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Florida Medicare Advantage Plans – Huge Disparity Of Premiums

Florida Map with Green Toy TruckFlorida Medicare Advantage Plans are just one example of a national trend

When comparing Florida Medicare Advantage Plans one thing becomes glaringly obvious. There is a huge disparity in monthly premiums between different plans.

One reason that many Medicare beneficiaries choose an Advantage Plan versus a Medicare supplement is to have a more affordable monthly premium.

A quick check of the Medicare website will reveal Florida Medicare Advantage Plans with a $0 premium and plans with premiums over $200.

This huge disparity of Medicare Advantage premiums is not limited to Florida. Premiums vary greatly for plans across the US.

If a Florida Medicare Advantage Plan has a higher premium does that mean its better?

The argument that you get what you pay for may not always hold true for Medicare Advantage plans available in Florida. Some plans with a higher premium may have:

  • A more restrictive network
  • Higher copay and coinsurance amounts
  • A less desirable Part D formulary
  • Less value added benefits

Ultimately what you consider to be the best plan regardless of monthly premium may not be considered to be the best by someone else. The price of a plan is not an indicator of that plan being a better plan.

With such a large number of Medicare Advantage Plans available and such a huge difference in plan premiums it’s important to get the facts. Beneficiaries need to understand the different types of plans available and understand the features of each plan that they are considering.

Here are some points to consider when comparing Florida Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • Is the premium affordable?
  • Are your doctors and hospitals in network?
  • Can you receive services out-of-network?
  • Are you drugs covered?
  • Are you receiving the extra benefits that are important to you?

Given the disparity in premiums for Medicare Advantage Plans available in Florida it pays to find a well rated plan that suits your needs for
the lowest possible monthly premium.
Medicare MSA

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