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Blue Cross Medicare Plans 2015

Blue Cross Medicare plans – 2015 options reviewed

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Blue Cross may have more Medicare plan variations nationally than any other carrier. The offer; Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans and Part D.

The following is a brief overview of what you need to know to compare 2015 Blue Cross Medicare plans.

Learning about the different types of plans offered will allow you to choose between  Blue Cross Medicare plans as well as compare Blue Medicare plans to other available plans such as AARP MedicareComplete.

Types of Blue Cross Medicare plans

If you are interested in a Blue Cross plan beyond what original Medicare offers you basically have two choices. You can purchase a Blue Cross Medicare supplemental plan, also known as Medigap or you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Blue Cross.

Blue Cross Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement policies are standardized insurance policies that fill in the gaps of original Medicare. To clarify, they do not offer coverage for services not included in Medicare but rather help pay your share of Medicare covered expenses. These expenses typically include your Part A hospital deductible and the Part B coinsurance amount of 20%.

The extent to how much of your expenses are covered depends on which standardized plan you purchase. Medicare supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive Medigap policy available.

Shopping for a Medicare supplement offered by Blue Cross is fairly simple because plans are standardized no matter which company you choose. Plan F benefits for instance will be the same no matter the company but the premium can vary.

Benefits of a Medicare supplement include:

  • Choose any provider that accepts Medicare
  • Peace of mind knowing what is covered
  • Number of plans to choose from
  • Out of pocket costs are predictable

Some down sides of a Medicare supplement may include, the affordability of the premium, Part D is not included, no extra benefits like dental or vision and the premiums will generally increase year after year.

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan

Medicare Advantage plans or Part C as they are known are offered as an alternative way of receiving your Medicare benefits. Plans are administered by private insurance companies that have been approved and contracted by CMS.

You are still enrolled in Medicare and must continue to pay your Part B premium. Unlike Medicare supplement policies, Medicare Advantage plans are not standardized and can actually vary in benefits and premiums County by County.

You may or may not have a Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan available in your County. One popular Advantage plan is Freedom Blue PPO but many more are available. Plan types include; HMO, PPO and Private fee-for-service plans.

Medicare Advantage plans are annual plans that must be renewed at years end. To learn more about Medicare Advantage enrollment check out the following article:

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Period Overview

Benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan include:

  • Lower monthly premiums including $0 per month in some cases
  • Predictable co-payments and coinsurance amounts
  • Part D often included
  • Lower in-network costs
  • Addition benefits like vision and dental often included

The downside of an Advantage plan may include limited in-network coverage for specialists, higher out-of-pocket costs when out-of-network and plans needing to be renewed on an annual basis.

Tips to compare Blue Cross Medicare plans for 2015

Comparing Medicare supplement policies is a straight forward endeavor. Review the plan benefits for each standardized plan to determine which is best for you and then compare the premium amount with other companies.

Comparing  Medicare Advantage plans is a little more complicated. Plans are not standardized and there can be many moving parts. Things to consider include:

  • Is the monthly premium affordable?
  • Are your providers in network?
  • Are the co-payments and coinsurance amounts reasonable?
  • Are your medications included in the plan’s formulary?
  • Does the plan include the extra benefits that are important to you?

Visit the Medicare website at to get an overview of plans available. To learn more about each plan you will need to visit the plan’s website and search for plans specific to your County. This will allow you to see what 2015 Blue Cross Medicare plans are available.




  1. I have Blue Cross thru Mobile County School System. My husband is on disability & will be on Medicare, Sept. 1 2011. His drugs will exceed the $2800. because he is on an insulin pump and other drugs due to his disability. Can we keep him insured with my Blue Cross & still enroll him in Blue Cross Medicare Advantage to pick up the overage cost of his prescription drugs that Medicare & Blue Cross Medicare Advantage will not cover…the donut hole?

  2. Hello and thank you for your help. My elderly parents have Medicare Advantage Blue Cross. They do not have dental coverage.

    Can you direct me to the dental plans in the San Gabriel Valley California Please.

    Will they be able to get immediate coverage since they have been on Blue Cross for many years?

  3. Martha, Purchasing a stand-alone dental plan typically doesn’t require previous insurance nor will it be an advantage when it comes to purchasing dental. you should consult a local insurance broker to see what dental plans are available in California.

  4. have fed blue cross blue sheild and now just got on medicare.was wondering if the blue cross would go down as medicare now picks up a lot of the care???”hope springs eternal in the breast of man”.A pope.

  5. David, You would think that it should convert to a supplemental policy rather than major medical and hence have a lower premium. Check with your human resources department to get a definitive answer.

  6. i’m finding out that blue cross blue shield medicare prefered plan charges copays for everything $150.00 copay for a ct scan,my prescriptions are all covered 100% for most generics.lexapro went generic but it still cost me 107 dollars not counting the 60 dollar deductable.if your hospital bills are getting too high,check with the hospital financial dept, and see if they fave financial assistance available like mo baptist.i have a feeling that this medicare prefered plan from blue cross blue shield isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.i hope this info helped you

  7. i want to know what the deductable fo 2013 is going to be.

  8. Billy, The 2013 Medicare deductible has not yet been made public. CMS normally releases this info in November.

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