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HealthSpring Medicare Advantage

Doctors and NursesHealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans are a viable option where available

Given the recent acquisitions of HealthSpring, Inc., it would seem that they intend to have a larger foot print in the Medicare Advantage market for 2015.

HealthSpring, Inc. announced on August 9, 2010 that they had entered into an agreement to purchase all the capital stock of Leon Medical Centers Health Plans, Inc. which has over 25,700 Medicare Advantage members.

The Nashville based company announced that they entered into an agreement to purchase Bravo Health, Inc.  which has over 100,000 Medicare Advantage members in Pennsylvania, Texas and the Mid-Atlantic States. Bravo Health also has over 290,000 members enrolled in stand-alone Medicare Part D plans. These acquisitions will make HealthSpring the seventh largest provider of coordinated care Medicare Advantage plans nationwide.

Update: HealthSpring is now part of Cigna and plans are branded as Cigna-HealthSpring.

Compare HealthSpring Medicare Advantage

At this time HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans are available in; Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Mississippi and Georgia. HealthSpring Medicare also offers Medicare Part D drug plans in all 50 States. Depending on the service area, HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans are available as either HMO or PPO plans.

Based on feedback from HealthSpring members it may be in your best interests to compare HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans for 2012 to other plans available in your area.

Tips For Finding Affordable Medicare Plans

If you are enrolled in traditional Medicare and have Medigap coverage, comparing HealthSpring Medicare Part D plans to other Part D plans may also be a worthwhile endeavor.

Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period

The Annual Enrollment Period begins on October 15th and runs through December 7th. An application submitted during this time will result in the plan becoming effective on Januray 1st. You can submit more than one application if you change your mind while the enrollment period is still in progress. The last application processed during this time will result in that plan becoming effective.

There is also a dis-enrollment period beginning January 1 and ending February 14. During this time, an Advantage plan member can dis-enroll from their plan, return to original Medicare and purchase a stand-alone Part D plan (PDP). Beginning February 15, the member will be locked-in for the remainder of the year. Unless you have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), this is the only plan change that will be allowed.

Whether you are contemplating a HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plan or another  Medicare Advantage plan be certain that the plan you choose is one that you can live with for the entire year.


  1. Could you please send me information about Healthspring Medicare Advantage Plans..Robert – .Lansing,IL 60438-4537..Thank You Bob

  2. Could you please send me information about Healthspring Adcantage plans.

    Eleanor Chandler

  3. Please forward information on advantage plans for 2011 for Stephenson County Illinois asap.

  4. Doug, A quick search on the Medicare website shows five 2011 Medicare Advantage plans with Drug coverage and two Advantage plans without drug coverage available in Stephenson County Illinois. All plans are Humana plans with the exception of PersonalCare PPO. No HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans are available in Stephenson County Illinois. Visit http://www.medicare.gov and search for plans in your area by choosing Health and Drug plans. You will be prompted to enter your zip code to locate available Medicare plans.

  5. I’ve enrolled in Heathspring Healthy Advantage Preferred HMO. Can you please send me a booklet of information on my benefits? I live in Huntsville, Texas (Walker County). My medicare begins 3-1-2011, but I would like to see the information now.

  6. Angela, This site is not owned or operated by HealthSpring so I do not have access to their printed literature, but you can visit their website to get the information. Visit http://www.healthspring.com, then enter your zip code on the home page, choose Medicare Advantage plans, then choose Healthy AdvantagePreferred (HMO) (Texas). The document that will give you in depth information on this plan is the Summary of Benefits. Scroll down to find that link. Also, if you have recently enrolled you soon soon receive printed material about your plan.

  7. will you please let me know if it is to late to enroll in your plan. I have enrolled in another plan and very unhappy with it…

  8. Martha, Medicare Plan Review is a blog about many different Medicare plans and is not owned or operated by an insurance company. In response to your question about changing plans and joining a Health Spring Medicare Advantage plan; no you are not able to change from one Advantage Plan to another unless you have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Without a SEP you are allowed only to drop your Advantage plan and return to original Medicare. This change is available for you to make beginning January 1 through February 14.

    There are several SEPs that you may be unaware of. I would recommend that you speak with a local insurance agent or perhaps someone from your local Area Council on Aging to see if you qualify for a SEP. If you do not have a SEP and are not willing to give up your plan and return to original Medicare, you will need to tough it out for the remainder of the year.

  9. I have a patient who is both visually impaired and a type I diabetic. She had been well controlled with the insulin Novolog 70/30 pen. Recently your company stopped paying for that insulin and instead wanted her to use Humalog 75/25 pen. She immediately developed a severe hypoglycemic reaction. I have a letter from her endocronologist atesting to this fact. I appreciate your company attempting to save money but SURELY there are mechanisms to allow for such unique cases. Please advise ASAP to my e-mail address.
    thank you, epb

  10. Edward, There is a mechanism which allows for unique cases as you’ve outlined. It’s the the appeals process. You as the prescriber will need to contact HealthSpring Medicare plans (this site is not owned or operated by HealthSpring Medicare) and ask for an exception.

