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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Couple Arm in ArmFind the right Humana Medicare Advantage plan for your needs and budget

Humana Medicare Advantage plans are top of mind for many people who are interested in enrolling in an Advantage plan. Humana has set themselves apart from many other carriers by being able to establish a national presence.

Humana also offers Medicare supplement plans and stand-alone Part D drug plans.



Humana Advantage plans

When comparing Medicare Advantage plans, it best to keep in mind that plans are offered on a County by County basis. Many search for Medicare Advantage plans by State, but you may not find all plans available in your service area if you take that approach.

You can compare all Medicare Advantage Plans online by using the eHealthInsurance service or call 888 310-0376 to speak with a licensed agent.

Humana Gold Choice PFFS

Humana Gold Choice is a private fee-for-service (PFFS) Advantage plan. This plan has been popular, but because of legislative changes, premiums remain high.

A PFFS plans does not require that you use a network. In theory, you can choose any provider that accepts Medicare assignment, provided that provider accepts the plans payment terms and conditions. Your provider can also choose to accept your Humana PFFS plan (or any PFFS plan for that matter) on a visit-by-visit basis.

Humana Gold Plus HMO

Humana Gold Plus utilizes a Health Maintenance Organization to deliver their Medicare Advantage benefits. A HMO is often a popular plan in densely populated areas where strong provider networks can be assembled. A HMO typically requires members to choose a primary care physician that manages referrals as needed to other service providers and specialists.

Humana Gold Plus has been a popular plan due to low out-of-pocket costs, and in most areas, a suitable provider network. If you cannot accept the limitations of a HMO network, you may want to consider another plan.

Humana Choice PPO

Humana Choice offers its members a network of preferred providers. One benefit of a Preferred Provider Organization is the freedom of choice that you have if you want to go out-of-network for a covered service. With a PPO, you will generally have less out-of-pocket cost if you can receive your services in network. Co-pays are often higher if you utilize non-network providers. But it’s nice to have the freedom should you choose to do so.

Humana Medicare Part D

Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans most often include Part D drug coverage, but many people who choose a Medicare supplement purchase a Humana Medicare Part D plan. Humana offers four plans:

  • Humana Enhanced
  • Humana Value
  • Humana Complete
  • Humana Walmart Preferred RX

A visit to the Medicare website will allow you to compare Humana Medicare Advantage plans and Part D drug plans to all of the other plans available in the County in which you live.

The key to choosing a Humana Medicare Advantage plan is finding the right plan to meet your needs and budget. Also, if you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, it doesn’t


hurt to compare Advantage plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. If you are leaning towards an Advantage plan, a look at Humana Medicare Advantage plans may be a smart move.


  1. I can not find my doctor or preferred hospital in network. This is the most important factor in my choice of plans. Do you have a plan that allows me to see my choice of dr and hospital?

  2. Brenda, the type of plan that you are referring to is a Private Fee-For-Service plan. This type of Medicare Advantage plan will allow you to use any provider that accepts Medicare assignment and agrees to accept the plans payment terms and conditions. Providers can also accept this plan on a visit-by-visit basis. A PFFS plan may or may not be available in your County/service area. Many companies that offered PFFS Advantage plans have decided not to market those plans for 2011 due to some legislative changes. If you do find a PFFS plan, be aware that you may find providers will accept it, but as stated above they are in the drivers seat.

    If budget is not a huge concern and freedom of choice is paramount, then you may want to explore a Medicare supplement, AKA Medigap policy. You will have no network restrictions, but will pay a higher premium and need to purchase a separate Part D plan. Check out his article on Medicare supplement Plan N.


  4. Jane, Humana Medicare plans are available on a County-by-County basis. Depending on where you live you may find Humana Medicare Advantage Plans offered as a HMO, PPO, PFFS or a Regional PPO plans. You may have more than one plan available in your County. Technically speaking an Advantage plan does not replace Medicare but rather is another way to receive your Medicare benefits. You will remain in Medicare and still be responsible for your Part B premium in addition to any premium that Humana may require.

  5. I phoned to get summaries of services for my taxes on the late date of 4/14/11. I spoke to Lakendra and Lou. They were both so professional and helpful. They gave me all the info on the phone right then, in a matter of minutes. It was the fastest service I have rec’d from any service provided in years. They are to be commended. Thank you for your prompt attention and help.

  6. Millie, It’s nice to hear that you are happy with Humana customer service. I’m sure the kind words are appreciated.

  7. I have Humana Gold Choice PFFS for use in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. I am moving to Fairbanks, Alaska next month. How can I switch?

  8. Brad, You will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period due to moving out of the plan’s service area. You can visit http://www.medicare.gov and search for Medicare Advantage Plans in Fairbanks Alaska. You will be allowed to submit an application for any available plan.

  9. My big thing with Humana is you all change the amount of money that one sends with payment coupon. MY friend had to pay you all $148.00 since she was told the wrong amount to pay each month. I argued with your people about it! It was not her fault you all can’t decide what a person pays! She is 87 yrs old and was a complete wreck over this. I felt so sorry for her. You get one letter and I got a coupon book., so I am paying that amount it says and she is doing the same only no coupon book for her. Why is it you all can not get it together??? Seems like you have enough people, but they don’t know all they need to know about the insurance! I sure pray y’all have it together better in 2012 than you have had. Please teach all your people better or give them a test on their knowledge ! thanks for listening! God Bless and a very “Merry Christmas” to all.

  10. A. Sue, Thanks for sharing.

  11. Somsak Phanucharas

    I am a member of HMO humana gold ,is colonoscopy 100% covered under preventive care program ?

  12. Somsak, Normally some form of cost sharing is required. Call the member services number on your Humana card to get the details on your specific plan.

  13. I have the HMO Humana Gold Plus. Would i be better off with the PPo?

  14. Diana, That’s a difficult question to answer. Your individual situation and the suitability of PPO plans you have available are factors you will need to consider. Are you unhappy with your HMO? Cost sharing is often less with a HMO than a PPO. On the other hand, with a PPO you can go out-of-network to receive service if you would like. You may want to speak with an agent familiar with plans in your area.

  15. I’m coming up in March,2013 I’m looking plans, I have and exsisting condition,anputee,high blood presure,ect for getting older, no sugar diabetes,Questions below. I live in Texas
    1.Dose humana have part-G and what is this, a friend of mine has this policy,can you tell me about it.
    2.Exsisting conditions
    3.lower left leg protisis repair or replacement
    4.Doctor visit every mounth check up
    5.Blood test ect,

  16. Patrick, I’m not sure what plans Humana has available in Texas. Plan G (not part G) is a Medigap policy. Here is a link to a government publication that can answer your questions. You may need to contact as Humana agent to get specific answers about your situation and what is available.

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  18. I keep trying to call the toll free numbers to talk to someone and keep getting disconnected. Why?

  19. Are your medicare plans available in Ma.,

  20. Albert, Yes you can call 888-310-0376 to compare plans and get a quote.

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