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HealthSpring HealthyAdvantage Medicare Plan Overview

Senior Couple Walking Holding HandsComparing HealthSpring HealthyAdvantage Medicare Plans

Most HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans for are branded as HealthyAdvantage Medicare plans. HealthyAdvantage Medicare plans are available in select Counties of Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Illinois.

HelathSpring also offers a Part D prescription plan in all 50 States.

Most HealthyAdvantage plans are available as HMO Medicare plans although plans in North Texas are PPO plans and the HealthyPremiere plan is a HMO-POS plan. The HealthyAdvantage brand consists of four plans not all of which are available in each service area.

Finding the best HealthyAdvantage Medicare plan

When comparing Medicare Advantage plans you may be looking for the best plan. The best plan is not necessarily the same for everyone. Differences in monthly premium, level of benefits and whether or not you would like the freedom to go out of network all factor in to which will be the best plan for you. Here are the HealthyAdvantage Medicare plans starting with the most basic to the richest level of benefit:

  • HealthAdvantage – Medical plan only often without a monthly premium.
  • HealthyAdvantage Plus – Medical including Part D.
  • HealthyAdvantage Select – Medical including Part D.
  • HealthyAdvantage Premiere – Medical including Part D.

Most people Consider These the Top 5 Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

The HealthyAdvantage, HealthyAdvantage Plus, and HealthyAdvantage Select are all offered as HMO plans except in North Texas where plans are available as PPO plans. The HMO plans require that you utilize plan providers only except in the case of emergencies and you must have a referral to see a specialist.

The HealthSpring HealthyAdvantage Premiere plan is a HMO-POS plan. The point-of-service aspect of this plan allows you to receive services out-of-network generally at a higher cost. This plan will have the highest premium of any HealthSpring plan.

When comparing available plans one big factor is whether or not the network is suitable for you. Unless you are enrolling in the Premiere plan you will have only network providers to choose from.

If you require the freedom to use out-of-network providers you should compare the Premiere plan to other Medicare Advantage plans that allow
this freedom like the AARP MedicareComplete plans that are available in many service areas.

If you live in an area where HealthSpring HealthyAdvantage Medicare plans are available it’s worth it to compare them to other available plans. In some cases you will find that the benefits are greater than other plans that have higher monthly premiums. Just remember to delve deep into the HealthyAdvantage provider directory to make certain that your preferred providers are in network.


  1. I have Healthspring but just want to know the changes, if any, for 2011 Is dental included?

  2. Shirley, Good question. It’s smart to evaluate any changes to your current Medicare Advantage plan to determine if it will be viable in 2011. I comment on many plans and news items related to Medicare. Plans vary by State and I’m not sure where you live. You have two ways to go. First, you should be receiving information for the 2011 HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plan that you currently have. If you do nothing, you will be enrolled in HelarhSpring fore 2011. Your secon option is to visit the HealthSpring website and enter your zip code to find 2011 Medicare Advantage plans in your area. I’m not sure about HealthSpring adding dental for 2011, as I’m not seeing a lot of Advantage plans adding benefits for 2011.

  3. Is there a good website so that I can easily compare Humana and Healthspring plans side-by-side? It is so confusing!!
    Thank you

  4. Mike, given the number of 2011 Medicare Advantage plans across the Country I’m not sure you are going to find a site specifically comparing Humana and HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans. Check out http://www.medicare.gov for an overview and plan ratings. You may get the most satisfaction by just visiting the two sites to get the information you are looking for.

  5. i am trying to get dental and vision added to my healthspring plan for 2011. cannot get thru to anyone to make the addition. can’t find an online option either.
    how can i get it done, kj

  6. Kenneth, Visit the HealthSpring website and enter your zip code on the home page to search fro 2011 HealthSpring Healthy Advantage Medicare plans in your area. You are able to compare up to three plans. You may have more or less plans depending on where you live. If your current plan does not include dental and vision and you find a plan that does, you will need to enroll in that plan unless there is an optional rider available.

  7. Trying to find the health gym or spa in my area that participates with health springs … I saw Balli on the health springs site but not receiving return emails if they participate? can you advise for Humble Texas

  8. Sande, Visit http://www.healthspring.com and enter your zip code on the home page. It looks like you have two 2011 HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plans available in Humble Texas. Healthy Advantage True Choice HMO and Healthy Advantage Preferred HMO are both listed. Scroll down to the summary of benefits to review both plans. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see the gym benefit listed for either plan. Maybe you should contact a local agent to verify that the benefit is available.

