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Part D

Compare WellCare Part D – WellCare Classic VS WellCare Extra

WellCare Part D Value

WellCare Part D options include Classic (PDP) and Extra (PDP) – but which is best? Unless you have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan which includes Part D you should enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan. WellCare Part D is one option if you are staying with original Medicare or have purchased a Medicare supplement. You have two WellCare ...

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CIGNA Medicare Part D – Unbiased Review

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CIGNA Medicare Part D includes attractive features but is it the right choice? CIGNA Medicare aims to increase their share of the Part D market and may have incorporated some features to accomplish that goal. The competition to add Part D members is fierce and CIGNA Medicare has stepped up its game. This article will address some of the more ...

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Part D Annual Election Period – Allowed Changes

Part D Open Enrollment 2012

Part D Annual Election Period – when is it and what can you do ? For most people, the opportunity to make changes to Part D happens once a year. Whether you call it the Annual Election Period, Part D Open Enrollment or the Annual Enrollment Period, it all means the same thing. The time to assess your options and ...

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CIGNA Medicare Rx Healthy Rewards Program Benefits Overview

CIGNA Medicare Rx Health Rewards Better Than Ice Cream

The Healthy Rewards program included with CIGNA Medicare Rx provides extra benefits Insurance companies that offer Medicare Part D plans are constantly trying to set themselves apart from the competition. CIGNA’s approach looks like it will appeal to people who yearn for some extra benefits not included in original Medicare or a Medicare supplement policy. If you are looking for ...

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2013 Part D Changes

Questions About 2012 Part D?

Do you have questions about changes to 2013 Part D plans? Just as sure as politicians blame each other for the County’s problems you know that each year there will be changes to Medicare Part D plans. 2013 Part D plans will be no different. Some changes are quite clear to see because the Medicare prescription drug program is regulated ...

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The Best Medicare Part D Plan

How can you tell which is the best Medicare Part D plan? Times are tough. Money is tight. And the cost of prescription drugs are through the roof. So with all the choices available how do you find the best Medicare Part D plan? If you are sticking with original Medicare, choosing a Medigap policy or enrolling in a Private ...

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What Does Medicare Part D Really Cost?

Medicare Part D Cost - Shopping Cart

Look beyond premium to learn your real Medicare Part D cost It’s relatively easy to learn what the premiums are for available Part D plans but learning the real Medicare Part D cost involves understanding a lot of moving parts. Each year many Medicare beneficiaries make the mistake of choosing a Medicare drug plan based on premium alone. This is ...

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Original Medicare And Part D – Too Many Gaps?

Original Medicare and Part D Questions?

Is it too risky to choose original Medicare and Part D as your only Medicare health coverage? As you contemplate your Medicare health choices you may be inclined to choose original Medicare and Part D as your coverage option. Each year a small percentage of people choose this option mostly prompted by the desire or the need to save money. ...

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Medicare Annual Notice Of Change – Don’t Ignore It

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The Medicare Annual Notice of Change is the most important communication When you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan it seems like the mail from your plan sponsor will never end. But there is one communication that is vitally important. The Annual Notice of Change is your first step in deciding whether or not you ...

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Compare Medicare Part D – Five Things To Consider

Compare Medicare Part D - Good Better Best

Don’t compare Medicare Part D plans without considering these 5 things To compare Medicare Part D plans you must understand all the moving parts. And there are a lot of moving parts. Often people choose a plan based on a narrow set of criteria only to find that the plan did not meet their needs or ultimately had a much ...

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