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Humana Medicare Advantage Plan Options

Senior Couple with Flower PotsEnrolling in the right Humana Medicare Advantage plan

Maybe you have heard good things about Humana and have decided to enroll in a Humana Medicare Advantage plan. But which is the right type of plan for you?

Medicare Advantage plans are not created equal and there are things that must be considered when comparing Advantage plans.

You need to first be aware that if you currently have a  Humana Medicare Advantage plan there is no guarantee that it will have the same level of benefits or the same premium in the years to come. In fact, because Advantage plans are annual plans your Humana Medicare Advantage plan may not  necessarily renew each year.

All insurance companies that contract with CMS to offer Advantage plans must make information about the following years plans available in October. The same is true if they are going to discontinue a particular plan.

Types of Humana Medicare Advantage plans

Humana Advantage plans  include four types of plans. If you look at a website for an insurance company it will generally have some type of disclosure that plans are annual plans and plans can change or not renew the following year. That said, Humana is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and they seem to be fairly consistent in their offerings.

Humana Gold Choice (PFFS)

Gold Choice is a private fee-for-service plan and is touted as the right type of plan for people who want the most flexibility at an affordable premium. Unlike other Advantage plans members are not required to utilize a network but instead can use any provider that accepts the plans payment terms and conditions. Legislation became effective in 2011 will allow members to access a network of providers if desired.

Humana Gold Choice does offer more flexibility but generally at a higher cost than their other plan options. In some areas, a 65 year old can purchase a Medigap policy and a stand alone Part D plan for less than the Gold Choice plan. The Medigap policy will generally be more comprehensive for the Medicare covered benefits but will lack the extras (like dental and vision) that are afforded in an Advantage plan.

Humana Gold Plus (HMO)

Gold Plus is a plan for people who need to stretch their health care dollar yet receive a broad level of coverage. This coordinated care plan will give you the benefit of fixed costs (typically reasonable) for most health care services. If you choose Gold Plus you will utilize providers within the network. You have less flexibility than the Humana Gold Choice but will usually have a lower cost both monthly and for out-of-pocket expenses at the time of service.

HumanaChoice (PPO)

Humana Choice is billed as the plan that will allow you to balance your flexibility with your health care costs. A PPO will generally give you the certainty of a credible network, fixed costs for most services and the ability to receive services out-of-network for a little higher cost. Kind of a best of both worlds scenario.

Humana Special Needs Plans

Special Needs Plans are designed for people with specific circumstances. Humana has primarily focused on Special Needs Plans for those people who have Medicare and are enrolled in their State’s Medicaid program.

Comparing Humana Medicare Advantage to other plan options

Not all plan types are available in all areas. But it is important to understand the different types of Medicare Advantage plans so you can compare Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans to other plans available. Keep in mind that the glowing references to a Humana plan that was related to you may be of a plan that is not available in your area.

When you compare Medicare Advantage plans you are not only  comparing the company but the type of plan and specific benefits included. You can compare plans at the Medicare website or shop online to get information on all Humana Medicare Advantage plans available in your area.


  1. yOUR SITE TAKES ME TO 2010 PLANS I clicked 2011 but still shows 2010

  2. Sorry Barry. This site includes information about 2010 and 2011 Medicare Advantage plans. Many people use the search bar at the top of each page to refine their search.

  3. May I have a phone number to call. I am visuall impaired and find it difficult to read the printed information.

    Thank you

  4. I am trying to get some information for my daughter who lives in Prescott Az. she is disabled and on medicare. she has humana advantage. she asked for a list of dr in her town and your co sent her a list for phoenix which will not do for a family dr. can you help me please? kathy holiday

  5. Kathy, This site is not owned or operated by Humana. Call Humana’s customer service department and get a website where you can do your own provider search. That will ensure that you get what you are looking for. The customer service number will be on your daughters insurance card.

  6. Cheryl Vander Kooi

    Could you point me in the direction of a plan that will help with in home care? My elderly dad may be needing to live with us and we’re wondering about money for caregivers.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  7. Cheryl, Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans will only offer a home health care benefit if it is medically necessary, covered by original Medicare and has been prescribed by a doctor. Help with activities of daily living, sitter services and non-medical interactive care giving are not covered by Medicare. These services fall under benefits afforded by long term care insurance.

    For covered home health visits you can choose either a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medigap policy. An Advantage plan may have limitations on providers you can use and a Medigap policy will not. If affordable and your dad qualifies Medicare Supplement Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. To see all Medicare Advantage plans in your area visit medicare.gov and pay particular attention to each plan’s Summary of Benefits to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your dad.

  8. do they covere for homecare nursing visit or nurse aids to assist someone in there home

  9. Brenda, There are several different Humana Medicare Advantage plans and plan benefits vary by where the plan is offered. Plans can actually vary from one County to the next. Home health care is generally a covered benefit by Medicare Advantage plans if it is for a medically necessary service and is the result of a doctor’s order. In-home care that is not medically necessary like a sitter service or non-medical interactive care is generally not covered. You should review a plan’s Summary of Benefits to get the specifics of any plan you may have an interest in.

  10. Does Humana cover private sitters?

  11. Jamie, Humana medicare Advantage Plans offer different benefits depending on the specific plan and where it is offered but a private sitter is generally not covered. Typically any hoem care must be medically necessary and be prescribed by a doctor.

  12. My father in law just recently got put on hospice. He is covered with Humana hmo. What services at home can we look into

  13. Kelly, The descriptions of services is best described by the Hospice provider. The important thing is that you choose an in-network hospice provider. My wife’s step father recently required hospice. There was an RN that came and provided medical care and the administration of pain medicine and aid workers that my Mother-in-Law with household chores.

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