  9. am confused with Healthspring they say they go by county.
    I wanted another insurance but it was not sold in my county,
    So if I pick Health Springs HMO I have to buy DME in that county, I understand urgent care I can be anywhere. But I use a small Pharmacy to order my dme and my doctor is not in that county so what do I do.

  10. Theresa, Medicare Advantage Plans are offered on a County by County basis. That does not necessarily mean you have to receive services or purchase DME in your County. Often the same plan is offered in several Counties, you merely need to use a network provider with an HMO. If the same plan is offered in the County where your doctor practices check to see if he accepts the Health Springs Advantage Plan that you are considering. If he is not in network and you are still moving forward with Health Springs you will need to choose a provider in their network. Also I believe network restrictions apply to urgent care services. Emergency room services have no network restrictions.

  11. robert l. whitaker


  12. Bob, It’s good to stay on top of things. You’re smart to take an active role in your health care. Remember, health care is a business and the Health Spring provider directory for 2011 is a good resource to keep handy.

  13. I live in Tn. and Florida. What state do I need to use? Is there a difference in payments?

  14. R. Hall, You should use the address associated with receiving your Social Security and information you receive from Medicare/CMS. This should be your permanent address. As for the difference in HealthSpring HealthyAdvatage premiums; plans are offered County by County and you very well may have a price difference but that is not a good reason to choose which State your plan is for.

  15. David, by reading your comments above, what service are you actually providing with this website? You say that this website is not associated with Healthspring. Are you a licensed insurance agent? Are you a Medicare Review Specialist? What is your association with Healthspring, if any? If you are an agent, do you represent other insurance plans? I have a senior friend that found your site and was asking me about it and I did not know what to tell them. Please reply to my email address above.

    Thank you.

  16. Robert, The answers to your questions can be found in the About Us page on this web site and by reading the articles and comments. Commenting on insurance plans and reviewing information about Medicare in the news does not require that I represent the company on which I write about. If you or your senior friend do not understand the content or find value in this site I hope you find a resource that will be of benefit to you. Thanks for your question.

  17. I’m a HealthSprings Texas MA customer and would like to pay my $17.50 premiums online. Does HealthSpring Life and Health have an online existence where I can pay for July quickly and efficiently? Do you know where I can repeat this question to HealthSpring?

  18. Jack, You typically have three options to pay Medicare advantage and part d premiums.
    1. Have it deducted from you Social Security.
    2. Set up a automatic draft from your checking.
    3. Receive a coupon book to make a monthly payment.

    The first two options are quick and efficient. I don’t believe you will find an online option but you can visit http://healthspring.com/ and click contact at the bottom of the web page.

  19. Dave,
    While commenting on companies that you may or may not represent, it would be helpful if you would at least do the following: 1.Spell the name correctly (ex. Healthspring not Health Springs)2. Research features and benefits before commenting on coverages (mostly ALL of Healthspring plans in 2011 offer dental coverage) 3. Understand what is meant by “network provider”. Your readership is confused enough regarding HMO’s, PFFS plans, PPO’s etc–they don’t need to be further confused by your misinformed “expert” opinion. If a person wants to know about Healthspring, they need to contact the company directly–by calling Healthspring (not Health Springs)

  20. Milt, Did you even read the article? You seem to have seen spellings that don’t exist and some reference to dental that is not included in the text. If you have an interest in getting information about HealthSpring please visit http://www.healthspring.com/. Repeat after me…. I will try to be less angry.I will try to be less angry….

  21. David you commented to Shirley, Good question. It’s smart to evaluate any changes to your current Medicare Advantage plan to determine if it will be viable in 2011. I comment on many plans and news items related to Medicare. Plans vary by State and I’m not sure where you live.

    Well I have been with Texas Health Spring north of Houston area, do you know of any changes in my covrage in 2012

  22. David, We’ll have to wait until October 1 when plans including Health Spring will release their Advantage plans and any changes to current Advantage and Part D plans.

  23. i have not heard about healthsprings. do you have any informational mtgs around sevierville/knoxville,tn area?

