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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part B – 2017 Premium and Deductible Changes

Part B Premium Changes in 2017

Part B premium and deductible changes for 2017 to increase costs Every year about this time The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announce the Medicare Part B premium and deductible for the coming year. They also address changes to the Part A premium although this affects very few people.  Most of the media in a move to drive traffic ...

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Top 5 Medicare Advantage Plans

Top 5 Medicare Advantage plans

What determines the top 5 Medicare Advantage plans? I receive a fair amount of emails asking my opinion on which Medicare Advantage Plan to enroll in. The fact that I offer a mini-course helping someone choose their best plan type makes me a likely target for such a question. But my mini-course is about making a choice between Medigap and ...

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How To Review Your Medicare Advantage Plan For Changes

2015 medicare Advantage Changes

Don’t rule out the possibility of your 2015 Medicare Advantage Plan undergoing significant change Shortly after the 2014 Medicare Advantage Plans became effective it seemed like every media outlet was scrambling to get AARP MedicareComplete members on camera telling their story about how they were no longer able to see their providers who were previously in network. And I received ...

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United Healthcare Provider Network Cuts For Medicare Plans

Thumbs Down United Healthcare

United Healthcare Medicare provider network shake-up Some Medicare beneficiaries  are getting  bad news related to Medicare Advantage Plans offered by United Healthcare. All across the country, doctors are receiving notice that they will not be part of the United Healthcare Medicare provider network for Medicare Advantage Plans. This of course means that if your doctor has been terminated from the ...

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Medicare Advantage Enrollment: Do These 3 Things First

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Checklist

Medicare Advantage enrollment checklist The Medicare Advantage Enrollment period is a time of many opportunities. There is the opportunity to change Medicare Advantage Plans or maybe enroll in one for the first time. But, without proper planing there is also the chance that you could enroll in a plan that is less than suitable for your situation. Following is a ...

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Popular Medicare Advantage Plans

Popular medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage enrollment by the numbers If you’re overwhelmed by the number of Advantage Plans available it may be helpful to take a look at what have been the most popular Medicare Advantage Plans. Although a plan’s popularity is no guarantee that it will necessarily be your best option, there may be good reasons for its popularity and it may ...

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When Care Improvement Plus Is A Good Option

Care Improvement Plus Offers Specialized Care

Care Improvement Plus offers people with Medicare specialized care Some Medicare Advantage Plans may be more appropriate for your specific needs than others. Care Improvement Plus from United Healthcare is one of those plans. The vast majority of Care Improvement Plus Medicare Advantage Plans are Special Needs Plans (SNP). These SNP’s are designed for Medicare beneficiaries with heart failure, COPD, ...

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