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Medicare Advantage

AARP Medicare Supplement VS AARP Medicare Advantage Plan

AARP Medicare Plans: MedicareComplete or an AARP Medicare supplement? The word is out. It just doesn’t make sense to enroll in Medicare and not seek additional coverage. Whether you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan or go with a stand alone Part D Drug Plan and a Medicare Supplement, AARP Medicare Plans are worth taking a look at. Original Medicare entails ...

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Medicaid And Medicare: Find Free Medicare Plans

Medicare plans are available for those with both Medicaid and Medicare If you are enrolled in Medicare and qualify for your State’s Medicaid program you may have some additional choices when it comes to a Medicare Plan.Individuals with both Medicaid and Medicare are considered to be dual eligible. There are Special Needs Medicare Plans available for certain categories of individuals, ...

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Health Care Reform Will Affect Medicare Advantage

Health Care Reform tightens the grip on Medicare Advantage You can’t accuse President Obama of flip flopping on his position towards Medicare Advantage Plans. During the 2008 presidential election, he made his views  about the Medicare Advantage program known and he delivered with his health care reform bill. Health care reform will affect Medicare Advantage ….. and not in a ...

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Blue Medicare PPO Overview

Blue Cross Blue Medicare PPO offers some flexibility At some point in your life you  may have had insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Whether you had an individual or employer group plan, you probably formed some opinion about the company. If your experience was good and you are Medicare eligible, you may want to check out the Blue Medicare ...

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Medicare Plans For People Wth Medicare Disability

What are the options for those who qualify for Medicare due to a disability? Most people become eligible for Medicare when they turn 65 years old, but an increasingly large number of people become eligible for Medicare due to a disability. The Medicare disability benefit is activated after someone qualifies for social security benefits due to disability and has completed ...

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The Three Types Of Medicare Special Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans are only for those who meet specific qualifications There are many people on Medicare for which a Medicare supplement or traditional Medicare Advantage plan would not be appropriate. Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans have benefits tailored to people with a specific set of circumstances. If your situation does not meet the defined set of circumstances ...

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Plans For Dual Eligible Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare Advantage for people with both Medicare and Medicaid Many Medicare beneficiaries are also enrolled in their State’s Medicaid program due to having a lower income. Dual eligible Medicare beneficiaries may have access to Special Needs Plans designed especially for them. If you qualify for a Special Needs Plan (SNP) as a dual eligible Medicare beneficiary you should enroll in ...

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Medicare Advantage Enrollment Periods Explained

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Periods Change

There’s more than just the annual Medicare Advantage enrollment period If you ask most people on Medicare when they can enroll in, switch or drop a Medicare Advantage plan they will be quick to tell you. The annual enrollment period is from October 15th through December 7th. New plans become effective on January 1st. But don’t look for specific information ...

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Medicare HMO – Provider Network Is Key

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

A brief look at the pros and cons of a Medicare HMO As the premiums for Medicare Supplement plans continue to rise many Medicare beneficiaries are turning to Medicare Advantage plans. One popular type of plan is a Medicare HMO Advantage plan. People looking to to lower their health care premiums may bristle at the perceived lack of freedom with ...

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AARP MedicareComplete What to Know Before You Enroll

Happy AARP Medicare Complete Members

  AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plan one of the most recognized brands AARP MedicareComplete is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by United Healthcare. MedicareComplete is a popular plan option in many service areas. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered in service areas (typically Counties) and the benefits can vary widely depending on where the plan is available. In many service areas AARP ...

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