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Cigna Medicare Access No Longer Available

Doctor Holding Hand Up - Stop!Cigna Medicare Access Advantage plan ended 12/31/2010

Cigna announced in June 2010 that they would not be renewing their national Medicare Advantage contract for Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plans.

PFFS Medicare Advantage plans are plans that do not require that you utilize a network. But rather, choose any provider that accepts Medicare assignment. Those providers must accept the plans payment terms and conditions. The providers can also choose to accept a PFFS Medicare Advantage plan on a visit-by-visit basis

Cigna will not offer any individual PFFS  this includes Cigna Medicare Access and Cigna Medicare Access Plus RX.

Starting in 2011, companies contracted to offer PFFS Medicare Advantage plans had to provide a network to those members that choose a PFFS plan. This is a tall order for companies whose main Medicare Advantage business model is built on PFFS plans.

Cigna hung in there for 2010 with their Cigna Medicare Access PFFS plans while some companies like Coventry with their Advantra Freedom Medicare Advantage plans saw the writing on the wall and decided not to renew PFFS plans for 2010.

What does Cigna Medicare offer?

Cigna Medicare will continue to offer individual RX Part D drug plans and in some service areas of Arizona, will offer Cigna Medicare Select HMO.

This left a huge void of choice for many Medicare beneficiaries who have come to rely on Cigna plans. For those beneficiaries who want a Medicare Advantage plan rather than a Medicare supplement a stand alone Part D drug plan will not be a big help.

What to expect in the Medicare Advantage market going forward

The Medicare Advantage market is changing. With PFFS plans like Cigna Medicare Access non-renewing, there will more than likely be less choice.

I would recommend that you look at available PPO or HMO Medicare Advantage plans in your area, or consider the new Medigap Plan N. If you chose Plan N it would then make sense to consider a Cigna Medicare RX Part D drug plan.

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  1. My wife is a teacher at a small catholic school in Manchesater. I would like to know how much it would cost for her to be on my CIGNA Medicare Access Plus Rx (PFFS) progam. She has three options with three different progams at her school. Thanking for taking the time to read this message. I am a retired teacher in Manchester NH.

  2. Cigna Medicare announced that they would discontinue their Medicare Access (PFFS) plans. New Medicare Advantage plans for 2011 will be released October 1st. The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) will be from November 15 through December 31. Your wife should weigh her options carefully. She of course must be Medicare eligible for enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. You mentioned that she is still working so I wasn’t sure if she is. But if she is, she will need to have her own Advantage plan if she decides to go that way. Medicare Advantage plans are not family plans, but rather individual plans.


  4. Florence, If you were enrolled in a Cigna Medicare Access Plan and were told that it would not renew for 2011 you can opt to stay with original Medicare and purchase a Part D Plan. But you can also enroll in another 2011 Medicare Advantage Plan that includes drug coverage. If you received notice that your plan non-renewed, you have a Special Enrollment period that extends through January.

  5. Will we be mailed a year end re-cap of charges, pmts, etc?

  6. Ruth, This information is generally sent throughout the year after service is rendered. I’m not sure you will receive a recap. You could contact Cigna Medicare to find out.

  7. As a provider, working on aged claims, who do we contact if we have questions about claims dated 2010?
    Thank you!

  8. A.F, I would pose the question to CIGNA. You may have to start with a customer service number and work your way up. Your question is beyond the scope of this site.

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