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Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Insurance

Blue Cross Medicare supplement offerings vary from State-to-StateUSA Map in Blue

If you have ever tried to find information on Blue Cross Medicare supplement insurance you may have been frustrated that you either couldn’t find the appropriate website for your State or that you landed on a website that required you to provide your personal information before you could do your research.

If you are looking for a rate quote you will eventually need to supply relevant information about yourself. But before you start learning about the premiums it’s nice to get the general information that helps you make an informed decision as to whether or not a Medicare supplement is the right choice let alone whether or not a Medicare supplement from Blue Cross Blue Shield is the way to go.

Many people begin looking for a Medicare supplement, also known as a Medigap policy, only to learn that they would rather enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. If this is the case there are several Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plans to choose from.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Available Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplements and their monthly premiums vary across the United States because the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a federation of 39 insurance companies and organizations in the United States.

For instance, if you reside in California you have Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California, in Florida the company is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. The Association is made up of:

  • Publicly traded companies
  • Multi-State private companies
  • Single-State or regional companies

Each company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield family of companies operates independently. Each company or organization decides which products to offer and what the premiums will be.

This explains why someone in Alabama insured under Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama may have a lower premium than someone in another State for the same standardized plan or why they do not have the same plan options as someone insured under Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Nevada.

Standardized Medicare supplements

Medicare supplements are referred to as Medigap insurance because they fill the gap or otherwise pay your portion for Medicare covered expenses. Expenses are paid at varying levels depending on which Medigap policy you have.

With the exception of Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin which have their own variations of Medicare supplemental policies there are 10 standardized plans to choose from. Plans are labeled as; A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. In addition there is also a High deductible Plan F alternative.

In some States you can purchase a supplemental policy referred to as Medicare Select that utilizes a provider network. Otherwise a supplemental Medicare policy allows you to use any provider that accepts Medicare assignment.

It’s important to note that Medicare supplement policies no longer include prescription drug coverage. You will need to purchase a separate Part D Plan. People in most States will have approximately 30 stand-alone Part D plans to choose from. You can choose from one of the Blue MedicareRx Plans or another company. You are not required to have Part D coverage and your Medicare supplement from the same company.

Insurance companies are not required to offer all available plans. This is indeed the case with many Blue Cross Blue Shield companies that may only offer a few Medicare supplements. It is also true of many other companies that you may be aware of such as Mutual of Omaha or Humana.

If you are interested in purchasing a supplemental Medicare policy and you find that the standardized supplement that you would like is not available as a Blue Cross Medicare supplement you will need to look at other insurance companies.

The good news about shopping for a Medicare supplement is that the coverage is standardized and coverage is the same from company to company fore the same plan.  If you have decided on Medicare Supplement Plan F because it is the most comprehensive it is easy to compare from one insurance company to the next.



  1. If I were to sign up for medicare supplement under Blue cross Blue shield Florida plan, would I still have coverage while in Wisconsin during the summer?

  2. Frederic, Yes, if it is a Medicare supplement / Medigap policy you will have coverage nationwide without network restrictions. A Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan on the other hand would subject you to network restrictions in some instances.

  3. Can you send me info on your Medicare supplements. I will have Parts A and B of Medicare and Tricare for Life from the military. thx

  4. Larry, You should contact a Blue Cross agent in your State to receive information on Blue Cross Medicare Supplement insurance. Offerings and premiums vary.


  6. Karen, You should really seek the advice of a local insurance agent who represents several Part D plans. You should also know that unless your husband is entitled to a Special Enrollment Period at this time he will have to wait until the Part D Annual Election period.

  7. age 62; have had medicare(AB) since 1987 – disability
    widow – will be taken off medicaid due to SS benefit change
    need supplement so I don’t have high deductibles that I won’t be able to pay

  8. Kathy, I recommend that you speak with an agent familiar with the laws in your State. Some States don’t require insurance companies to offer Medicare supplements to people on Medicare who are under 65. Hopefully that’s the the case in your State. If so, you could always look at enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan. You can speak with an agent who will be knowledgeable by calling PlanPrescriber at (888) 310-0376. You will be able to compare and receive quotes on multiple plans. Good luck!

  9. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. I will be eligible for Medicare June 1st..So I will be able to change over my Blue Cross to a supplemental insurance with my Medicare..How does this work and will my premiums be lower for the Blue Cross insurance..Does Blue Cross pay the deductibles for Medicare..

  10. Rubie, When you’re new to Medicare there’s a lot to learn and consider. I recommend that you sign up for my Free 8 Part Video Mini-Course to get a good understanding of your Medicare Plan options.


  12. Mary, I’m not familiar with how Blue Cross sets premiums in all States, but my experience has been that insurance premiums will increase every year or most every year. For instance, if medical costs were to double at some point after you turned 85, it would stand to reason that Blue Cross would need to charge more to cover costs. Maybe you could ask your agent to see how premiums are set after you turn 85.

  13. Henrietta Cowart

    I have Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana as a supplement. I will be moving to Florida, will I be able to use my Blue Cross in Florida?

  14. Henrietta, Once you establish permanent residency in Florida you should contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They will transfer your policy and you will be covered. Rates do vary from State to State so you may see a change in your premium.

  15. I am reviewing the questions and responses and am very interested in the question Henrietta asked and your response…We are in the same situation, Florida Blue Cross medigap policy we’ve had since turning 65 and now moving to Tennessee which offers the identical medigap policy. We are trying to transfer the policy and Florida refuses to transfer it. But will cover us as out of state policy holders at a substantial increase.

    How can this be fair or even legal, seniors do decide to move for various reasons and I don’t understand why they should be financially penalized nor how one state can refuse to transfer a member. Tennessee says without a transfer we would be required to undergo underwriting and enter at current age.

    Help please.

  16. I am on medicare and have aarp unitedhealthcare with rx drug part d. aarp sent a letter stating I have until 12/31/15 to find a new one as they are discontinuing medicare patients. I need advise on a new plan with no co=pay like the one I have now as I am on SS and cannot afford to buy a plan. help please

  17. Hi Joann, This sort of thing happens every year with many different companies and plans. You should speak with a licensed insurance agent… one that represents many different companies. I endorse PlanPrescriber. They are a national brokerage firm with agents licensed in all 50 States. Give them a call toll free at (888) 310-0376. They are very knowledgeable and represent all plans.

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