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Does Medicare Cover An Annual Physical?

Senior Woman Getting Medicare Physical

Welcome to Medicare check-up and your yearly wellness visit not as comprehensive as you would think Any medical professional will tell you that one key to staying healthy is getting an annual physical. Diagnosing symptoms early and receiving helpful advice related to your lifestyle can eliminate or prolong illness or degenerative conditions. When you become eligible for Medicare and enroll ...

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Medicare Eligilbility And Social Security Disability Answers

Social Security Disability Claim Form

Here’s what you need to know about Medicare if you are receiving Social Security disability benefits As of December 2011 there were 8,576,000 disabled workers receiving Social Security disability benefits. The average benefit amount was $1,110.50 per month. Although this safety net is surely appreciated by those receiving benefits, the amount is hardly enough for those who are unable to ...

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Medicare Vision Benefits – What’s Covered

Medicare Vision Coverage

Medicare vision coverage is very limited As we age, the chances that we will require some type of corrective vision care increases. If you already wear glasses, you know that getting a routine exam and new glasses or contacts can be expensive. If you were hoping that being enrolled in Medicare would mean that you could get a routine eye ...

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Medicare Sign-Up Tips – If You’re Still Working

Medicare Sign Up Tips For Working Seniors

Are you still working but have questions about signing up for Medicare? If you are  eligible for Medicare and still working, signing up for Medicare may be on your mind. But your individual circumstances determine how you should approach signing up for Medicare. Should you sign up for Part A only or should you get Parts A and B? And ...

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Medicare Benefits | Dental | Dentures | Crowns And Bridges

Does Medicare Cover Dental Hygenist Care?

Help! I need dentures – Does Medicare cover dental? This is one of the most asked questions about Medicare coverage. Many people ask this question related to a Medicare plan that they are considering but more often than not it’s an emergency situation that drives them to ask if Medicare will cover dental care. What about Medicare coverage for dentures ...

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Why Some Medicare Advantage Plans Don’t Have Premiums

Medicare Advantage Plans Without Premiums

Several factors contribute to Medicare Advantage Plan premiums Have you ever wondered why some Medicare Advantage Plans don’t have monthly premiums? If you have, you are not alone. Why an Advantage Plan with seemingly comprehensive benefits has a $0 monthly premium is one question that insurance agents are asked frequently. Many people even wonder if a plan without a monthly ...

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