  11. Could u please send me information about Health Spring Advantage Plans. I would also like your Phone # Thank You

  12. Diane, You will need to address your request to HealthSpring. This site is not owned by HealthSpring. Visit HealthSpring.com and click contact.

  13. I will be eligable for medicare coverage beginning 2/03/2012. I am trying to look at all options. Can you tell me if I would be eligable for Healthsprings. I live in Knox County, TN

  14. Judy, There are two 2012 HealthSpring HealthyAdvantage Medicare Advantage plans available in Knox County Tennessee. To be eligible you must have Parts A and B, live in the service area and not have end-stage renal disease. Enroll prior to January 31st for a February 1st effective date if that’s the plan you would like. See all plans at http://www.medicare.gov.

  15. How do the benefits of a $0 monthly Health Spring Advantage Plan compare to the BC/BS Advantage(Garnett)Plan? Can you highlight the differences in benefits? Thank you.

  16. C. Leoneetii, Insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans can have countless variations of the same plan depending on where it is offered. Plans can be offered County by County. Visit http://www.medicare.gov and click, Compare drug and Health Plans. Follow the on screen prompts to locate all plan in your area including the two you wish to compare. You can click on each plan and find a link to their websites. The Summary of Benefits will include all details of the plan and you can do a side by side comparison.

  17. Is Healthspring Advantage HMO available in Englewood, FL?

  18. I have medicare part A B. mY EXTRA HELP PART D will be cut in January 2012, they say because I no longer get medicaid. I have met my speed down in July but never received a medical card since June 2010, I have bills totaling over 400 dollars and gave them to the caseworker, but haven’t heard from him, just a notice from dept of Human services, Baltimore MD OF THE CUT. tHIS VERY VERY UNFAIR WHAT CAN i DO.

  19. Beulah, I would be on the phone to the case worker.

  20. How do I get a directory of Providers and Pharmacies in Knox County Tn for Healthspring Medicare Advantage plans?

  21. Doy, You could contact a local agent, visit the plan’s website or call HealthSpring member services.

  22. I was on your plan last year do I need to contact you if I want to stay on your plan? or what do I need to do ?

  23. LeRoy, Unless you received a letter indicating that your plan was not going to be available you do not need to do anything. Medicare Advantage plans (if offered) roll over so to speak. Advantage plans can change from year to year and you should review the 2012 plan to be certain that it will still meet your needs.

  24. I will turn 65 in October, please send the information I need for medicare and medicare part D . Thanks Rosie

  25. Rosie, You will be receiving information from Medicare within a couple of months and you will more than likely be inundated with literature from several companies touting their products.

  26. does healthspring cover 24 care

  27. Tina, I’m not sure what you are referring to. Also plans can include different benefits based on service area. Also coverage of any type must be medically necessary. You should contact HealthSpring to find the right answer.

  28. Roberta Quiggers

    Does HealthSpring have any plans that have a 4.5 CMS Star Rating? If so, what are they called and where are they located?

  29. Roberta, I’m not sure. You could visit medicare.gov and click Compare Drug and Health Plans. Enter the zip code for your area of interest and follow the onscreen prompts. The star rating for each plan will be listed.

  30. Recently, I turned 65 YO. My mother-in-law is one of your insured,so I thought about joining your health group.

    However, since August 17, 2012, her doctor’s office has repeatedly called about information pertaining to an electric chair for her. As of yesterday, the doctor’s staff was treated rudely and severed the connection twice.

    Worse, today, August 30, 2012 my mother-in-law was also treated so rude that she is hysterical. Your agent hung up on her after telling her that she had to get evaluated to be considered for the chair (which was the information your office has already received) and that her Blue Cross copay card is no longer valid (this card was sent to her from the company that employed her deceased spouse).

    If my mother-in-law has a heart attack or needs to be hospitalized because of your company’s agent, you will be hearing from an attorney which my husband (her son) will obtain.

  31. Marcia, I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s situation, but as the administrator of this blog I can assure you that I have no means to help you nor do I bear any responsibility for this situation. Please read the About Us page. Maybe you should consider filling a greivance with Medicare.


  33. Edna, Unfortunately you need to have both Parts A and B to enroll in any Medicare Advantage plan including Healthspring.

  34. I will be 65 in June. I’m disable and already have a medicare card but use Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO through the company that I retired from. I’m planing to change my provider but hear that I will have to wait for the next medicare enrollment period is this true or false?

  35. Rick, That is false. You will have an enrollment period because you are turning 65. It begins 3 months prior to the month you turn 65, the month your turn 65 and 3 months after the month you turn 65.

  36. I live in Texas and now have Healthspring and am happy with it. I am being forced, by to grown children, to move to Lawton Ok. and am wondering if I will be able to have Healthspring there. Could you send me info regarding this?

  37. Pat, HealthSpring is not available in Oklahoma, but you will have a Special Enrollment Period to choose a new plan.

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