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Humana Part D Formulary Has Major Impact On Premiums

Three Humana Part D plans that couldn’t be any differentPills Spilled From Rx Bottles

When you become eligible for Medicare choosing a Part D plan just comes with the territory.

Each year during the Annual Election Period you should review your coverage and compare plans to be sure you are getting the best plan for your needs.

You may be considering one of the three Humana Part D plans that are available. After reviewing these plans you may come to the conclusion that the similarities stop with the brand.

Differences include plan formularies, monthly premiums, deductible amounts and whether or not you have additional coverage while in the Part D coverage gap.

Overview of the three Humana plans

The following plans are stand alone Part D plans. Part D coverage which is included in Humana Medicare Advantage plans is not discussed.

Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan PDP

This Walmart branded Humana Part D plan has the claim to fame of having the lowest monthly premium nationally of any Medicare Part D plan.

  • $15.10 monthly premium in all States
  • $320 annual deductible required
  • No extra gap coverage
  • Rated 3 Stars by Medicare

This plan’s formulary is classified as basic. People requiring less popular or more expensive drugs may need to look at another plan.

The combination of a basic formulary, a $320 deductible and a preferred pharmacy network keep the deductible low.

Humana Enhanced PDP

This plan is situated in the middle, both in premium and formulary. It should appeal to people whose needs are little more specific but still requiring an affordable premium.

  • Premium varies by State but is generally from the mid $30 to mid $40 per month range
  • $0 annual deductible
  • No extra gap coverage, although the formulary is classified as enhanced
  • Rated 3 Stars by Medicare

This plan has a premium that is average to a little above average but the $0 deductible is a money saver.

Humana Complete PDP

As the name implies this plan has the most comprehensive formulary and benefits. This is reflected in the monthly premium.

  • Premium is typically $100+ per month.
  • $0 annual deductible
  • Many generics and some brand name drugs covered in the gap
  • Rated 3 Stars by Medicare

This plan is best suited to someone who requires many less common medications and who is more likely to reach the coverage gap.

Should you enroll in a Humana Part D plan?

Deciding whether or not to enroll in a Part D plan from Humana should be based on your individual circumstances.

As with any plan, you should start your investigation with the plan’s formulary. If you require an enhanced formulary and extra coverage in the gap, you should consider and compare Humana Complete PDP to similar plans from other comapnies such as AARP Medicare Rx Enhanced.

If on the other hand you require very few drugs you may opt for the low premium of the Humana Walmart Preferred Rx plan.

One point to consider is; don’t choose a plan that doesn’t include your medications and don’t choose a plan that does when a lower premium is available.

In other words, insure… but don’t over insure. The premiums are driven by the formulary and you must make the right choice to get the right plan for the least amount of money.


  1. Several places in this website, you say that knowing what medicines are available is the most important thing. I have clicked on all the “formulary” choices I had & NONE of them said what medications are available. I need to know what medications are offered before I go any further. I will look forward to hearing from you asap because I am about to sign on with another company.

  2. Eleanor, This website is not owned or operated by Humana or any other insurance company that offers Medicare Part D plans. As such I do not list the formularies from the hundreds of Part D plans that are available in the US. I’ve searched the Humana website and found only the formulary for the Humana Walmart-Preferred RX Plan. Humana also offers Humana Standard PDP, Humana Enhanced PDP and Humana Complete PDP for 2011.

    The Humana website does not include a feature to search the site to find the formularies for the other Humana Part D plans. You may want to contact Human directly to get the information you are looking for. Also, I mention on this site repeatedly that the formulary is key to finding the best 2011 Part D plan for your needs because I have experienced many people making the decision on price alone, which is never the best solution.

  3. I am working with a Humana sales representative in Naples, FL with the first name Kelly. I need to contact her but can’t recall her last name or contact information.

    I would appreciate it very much if you could provide her full name and contact information.

