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Blue Medicare PPO Overview

Smiling Senior ManBlue Cross Blue Medicare PPO offers some flexibility

At some point in your life you  may have had insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Whether you had an individual or employer group plan, you probably formed some opinion about the company.

If your experience was good and you are Medicare eligible, you may want to check out the Blue Medicare PPO Advantage Plan.

A Medicare PPO allows you the benefit of saving money by utilizing in-network providers, but also gives you the flexibility to go out of network if you choose. This type of Medicare Advantage plan can offer more flexibility in that regard than a Medicare HMO.

To learn more about Medicare plan options, get access to our free 8 Part Video Mini-Course.

Blue Medicare PPO – a popular Medicare Advantage plan in Florida

Some Counties in Florida have a couple dozen Medicare plans to choose from. Competition is fierce for some plans with name recognition to attract new members. Name recognition is one problem Blue Cross does not have.

The Blue Medicare PPO plan attracts a lot of new members and many members stay with the plan year after year.

If you choose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you should be aware that plans can change benefits, premiums, providers or just not renew for the following year.

Blue Medicare PPO benefits from a strong network of providers as well as reasonable copays for many services. Part D is included in then plan.

If you are considering a Blue Cross Medicare plan you should have no problem locating an agent who can help you enroll. But before you do, you should take the time to do a thorough comparison of all your options.

Before you sign on the dotted line, you should also take a look at Blue Cross Medicare supplemental insurance as well. If you choose a supplement you can enroll in a Blue Medicare Rx Plan to cover your prescription drugs.

To compare plan premiums in your area check out the official Medicare site and enter you State and County to search for Blue Medicare PPO or other Medicare Advantage Plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield.


  1. I am trying to understand the advantage plan. I currently have Medicare, OK Blue Cross/ Blue Shield (supplement) Well care Plan D. All of this is getting very expensive, Is there some way I can save money and still have good coverage. I am 79 and my husband will be 80 in Feb.

    Please help if you can.Thanks

  2. Joan, Sign up for the free mini-course on Medicare Advantage plans on the home page of this site, it will help you sort out the differences between a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan. Getting to your question about saving money… With an Advantage plan you do have the option to save money on the monthly premium if you choose the right plan. But depending on your usage and the plan chosen, you could find yourself with medical expenses rivaling the Medicare supplement premium.

    Since you have and understand a supplement, maybe you should get some specific Advantage plan information so you can compare benefits. AARP Medicare Complete often offers a plan with a $0/month premium. Or if you still have a relationship with the Blue Cross Blue Shield agent who sold you the supplement, you could contact him or her and ask about 2011 Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans in Oklahoma.

  3. I have requested twice that you fax me at the letter that terminates my coverage effective 12-31-10 because BCBS is no longer offering the program. My new carrier needs this letter asap


  4. Gerald, This site is neither owned or operated by BCBS. You might try contacting your agent to help you receive the information you seek.

  5. We spend about 6 months of the year at our second home in a different county of our state (CA). We want to have coverage in both counties(not just emergency). We had Blue Cross PPO all of last year which was cancelled. Is another one available?

  6. Diana, Medicare advantage plans vary depending on the service area. Visit medicare.gov to search for plans in your area. here is an article on navigating medicare.gov to find available plans.

  7. I have the blue Medicare ppo plan under the Medicare
    Advantage plan. Does this plan cover the brca 1 and 2 test if
    You have four sisters who had breast cancer with only one surviving
    After having both breast removed. I called and was told they do
    Cover but cannot find a lab that handles this type of blood test.
    I have a written order from my doctor. Thanks

  8. Set, If they do cover it, they should be able to direct you to a lab that is in network. Call member services and ask that specific question.

  9. Why doesn’t Florida Blue Medicare PPO offer Silversneakers? I fine this is very important as I am a member of Curves and it helps with membership fees.

  10. Jane, I’m guessing that they are trying to balance income received from Medicare and expenses incurred when the plan is used by members. So why Silver Sneakers and not some other aspect of the plan? Probably because it is sadly an under utilized benefit. AARP MedicareComplete had offered Silver Sneakers in Florida, but not for 2014. The benefit seems to be an easy target for those responsible with ensuring profitability.

  11. What pharmacy is acceptable for diabetic supplies? I have Blue Advantage and have to pay for all my supplies. I have had numerous mail order companies call for information only to find they are not in the group.

  12. Betty, Since Blue Advantage may use different pharmacies across the Country you would be best served by calling the member servcies number on the back of your card and requesting a pharmacy directory.

  13. I’m thinking of retiring at the end of the year and am needing to find medicare insurance for my husband and my self. I would like information on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Advantage program. I am a diabetic and would need info on this type of coverage

  14. Stella, Give PlanPrescriber a call toll free at (888) 310-0376. They can get you the information about the Blue Cross Blue Shield Advantage plans and help you enroll.

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