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Finding the right AARP Medicare Rx plan is easy when you follow the online prompts and know what resources to look for when visiting

AARP Medicare Part D plans are insured through United Healthcare. United Healthcare also offers Medicare Advantage plans such as AARP MedicareComplete and MedicareComplete Essential.

They also offer Medicare supplement policies such as the popular AARP Medicare Plan N.

AARP Medicare Rx homepage

The first thing you will notice when visiting the home page is a pop up asking you to submit your zip code. This is required because plans vary based on where you live. Not only can plan availability vary but also the monthly premium and plan formulary can be different from one area to the next.

If you are already a AARP Medicare plan member you can either sign in or register for more personalized information. This makes it easy to:

  • View your plan materials
  • Look up prescription medications
  • Find a pharmacy to fill your prescription

Important information for prospective members

Once you enter your zip code you will see available Medicare Part D plans and see plan details. There is more to consider than just the monthly premium. Plan details include:

  • The monthly premium
  • Any deductible required
  • Drugs covered by the plan
  • All copays and discounts

Tools are available to estimate your total drug costs. This is especially helpful so you can compare AARP Medicare Rx plans to any other plan you may be considering.

Other helpful resources at include a PDF for the Summary of Benefits as well as Evidence of Coverage.

If you would like to compare AARP Part D plans to other available Part D plans you should visit eHealthInsurance, a leading provider of plan choices. Just enter your zip code to see all available plans. For more personalized service you can call 888 310-0376 toll-free Monday through Saturday during normal business hours.

Stay current with Part D formulary changes

A Medicare Part D formulary is the most important aspect of a Medicare Rx plan and should be the first place you start after you have found a plan with an affordable premium. The Rx formulary is the list of drugs covered by a Rx plan.

The formulary is important because you will be able to review not only that your drugs are covered but also which tier they are placed in. Tier placement will determine your out-of-pocket cost for individual medications.

The AARP Medicare Rx website includes the following information about formulary changes:

  • Plan formularies
  • Formulary deletion updates
  • Formulary Additions update
  • Prior authorization criteria
  • Step therapy criteria

It’s best to review this information online as a printed AARP Medicare Rx formulary may be out of date. Visit to access these resources so you can ensure that you are choosing the right RX plan for your needs.


  1. Your tier levels and co pays have evaluated entirely to much. Benicar went up from a tier 2 to a tier 3 going from $117 to $270 for the coming year. not everyone can take a gernic for Benicar. This is not good.

  2. Lois, This site is not owned or operated by AARP Rx plans. I do agree though that it’s quite a jump. Sounds like you should start comparing 2012 Medicare Part D plans.

  3. I habe medicare and aarp for my drug plan–I have to take benicar for my blood pressure—I am paying more for it than the insurance is paying–this is not right–that is not helping me any–is there a pharmacy that I can get it cheaper at?

  4. Mildred, Have you considered using the mail order benefit? this will usually save you a good amount of money.

  5. john schroeder

    cost of benicar is tearing me out of the frame, I will be in the doughnut hole in about(3)mos. if drug cost keep escalating.

  6. John, Really? What tier is Benicar placed in? I love the “tearing me out of the frame” reference. Very visual.

  7. This site is not very helpful in helping to find a pharmacy in my area.I received my new book yesterday for the coming year and used the but couldn’t get a directory sent to me. Have been using OLE pharmacy and it has changed and wanted to know if Super One,the new pharmacy there is a participating pharmacy but could not find a list.Your site is sure nopt easy to use for people my age of 79.

  8. Hi Gloria, I’m sorry for the confusion. this site is not owned or operated by an insurance company and we don’t provide the type of service that you require. If you have had trouble getting a new directory online, try calling the toll-free number on your Part D card. They can usually help.

  9. I received a letter today from AARP Medicare Rx Plans / United Health Care that show ” new charges” $ 48.20, Total due $ 48.20. Right underneath this it states in bold print “NO PAYMENT DUE” . Right …the payment is automatically taken from my checking account! Then it goes on to say the amount I owe has changed. Then comes the payment coupon . My ID number, the due date for my payment and the the total due $0.00. Great! i’m happy to pay no more . I use less than $ 10.00 in scrips a month and pay 0ver $40.00 for my plan. I can’t imagine I owe more than $0.00 My question is , Why do I get a two-page letter to deliver me a payment coupon stating $0.00 due

  10. Same as above

  11. Jeremy, It’s probably due to laws requiring mandatory notification. Communications from insurers are strictly governed.

