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Part D

Part D 2013 Standard Benefit Model Changes

Part D 2012 Changes Mean A Price Increase

Part D 2013 standard benefit model changes mean greater out-of pocket costs In today’s economy counting pennies has become  important for some people to meet their monthly budgets. With health care costs rising and Social Security cost of living raises non-existent you need to have an affordable Part D drug plan. The following information details the Part D 2013 standard ...

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Get Extra Help With Medicare Drug Plan Costs For 2013

Do You qualify For Extra Help With Medicare?

Do you qualify for extra help with Medicare drug plan plan costs? There are many people enrolled in a Medicare Part D Plan that are unaware that they qualify for extra help with Medicare Part D costs. Knowing whether or not you qualify can give you peace of mind when shopping for and comparing Part D drug plans. Qualifications for ...

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Blue MedicareRx – Blue Cross Part D Plan Vary By State

Getting A Prescription With Blue MedicareRx

Getting your prescription coverage with Blue MedicareRx Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Part D coverage is referred to as Blue MedicareRx. When the Part D benefit was introduced in 2006 Blue Cross began offering prescription drug plans for people with Medicare under the Part D guidelines. Medicare Part D Plans are offered by private insurance companies that are approved and ...

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AARP Medicare Rx Preferred PDP Versus Enhanced PDP

AARP Medicare Rx Part D

Compare Medicare Plans by Get a No-Cost Medicare Health Plan Quote! Zip Code: Or call: (888) 310-0376 TTY 711 Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM EST | Sat 9AM-6PM EST Get Personalized Assistance From a Licensed eHealth Agent AARP Medicare Rx plans – which is right for you? In most cases you have literally dozens of Medicare Part D plans to choose from. ...

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AARP Medicare – Options From United Healthcare

AARP Medicare - Retirement

AARP Medicare options explained The AARP brand looms large in the Medicare market. The relationship that AARP has with older adults begins when people reach the age of 50 and receive an invitation to join the organization. Many people join AARP for benefits related to travel and other discounts and eventually purchase an AARP Medicare product. Or do they? AARP ...

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Repealing Health Care Reform – Part D Consequences?

Repealing Health Care Reform - Part D Questions?

Repealing health care reform will reverse Part D donut hole savings Mention Health Care Reform and you’re going to get strong opinions from both supporters and those people who are in favor of repealing the wide sweeping legislation. Those opposed focus on both the cost and the mandate that requires everyone to have health insurance by 2014. People in favor ...

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Medicare Part D Formulary Changes

Medicare Formulary Changes For 2011

Medicare formulary changes for may cost you For the most part the Medicare Part D drug program has been beneficial for people who would otherwise not be able to afford the high cost of medications. Health care reform legislation means that Medicare Part D formulary changes that took place in 2012 may cost you. Legislation that became effective January 1 ...

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Part D Formulary Is Key To Choosing The Right Plan

2011 Medicare Part D Formularies

Medicare Part D formularies vary widely – why it matters There are several things to consider when choosing a Medicare Part D plan. Comparing plans would be easier if Part D formularies were more easily accessible… but they are often not. Formularies are considered to be either Basic or Enhanced. Most people will find that a basic formulary is suitable. ...

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