’s Digest Medicare Advantage Plan benefits

The Reader’s Digest plan by Humana is the latest entry in the preventative and healthy lifestyles segment of Medicare Advantage plans. The plan will include some dental and vision benefits as well as discounts on Reader’s Digest products and publications.

A review of this plan available in Florida includes the following benefits:

  • $0 monthly premium
  • PPO allows out-of-network coverage at an additional cost
  • Part D include with a $0 deductible
  • Dental and vision benefits

Overall a fairly generic plan. You more than likely have similar options from other carriers available in your area. In order to determine if the 2013 Humana Reader’s Digest Plan is right for you will require a little more research.

How Much Does A Medicare Supplement Cost?

Comparing the Reader’s Digest Medicare plan to other options

The following points assume that you have decided on enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan rather than purchasing a Medicare supplement.

There are three plan documents that are important when you compare Medicare Advantage plans.

1. The Summary of Benefits will detail all services covered and your out-of-pocket costs for each service. It will also include your annual maximum out-of-pocket cost.

2. The Provider Directory details all in-network providers. Don’t stop at your primary care doctor, investigate the hospitals and out patient facilities included as well.

3. The Part D Formulary is a list of all included medications as well as information on tier placement.  Having your drugs include is most important aspect of a Part D plan.

Take some time to analyze all information related to the plans you are considering. Remember that you are enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan to protect your health and wealth, not to get discounts on magazines.

The Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan is sure to attract many members through the Reader’s Digest advertising campaigns but I would be leery of Medicare related content from a publication that blurs the distinction between a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan.





  1. I’m still looking for info on humana reader’s digest healthy living plan hmo or ppo plans for arizona (mohave county)for my mother we are shopping around for another insurance policy for her for next year,something more affordable than what she has this year.I do all of her finances for her.Please advise,Thanks

  2. Marilee, A quick visit to reveals 6 Medicare Advantage plans with drug coverage and 1 without in Mohave County Arizona. 5 plans with part D are available from Humana, 4 of which are Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plans. Anyone that would advise you based merely on your mother’s place of residence would not be doing you any favors. You can link to each company’s website after doing your search on Take a few minutes to compare each plan’s Summary of Benefits, Provider Directory, Drug Formulary and monthly premium. Having intimate knowledge of your mother’s health and financial situation enable you to be the best advisor for your mom.

  3. I live in VA , am 41 and disabled. I receive social security benefits, and I have medicare a & b. I have secondary ins with bcbs however I will lose that next week when my husband changes jobs. I am looking for a supplemental insurance to take care of what my primary doesnt pay. There is so much information out here I cannot determine which is best for my situation. Can someone help break this down for me?

  4. Gigi, You may benefit from a meeting with a local insurance broker. Also review the Medicare and You Handbook and Choosing a Medigap Policy publication from Medicare.

  5. elizabeth williams

    our information material list the drugs,but some are not listed. The material we have said to go to the web sight and it will give us an updated list. We advised what I should do. we have the reader digest plan.

    thank you
    elizabeth {liz} williams

  6. Liz, Often a plan will provide an abridged list (partial) of drugs. Either visit the Humana website to see the complete formulary or call the member services number on your card to get assistance.

  7. Be careful if you are in-network and your hospital sends xrays out of network because you will be charged for those. I have spent 3 hours with Humana-on 5 different phone calls- trying to get this resolved and no resolve as yet. I have the best plan and am expected to co pay my xrays. Trying to get with someone that can do something is not that easy. Humana needs to for go the automated system and have someone direct calls or make it easier to get to them. If you are not with them forget the automated system, you can not get to an agent at all. Sorry Humana, it was easier when you signed me up for the plan than it is to get help from you.

  8. Lynn, unfortunately your experience holds true for most insurance companies. Working with a local agent may help.

  9. Maureen C Kinsella

    All I want to do is find a doctor in the plan I have: Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan (Regional PPO):
    I can’t seem to be able to access a list of Drs in your network in my area, Phoenix AZ.
    Help me please.

  10. Maureen, This site is not owned or operated by Humana Medicare. After several minutes of search for a complete provider directory for the Humana Readers Digest Healthy Living plan I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be a secret! Humana provides a provider look up tool on their website but you must type in a provider’s name. Maybe Humana has something to hide? Call the Humana member services phone number on your card and ask to have a directory mailed to you.

  11. I live in AZ. and I’m under 65. Two years ago I had to go on disability, after working 40 years, full time.
    My Medicare is to start on 11-01-2012 and I will no longer be able to keep the BCBS that I’ve had for 40 years!
    I found AZ does not offer any Medigap for us folks under 65.
    I having been researching several avenues (with a smashing hheadche)and I found and spoke to a Rep about “Humana Readers Digest Healthy Living Plan. It is approved in AZ.
    and sound really good! Is there any parts of this plan to be aware of? I know it is PPO and that is not a problem. My BCBS is also PPO. I am thinking of signing up for this but have heard alot of negative about “Humana”.Please help!Thanks!! Judy

  12. Judy, When you are considering any Medicare Advantage plan you should review 3 documents in particular. The Summary of Benefits will give you all of the plan details. Don’t rely on an overview of benefits from an agent. When you review the Provider Directory look for hospitals and ancillary facilities not just doctors. Review the plan’s Part D Formulary to make sure all your drugs are included. Also, when comparing plans be aware that a drug may be placed in different formularies by different plans. This could have an impact on your costs.

    As far as hearing bad things about Humana, I wouldn’t be concerned. People that are dis-satisfied are more vocal and you will find this to be true no matter which company or plan is being spoken about. Good luck!

  13. Trying to cut cost I have a supplement through colonial penn and I’m trying to decide if and which advantage plan might help me but WHAAA, with all the info out there its hard to make an informed decision.. need help such as customers reviews of what they have would help

  14. Jim, You can get a general feel for member experience by reviewing the Medicare Star rating for each plan. You could also consult with your local Area Council on Aging.

  15. Hello,

    I had an agent to come to my home about a Humana supplement and am so confused.What is the best coverage for the money in a Humana supplement,and how well would I be covered with the digest supplement…I want to know I will be well cared for……THANKS

  16. Rosalin, It sounds like you should seek a second opinion with another agent. A competent agent should be able to assess your needs and budget and make an honest recommendation.

  17. First of all, I would like to point out that they waste a lot of money and trees mailing twenty pound boxes of very nicely produced books and booklets that include cookbooks, advice books and health log books which go straight into the recycle bin.

    Most of their approved providers are a three hour drive away from us – not so handy for the elderly.

    We have a local diagnostic facility that charges $75 for an X-ray, including the analysis. They aren’t an approved provider. The ONLY approved provider is the hospital, and because it’s not a stand alone facility, it will cost more. IN FACT, the lady on the phone told me that there would be a $290 co pay for an X-ray at the hospital. I will definitely be dropping this plan in the fall.

  18. Rose, I sympathize with your situation. This is certainly a heads up for anyone shopping for a plan.

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