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Part D

2013 Part D Premiums To Remain Steady

Senior Woman with Tablet

2013 Part D premiums won’t break the bank A little good news from CMS. The average Part D premium is to remain at about $30 per month. This represents virtually no change from the 2012 average of $29.67 per month. There is also a little good news for people who are likely to reach the Part D donut hole in ...

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First Health Part D Value Plus Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons Represented by Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down

First Health Value Plus is one of three plans from First Health Part D If you are new to Medicare you may be surprised to learn that you have more than two dozen Medicare Part D plans to choose from. First Health Part D offers three plans, the most basic of which is the First Health Part D Value Plus ...

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Windsor Rx Review

Windsor Rx Figure with Medicine

Windsor Rx – standing out from the crowd? Everyday there are approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare benefits. Many of these people will either stick with original Medicare or purchase a Medigap policy as a supplement. If you are planning to receive your medical benefits from original Medicare, with or without a Medigap policy, you ...

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UniCare MedicareRx Rewards Part D

UniCare MedicareRx Rewards - Yes or No?

UniCare MedicareRx Rewards plans reviewed You can receive your Medicare Part D benefits in one of two ways; you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Medicare drug coverage or you can enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan such as MedicareRx Rewards Standard (PDP) or MedicareRx Rewards Plus (PDP) which are offered by Unicare, a WellPoint subsidiary. ...

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BravoRx Part D Plan Review

BravoRx Part D

BravoRx PDP is not for everyone Most insurance companies offering Part D insurance have more than one plan to choose from. This is not the case of BravoRx available from Bravo Health, a HealthSpring company. Part D plans can be classified by their type of formulary. A formulary is the list of drugs that are covered by a plan. Formularies ...

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EnvisionRxPlus Silver vs EnvisionRxPlus Gold

EnvisionRxPlus Silver vs Rite Aid EnvisionRxPlus

There’s more differences than branding between EnvisionRxPlus Silver and Rite Aid EnvisionRxPlus You more than likely to have a couple dozen Part D plans available to choose from. Many are from familiar big name companies that saturate the media with their commercials and branding such as Humana and United HealthCare. Other Medicare drug plans are from compaanies that may not ...

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Changing Medicare Plans After The Enrollment Period

Act Now to Change or drop Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Your limited options for dropping or changing your Medicare Advantage plan after Open Enrollment Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan only to find out later that you made a mistake is frustrating. Enrolling in the wrong plan can cost you; cost you money and cost you lost opportunity to be taking advantage of a better choice. If you are unhappy ...

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Part D Not Renewing – Take These Steps

Part D Not Renewing For 2011?

Don’t panic if your Part D is not renewing next year Some Medicare beneficiaries will lose their stand-alone drug coverage December 31 due to their Part D plan not renewing. Millions more will lose their Part D coverage because their Medicare Advantage plan is not renewing. Although getting notice in the mail that your drug coverage will not be renewed ...

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Special Enrollment Period For Non-Renewing Medicare Plans

Special Enrollment Period For Non-Renewing Medicare Plans

If your Medicare plan is not renewing take advantage of this Special Enrollment Period Medicare Advantage and Part D plans are calendar year plans. Each year insurance companies offering these plans can choose to non-renew a plan or exit a service area. If your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan is not going to be offered for the following year ...

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Florida Part D – BlueMedicare Rx Review

Florida Part D BlueMedicare Rx

Florida Part D – should you consider BlueMedicare Rx? If you are in the market for a Florida Part D plan you have a lot to consider. There are 34 Part D plans available in Florida for 2013. Many of these plans will be from familiar names like the BlueCross BlueMedicare Rx plans. But name recognition alone is not reason ...

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