  4. Keith, I’m sorry I don’t have the information you are looking for. Visit http://www.humana.com to find contact info for Humana Medicare and address your question to them. If there are multiple agents named Kelly in Naples FL you may need to wait until she follows up with you. If you have had regular communications with this agent and she doesn’t follow up you may want to find another agent.

  5. You have many ways of signing up for multiple plans, but how do I get out of it? I can’t find information on how to cancel. It seems you signed me up for another year without consulting me. I want out.

  6. June, This website is not owned or operated by Humana Medicare. But I think I can help you. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan, your provider will automatically enroll you in the next years plan. In this case I’m assuming that Humana has automatically enrolled you in their 2011 Part D plan. When you enroll in a new plan with a different company during the enrollment period which ends December 31, Medicare will automatically be notified and they will notify Humana that you have changed plans and opted out of their plan. You can enroll in more than one plan during this enrollment period, but…. the last plan you enroll in is the one that will become effective on January 1, 2011.

  7. I enrolled in your program part D several weeks ago and I do not have a card or number as of yet. Will that be here soon

  8. Peggy, This site is not owned or operated by Humana Medicare but if you enrolled several weeks ago you may want to follow up with the agent or Humana’s customer service department just to be on the safe side.

  9. Hello, I enrolled in the Humana wal-mart drug plan in Dec.2010 but I want to cancel my enrollment right now and not enroll in another part D plan. How would I do this? Any assitance would be appreciated.

  10. Brian, Once you join a Part D plan you are generally locked-in for the remainder of the year. You could contact Humana and state your dis-satisfaction with the Humana Walmart Preferred Part D plan and ask to be dis-enrolled, but they are under no obligation to do so. You could stop paying your premium but they may continue your coverage and try to collect.

    I’m not sure what your reasons are for wanting to cancel, but if you are willing to go without coverage and you can’t get out of your current plan, suck it up and pay the $14.80 per month for the remainder of the year. And… do a better job of researching plans for 2012. Personally, I think you would be foolish to go without coverage. Even if you don’t have a huge need for coverage now or what you do need is affordable, we can’t predict the future. It’s called insurance for a reason. Sorry, I know that’s not the answer you are looking for.

  11. Thanks for the prompt answer, I appreciate it.

  12. I am enrolled in the Humana enhanced part D program and this will be my 5th year.
    The 2010 health care bill states that those reaching the coverage gap in 2011 will receive a 50% discount on drugs but my monthly summary from Humana states that the coverage gap which they refer to as stage 2 requires 100% contribution from me. Can you explain this?

  13. Ron, The price of brand name drugs will be reduced 50% per the health care reform but you will be paying 100% of the cost while in the coverage gap. The cost being 50% lower than if health care reform were not law. Think of it this way…. if one glass is full of water and another is half full the amount of water in each glass still equals 100% of the water in the glass. Bottom line.. you will save money.

  14. I have used Pulmicort for years and it was always covered by Humana Part D. This week my pharmist told me Humana no longer covered Pulmicort. Is this true? Why wasn’t I informed by Humana? What similar drug should I discuss with my physician that is covered by Humana for asthma? I’m 89 years old and it is difficult to negotiate through the plan to see how to get the coverage I need. Please help.

  15. Louise, I’m sorry to hear about your situation with Humana. It sounds as though your doctor (in consultation with a pharmacist knowledgeable with the formulary) is really the person to help you with this situation.

  16. In a similar situation to yours–I got with my doctor who stated that I am unable to take the alternative medication which was covered….it takes an understanding(and forceful) doctor willing to speak and write a letter to them on your behalf to continue to get your medication(pulmicort) which you are used to.

  17. I am now enrolled with Cigna Rx plan. I am thinking of changing to Humana Walmart Rx plan. My concern is the $320.00 deductible. Does this mean I will have to pay this amount out of pocket before you pick up the cost of my prescriptions

  18. Ralph, First, this site is not owner or operated by Humana, but I will answer your question. Yes, you must pay the deductible for any drugs that fall into a tier requiring it.

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