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CIGNA Medicare Part D – Unbiased Review

CIGNA Medicare Part D includes attractive features but is it the right choice?2013 Button

CIGNA Medicare aims to increase their share of the Part D market and may have incorporated some features to accomplish that goal.

The competition to add Part D members is fierce and CIGNA Medicare has stepped up its game.

This article will address some of the more attractive features incorporated into CIGNA’s Medicare Part D plans.

CIGNA Medicare Rx (PDP) for 2013

CIGNA has two plans that they believe will help members save money on their prescriptions.

CIGNA Plan One

Plan One is touted as a low premium plan with coverage in all 50 States. Features include:

  • $325 deductible for some States
  • No deductible for Tiers 1-2 drugs if you live in DE, DC, GA, ID, ME, MD, MS, NH, SC, UT or WI
  • Most generic drugs at $0 or $8

CIGNA Plan Two

Plan Two will include a higher premium than Plan One but will have an expanded formulary covering many more drugs. Plan Two is not available in all States. Benefits include:

  • $0 deductible
  • $0 copay for some generics
  •  $0 copay for some generics in the donut hole
  • Covers 96% of the most commonly used drugs by those on Medicare

Unlike some other Part D plans, members of CIGNA will not need to frequent small networks of preferred pharmacies in order to recognize savings on copays.

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Choosing a plan

The Part D formulary should play the major role in whether or not you choose a Part D plan. Unless you live in a State where Plan One is subject to a deductible, the major difference between plans will be the formulary.

Visit the CIGNA website to review the formularies for each plan to find your best option. If you find that plan One covers your drugs but you are subject to a deductible, you may want to see what other companies have to offer.

Review Part D Plans by State

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