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ObamaCare Hasn’t Slowed Down Medicare Advantage Enrollment

ObamaCare Effects on Medicare

Contrary to some opinions Medicare Advantage is not going away in 2014 You’ve heard it on television, on talk radio and you’ve read about it online and in the newspapers: ObamaCare is going decimate Medicare Advantage. But is that really true? Although I am not a fan of ObamaCare, I do appreciate when news is factual. I believe that people ...

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Government Propaganda Or Real Medicare Part D Savings?

Does the source of a press release give it more validity? Press releases have been used in one form or another ever since things or ideas needed to be sold. It’s common to see press releases for new products like new software or a new Justin Bieber album. But when did it become necessary for the federal government to issue ...

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Medicare Premiums And Deductibles Increase

Chart Shows Increasing Price Concept

Increasing Medicare premiums and deductibles to impact some more than others If you have been enrolled in Medicare for sometime you know that premiums and deductibles increase annually and 2013 is no different. A more evident cost is realized by people who have not purchased a Medicare supplement or enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. But make no mistake, everyone ...

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CMS Assigns 5 Star Rating To 11 Advantage Plans

Blue Ribbon - First place

Only 11 Medicare Advantage plans made the grade Of all the Medicare Advantage plans available nationally, CMS rated only eleven as top performers. Medicare Advantage plans are rated on over 50 items when assessing quality and performance. Although there are more four and five star plans for 2013 compared to 2012, it still leaves the majority of Advantage plan members ...

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Higher Medicare Costs Or Less Benefits | The Fiscal Cliff

Committee Failure May Mean Plan B For Medicare

Debt Super Committee failure may mean a 2% cut to Medicare News reporters and media types are giddy. The members of the Debt Super Committee tasked with finding 1.2 Trillion in budget cuts were wringing their hand trying to figure out how to announce their failure. But for real people on Medicare this means a mandatory reduction in Medicare of ...

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Medicare Expanding Coverage To Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

Medicare Expands Covered Cardiovasular Services to Reduce Heart Disease

CMS announces new Medicare preventative service to reduce cardiovascular disease CMS announced Tuesday November 8, 2011 that they are expanding coverage to reduce cardiovascular heart disease in contribution to the Million Hearts Initiative introduced by the Department for Health and Human services earlier this year. CMS, HMS and the CDC are working together with public and private interests with the ...

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Medicare Deductible Changes Mean Higher Costs To You

Change in Medicare Deductible

How Medicare deductible changes effect your pocketbook Medicare was not originally designed to offer zero dollar coverage. Like traditional health insurance for people under 65, Medicare requires deductibles for certain services. CMS announced deductible amounts for 2012 and it’s not as bad as it could be. Some costs will actually be lower for 2012. This could all change with the ...

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Part B Premium Changes

Figure Points To Part B Premium Changes

Some get good news related to Part B premium changes for 2012 The reduction in your monthly Social Security check is a reminder that Medicare Part B is not free.  Over the years the monthly Part B premium has seen a steady increase. But for the vast majority of Medicare beneficiaries the Part B premium for 2012 is going to ...

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Part D 2013 Standard Benefit Model Changes

Part D 2012 Changes Mean A Price Increase

Part D 2013 standard benefit model changes mean greater out-of pocket costs In today’s economy counting pennies has become  important for some people to meet their monthly budgets. With health care costs rising and Social Security cost of living raises non-existent you need to have an affordable Part D drug plan. The following information details the Part D 2013 standard ...

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Medicare And You 2014 – Medicare Resource

Medicare supplement benefits chart

Undeniably the best Medicare resource – Medicare And You 2014 handbook The is no shortage of questions when it comes to Medicare. If it wasn’t confusing on its own the changes are enough to keep people asking questions. The official government handbook, Medicare And You 2014 is the best place to start to understand all you need to know about ...

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