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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Health Insurance Options Overview

Know your Medicare health insurance options Medicare options are confusing. Original Medicare, Part A, Part B, Part C, Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplement Plans! You have choices and to best protect yourself, you need to understand your Medicare health insurance options. Medicare beneficiaries generally have three options when it comes to Medicare health insurance. Original Medicare Medicare Supplement Insurance, ...

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Medicare Advantage Premiums – Too High?

Medicare Advantage Premiums Too High?

Will Medicare Advantage premiums continue to increase? How much is too much?  We have seen Medicare Advantage premiums increase year after year.  Some of the premium increases make you wonder whether you would be better off taking your chances with original Medicare. In some cases premiums are approaching $200 per month and you may be wondering if  putting the premiums ...

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Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

Tips to help you compare Medicare Advantage plans If you have been enrolled in Medicare for some time you know that finding a suitable Medicare Advantage plan is a lot like having a birthday. It happens every year and it it isn’t always necessarily fun! This article will address some ways that you can compare Medicare Advantage plans so get ...

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Find Medicare Advantage Plans At

Locate available Medicare Advantage Plans at The Annual Enrollment Period  for Medicare Advantage Plans with a January effective date begins October 15th and ends December 7th. Plans for the following year are posted on on October 1st each year. This is the same time that insurance companies can begin marketing the next years plans. If you are new ...

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Humana Medicare Advantage Plan Costs Skyrocket

Humana Medicare Advantage Premiums Skyrocket

Humana PFFS plan premiums The cut in funding to insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage Plans has  in some cases  resulted in a huge premium increase for plan members. Humana private fee-for-service plans have seen annual increases that have made it unaffordable for many members. Medicare Advantage plan non-renewals Some insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage Plans have reacted to funding cuts ...

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Medicare Advantage Maximum Out-of-Pocket Costs

Medicare Advantage Maximum out-of-pocket

Medicare Advantage maximum out-of-pocket limit a benefit When comparing Medicare Advantage Plan benefits, don’t overlook what may be the single biggest benefit of all – the limit  Medicare Advantage maximum annual out-of-pocket costs. It’s true that Medicare Advantage Plans include many cost saving benefits but the single benefit that could save you the most is the limit on your out-of- ...

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Florida Medicare Advantage Plans – Huge Disparity Of Premiums

Comparing Florida Medicare Advantage Plans

Florida Medicare Advantage Plans are just one example of a national trend When comparing Florida Medicare Advantage Plans one thing becomes glaringly obvious. There is a huge disparity in monthly premiums between different plans. One reason that many Medicare beneficiaries choose an Advantage Plan versus a Medicare supplement is to have a more affordable monthly premium. A quick check of ...

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Medicare Advantage Plan Or Original Medicare?

Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan or original Medicare?

Choosing between a Medicare Advantage plan or original Medicare often comes down to money The goal of a Medicare health plan is generally to get the most comprehensive coverage for the money. Making a choice between a Medicare Advantage plan and original Medicare should be no different. A Medicare Advantage plan is another way to receive your Medicare benefits. Benefits ...

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Medicare Advantge PFFS Plans Non-Renewing

Changes To Medicare Advantage PFFS

Medicare Advantage PFFS Plan choices are dwindling If you live in Florida and are looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have less choice when it comes to private fee-for-service (PFFS) Plans with each passing year. Florida is not the only State experiencing non-renewals, whether you are in neighboring Alabama or on the West Coast, you will find less ...

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Medicare Advantage Quality Of Care Study

Medicare Advantage members receive higher quality of care Consider a Medicare Advantage Plan if you are interested in a higher quality of care. According to a new analysis of publicly available AHRQ data released October 1, 2009 by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), seniors in Medicare Advantage Plans spent fewer days in a hospital, were subject to fewer hospital re-admissions, ...

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