  24. Marlene, HealthSpring offers their Medicare Advantage plans in select Counties. 2012 plans have not been released yet and Counties where plans may be offered have not yet been published. Visit http://www.medicare.gov on or after October 1 to see if plans are available where you live. Once you have determined that plans are available visit the HealthSpring website (you can link to it from Medicare) to get information about informational Medicare meetings.

  25. I have a HealthSpring Advantage Plan, (live in the Memphis, TN area), but have not rec’d a book for 2012. I have called 3 times and they keep saying they will be out in Oct. Oct is almost gone and still no info. Thanks

  26. Angie, You can also access this info at the HealthSpring website. Also, your agent should be in possession of 2012 HealthSpring HealthyAdvantage enrollment kits and information.

  27. Very important that is not mentioned. There are a lot of nuances related to Healthspring. Check to see if Healthspring uses a separate claims service such as Renaissance and who makes the determination of whether tests and services will be allowed or approved regardless of what the doctor prescribes. Check to see of your Healthspring doctor had a contract with Healthspring to only be Healthspring’s proprietary agent for administering or possibly not administering professional services or testing. In order for him to be on Healthspring’s list for a primary care provider he may have bound himself to them. Verify the doctor will fully represent you when it comes to a conflict with Healthspring on coverage and treatment. Verify whether you will be in a Pod and not be able to go out of the Pod or lose your coverage. Understand your coverage for any type of therapy may be quit limited or not covered such as possibly water therapy. There are many subtleties to the coverage and finding out the details can be time consuming, costly and painful.

  28. Penolepe, Thanks for the info. Although it sounds beyond what most people are willing to do. I’m not sure that HealthSpring is the only company to have similar issues.

  29. I have some questions about Healthspring. My husband has Healthspring and we are trying to find out if the shingles vaccine is covered? Also, I work for a physician in Huntsville, AL and we just opened a new facility. We are trying to get “in network” but are unsure what all is entailed with being a provider. Can you please send me some info and by the way my husband is in AL also. Thank you very much.

  30. I take care of my mother who has Healthspring and I need to know if I can be paid as a primary caretaker. If so how do we apply.

  31. Delbra, Typically, the only time in-home care is covered is for skilled nursing and requires a doctor’s order for medically necessary care.

  32. Debi, I would have your husband call member services or review the Summary of Benefits for his specific plan. I can’t help with the other issue as this site is not owned or operated by HealthSpring.

  33. My current cardiac surgeon wants to send me to the Houston Medical Center for placement of heart stents. He does not seem to want to do the operation. The placement of the stents is tricky because of the access (aorta?) is curled and requires special knowledge. The name my doctor gave me is Dr. Loyolka but Dr. Loyolka is Independent and Dr. Afzal is not. Is there someone else at the Med. Ctr. that is as experienced?
    Also, will Health Spring cover the cost if I go to the Med. Ctr.since I live in Montgomery County?

  34. Joanne, I’m sorry I can’t be much help with either question. I would call HealthSpring member services at the number on your card to get assistance.

  35. i am 55 how old do you have to be to get healthspring

  36. Ruth, To qualify for HealthSpring (or any Medicare Advantage plan) you must be enrolled in Medicarer Parts A and B, live in the plan’s service area and not have end-stage renal disease. Unless you qualify for Medicare due to a disability the usual age one qualifies for Medicare is 65.

  37. I am considering bariatric surgery. will HS cover my costs and/or will I need a medigap plan?

  38. Veronica, If it is medically necessary it should be covered. But check your plans Summary of Benefits to see what your costs will be.

  39. i have healthspring and i am trying to find a dentist.every one i call on their provider list either says(5 said they dont take it any more,number is out of service,doctor went out of bussiness and sold bussiness to them,or they just dont take health spring.i got the provider list from customer services,but i havent been able to find a dentist.i am thinking about getting another company.i was wondering do any of the dentist on their list still accept them.i need to know is this a good company?

  40. Dorothy, HealthSpring is a quality company with good plans but the plans have to be suitable for your individual needs. Providers (dentists in this case) can and do leave provider networks, go out of business etc. . Feedback I have receive on this site would seem to indicate that several Medicare Advantage Plans have a problem with putting together a credible network of dentists. You may want to contact some dentists in your area and ask them which Medicare advantage Plans that they accept. You can then use that information if you would like to compare plans during the Annual Election Period.

  41. Thanks for nice post!!!

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