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Medicare Extra for All is Dangerous Proposal

Medicare Extra for All

Center for American Progress proposes Medicare Extra for All The latest proposal for the government to control healthcare comes from the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank masquerading as nonpartisan. The proposal is called Medicare Extra for All and it has the potential to be detrimental to seniors on Medicare. The Center for American Progress mission as stated on ...

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Medicare Part B – 2017 Premium and Deductible Changes

Part B Premium Changes in 2017

Part B premium and deductible changes for 2017 to increase costs Every year about this time The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announce the Medicare Part B premium and deductible for the coming year. They also address changes to the Part A premium although this affects very few people.  Most of the media in a move to drive traffic ...

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Medicare Premiums 2017 – What to Expect

Medicare Premiums 2017 Going Up?

What are the chances that your Medicare premiums for 2017 will go up? If you’re like most people enrolled in Medicare you know that Medicare premiums can increase. This brief article and the video below will give you come idea what to expect regarding your 2017 Medicare premiums. And for the record, we’re talking about Medicare Part B premiums. Part ...

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2017 Medicare Part D Premiums

2017 Medicare part D Premiums

Medicare projects Part D premiums will remain stable in 2017 2017 Part D prescription drug plan premiums are expected to average $34 per month. This represents a $1.50 per month increase over the average 2016 Part D premium. There are approximately 55 million Medicare beneficiaries and all are eligible for Part D prescription drug coverage. The Medicare Modernization Act of ...

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Medicare Costs – 2016 Premium And Deductible Changes

Medicare Premium and Deductible Changes 2016

How not getting a raise in Your Social Security impacts your Medicare Part B premiums As a Social Security recipient you may be disappointed that there will not be a Cost of Living Adjustment COLA for 2016. Most people on a fixed income would argue that the costs of goods and services are getting more expensive. Legislation enacted in 1973 ...

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Medicare Doc Fix Impacts Your Pocketbook

Medicare Do Fix Reform

Medicare legislation means higher out-of-pocket costs in the future It plays out in congress every year. Doctors are threatened with payment cuts and congress ultimately kicks the can down the road until the next year. These annual cuts were mandated under what was known as the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). The general idea was to keep payments in line with ...

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Are They Dismantling Medicare As We Know It?

Medicare Changes - Payment Overhaul

This is Huge! Medicare faces historic overhaul Starting in 2016 the Obama administration plans to change how Medicare pays for your medical bills. Beginning next year Medicare plans to base 30% of the payments to your providers on how well you are cared for. The general idea is to reward quality over volume. The goal is to put half of ...

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Medicare Premium And Deductible Changes – 2015

Chart Shows Increasing Price Concept

2015 Medicare premiums stable but changes to deductibles and coinsurance The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has released data on 2015 Medicare premiums, deductibles and coinsurance amounts. Any change in these amounts can either directly or indirectly affect your healthcare costs. The good news is Medicare Part B premiums will remain unchanged from 2014. The only way you will see ...

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2014 Medicare Premiums And Deductibles Announced

News not so bad related to 2014 Medicare Premiums and deductibles Anyone who has been enrolled in Medicare for a while knows that this is the time of year when CMS announces any changes in Medicare Premiums and deductibles. Given the recently announced dismal increase in Social Security payouts for 2014, the fact that 2014 Medicare premiums and deductibles will ...

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Medicare Part D Changes

Medicare Part D Changes

Part D Standard Benefit Model Changes for 2015 detailed The Part D Standard Benefit Model is a set of guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that are applied to all Part D plans. The 2015 Medicare Part D changes are detailed below. You will pay a higher deductible amount in 2015 (if required) and will spend ...

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