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Humana Choice – a Good Option if You Are Considering Humana Medicare Plans

Dancing SeniorsHumana Medicare plans offer something for everyone – value with Humana Choice

Humana has a great deal to offer in the Medicare market. Whether you are looking for a Medicare supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan, you can find it in a Humana Medicare plan.

One popular option is Humana Choice. This is a Medicare Advantage plan that offers a good value. Humana has consistently offered several options in the Medicare Advantage arena.

Don’t confuse a Medicare Advantage plan with a Medicare supplement. An Advantage plan is another way for you to receive your Medicare benefits. This is when a private insurance company contracts with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to administer your Medicare. You will pay co-pays, co-insurance and in some instances deductibles. Your out-of-pocket expenses can often be controlled or limited with an Advantage plan.

Humana Medicare plan options also include Medicare supplements. A supplement, or Medigap policy, will fill the gaps left by Medicare in return for you paying a monthly premium. Premiums for Medicare supplements are often much higher than premiums for a Medicare Advantage plan. Humana Medicare plans are no exception.

Why consider Humana Choice?

When comparing Humana Medicare plans, many people look at both Humana Choice and Humana Gold Choice. These are fundamentally different plans. Humana Choice is a PPO and Humana Gold Choice is a PFFS (private fee-for-service).

Generally, with a PPO, you can utilize any provider, but will save money by staying within the plans network. Humana has done a good job by putting together a credible network in most service areas. In their larger markets they offer HMO plans.

A PFFS Advantage plan does not have a network, and you are theoretically able to go to any provider that accepts Medicare assignment. Providers must agree to accept the plans payment terms and conditions and can accept the plan on a visit by visit basis.

Given Humana’s network, many people feel more comfortable with the certainty that is offered by the Humana Choice plan.

Humana Choice plan benefits

If you decide on a Humana Medicare plan, you’ll want to weigh the benefits as they relate to your specific situation. Some benefits of Humana Choice include:

  • A strong PPO Network in most service areas.
  • Good value for your premium.
  • Reasonable hospital costs compared to many other Advantage plans.
  • Affordable co-pays for outpatient services, like doctors visits.
  • Part D drug plan is included.
  • Extra benefits, including vision, dental and hearing.
  • Value added services, including discounts on alternative medicine.

All Humana Medicare plans have there strong and their weak points, just like any insurance product. The key is to find what best suits your needs and budget. The Humana Choice Medicare Advantage plan goes along way toward meeting that goal.


  1. What are the dental & hearing benefits that go with the PPO Choice plan? I have not been able to pull up anything on those yet. Thank you. Allen Vik

  2. Hi Allen, Medicare advantage plans can and do differ from one County to another. Humana, like other carriers, chooses to offer plans on a County by County basis. I’m not sure where you live, so I’m not able to research this for you. Check out the humana website, they should have current plans listed. If you are still having difficulty finding dental and hearing benefits for Humana Choice PPO, you could check with your agent, or give it a week or so and you should receive 2011 plan info for Humana Choice in the mail.

  3. Carl Jones Marshall

    Humana Choice Plan – will it be available in 2012 and can we switch over from Humana Gold Choice? What is the cost per month?

  4. Carl, You can switch into any Medicare Advantage plan that is available in your area as long as you qualify for Medicare. As to your question whether or not Humana Choice will be available in 2012, that depends on where you live. Plans are offered on a County by County basis and benefits and premiums can vary. Visit http://www.medicare.gov and search for plans in your zip code. Here’s an article on how to navigate the medicare.gov website.

  5. Would like Humana Choice. Previous member.

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