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Medicare Advantage

Advantra Medicare Advantage Changes

File a Medicare Appeal

Advantra Medicare Advantage plans are only an option in major markets At one time Coventry Health Care was a major provider of PFFS Medicare Advantage plans with their Advantra Freedom plans. Regulation of PFFS plans has changed all that and Coventry has chosen to focus on more populated markets were it’s easier to develop credible provider networks. Advantra Medicare Advantage ...

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Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan Review

Humana Reader's Digest Healthy Living Plan

Humana jumps on the co-branding band wagon with Humana Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Plan The Medicare Advantage market is fiercely competitive and any angle that will attract potential members is fair game. Co-branding Medicare products is not new for Humana. The Humana Walmart Preferred Rx planis a very popular Part D plan offered nationally.. Humana aims to capitalize on the ...

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Tips For Finding Affordable Medicare Plans

Affordable Medicare

Follow these simple tips to find affordable Medicare plans The price of food, gas and utilities seem to be going up daily. You need to find ways to cut corners. One solution is to find a more affordable Medicare plan. Every plan provider and marketer is promising to save you money but after the smoke clears you find yourself in ...

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Coventry Health Care Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans Without Premiums

Coventry Medicare Advantage plans available in major markets only Medicare Advantage providers can pick and choose the service areas  where they will offer Medicare Advantage plans. A good example of this is Coventry. They know that their competitive advantage is in major markets where they have a solid network of providers. If you live in one of these markets it’s ...

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New York State Medicare Plan Choices

Map - New York State Medicare

New York State Medicare plan primer – understanding your options As a Medicare beneficiary you have some choices to make. Determining which type of Medicare plan you will have is one of the most important health decisions you will make. Very few people enroll in Medicare without at least adding Part D coverage and most people also choose a Medicare ...

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Texas Medicare Plans – Enrollment Options

Texas Medicare Plan

Texas Medicare plans offer a disparity of choices It’s said that everything is big in Texas and that holds true for the divide between rural and metropolitan Counties when it involves a choice of Texas Medicare plans. The story is the same in many States across the Country. If you live in a rural County your chances of having a ...

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Medicare Annual Notice Of Change – Don’t Ignore It

Act now button

The Medicare Annual Notice of Change is the most important communication When you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan it seems like the mail from your plan sponsor will never end. But there is one communication that is vitally important. The Annual Notice of Change is your first step in deciding whether or not you ...

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Considering Medicare PPO – Read This Before You Enroll

Connected Figures Represent Medicare PPO Plans

Medicare PPO plans have some attractive features but are they worth considering? If you are enrolled in Medicare you have some choices to make. You can stay with original Medicare and enroll in Part D, purchase a Medigap policy and enroll in Part D or join a Medicare Advantage plan that more than likely will include Part D coverage. If ...

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Medicare Advantage Insurance – Read This Before You Enroll

Medicare Advantage Insurance Application

What is Medicare Advantage insurance and is it right for you? A recent survey found that a significant percentage of people either don’t know what type of plan they are enrolled in or couldn’t identify the differences between Medicare Advantage insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance. This doesn’t bode well for people on Medicare choosing the best type of plan for ...

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United Healthcare Medicare Brand Changes

News About United HealthCare Medicare 2012 Brand

United Healthcare Medicare products to unify brand There are several reasons why a company may re-brand itself or some of its products. United Healhcare Medicare products have no doubt re-branded to build brand equity as it relates to all aspects of their business. United Healthcare Medicare members received notice of this re-branding campaign  in the Annual Notice of Change. SecureHorizons ...

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