  12. been on hold for a problem with new payment system rx plan for an hour now 1-888-867-5575
    I will remember this when I change to different company plan. HIRE SOME MORE PEOPLE TO ANSWER PHONES

  13. James, I’m sorry for your frustrating experience, but this site is not owned or operated by an insurance company.

  14. I would like to have my Rx payment taken out of my checking account. How do I go about doing that?
    Thank you,
    Mary Ax

  15. If I am already on automatic deductions for both plans, do I have to submit information again?

  16. Despite a “WELCOME” letter dated 12/04/2014, I did not receive a coupon book. How was I supposed to send the January first payment????
    I tried your “Call us 7 days-a-week” yesterday, Sunday at 1 pm, CA time.. “Offices closed.”
    Today I called twice. Right now, I have been on HOLD for over 46 minutes!
    If this is the kind of Customer Service I can expect for the next 12 months, I certainly made a BIG mistake switching from First Health, which has excellent Customer Service.

    I gave up and hung up. No coupon book; no payment. Appalling customer relations. Lots of hype before enrollment, pounds of paperwork afterwards – and no service!

  17. I have tried calling your customer service department several times. Simply put on hold for endless time. No one ever answers! I have not received a payment book and therefore cannot make my January payment. If you are no longer using payment coupons, please advise how I am suppose to make payments. I am not interested in automatic payments from my checking account.

    Please improve your customer relations. I find the current method unacceptable.

  18. Cancelled my RX plan in 2014 but they are still billing me. What’s up with that?

  19. I can not seem to get in touch with you I keep being put on hold forever—-I paid my bill but so far the checks haven’t cleared—–did you get them?

  20. Nancy, This site is a blog and is not owned by AARP or United Healthcare. I would suggest writing them a letter if you cannot reach them by phone.

  21. Jean, It sounds like your cancellation was not received. How did you cancel? In writing? Often a verbal cancellation will result in the experience you are having. If you enrolled in another plan your previous plan would be automatically canceled. Are you being billed for two plans?

  22. I am a United Healthcare member and I have tried over and over again to reach you by phone. I have waited up to 45 minutes and was never connected to a customer service agent. It is ridiculous!! I still have not received a 2015 AARP Medicare Rx Plan booklet. United Healthcare needs to improve their service!!

  23. I received a bill saying I owe for jan. and Feb 2015 – I have autimatic withdrawal from my account and it was taken out on 1-6-2015. I have tried 3 time 9andywhere from 30 the 50 minutes on hold) and all I want is for them to know they are taking my monthly premiums out of my checking account. Service is really very poor – I am not sure you will even see this and I am at odds as what to do – I refuse to hold on the phone for another long period of time.

  24. Paid for three months. Check dated 12-21-14 did not yet clear. Did you receive it?

  25. My payments are made every month and I just got a bill stating I owe one month. It’s been paid I pulled up my bank information and it was taken out of my account December 31st for January. I can’t get through on the phone, guess there are a lot of people with a problem. Who should I write to or call to get this straightened out?

  26. i can’t get through to you by phone I have waited 30 or more minutes many times and never talked to anyone.I have not received a bill yet What am I to do???Your service stinks It is unacceptable No company should operate like this.

  27. phone wait of 1 hour & 2 minutes is very rude and annoying, then I got a representative who was very difficult to understand (poor slurry speech). Got a bill dated January 8 – received it 9 days later on the 17th saying I was past due for payment when I paid for the full year of 2015 on December 22. UHC has some major problems to clean up. My impression of UHC now is rude & incompetent people. Ignoranuses (both ignorant and a-holes)! Will probably look for a better company next year. I agree with the person above. Your service stinks.

  28. Agreeing with the above e-mails. Tried four different days at different times and agree totally
    the worst customer service ever. Never got a response. Husband gets a monthly bill but not me .They will not force me to have my payment drawn from my bank account.

  29. I was wondering how much it cost for my grandma to join due to she due to Medicaid she is diabetic and 60 years old and she only has Medicare and how much does it cost my grandma’s boyfriend to join

  30. Perry, Rates for a Part D Plan vary State to State. You can contact a local agent or call 888 310-0376 to get a quote.

  31. I can not understand how in the world I can be denied a medication that requires a PA. I got the PA done, have been on this medication for probably 10 years, and have had to do several PA’s with other insurance companies. Now, all of a sudden, I have to stop taking it, just because UHC doesn’t want to cover it. It’s not a narcotic rx, but a controlled one. When calling Medicare about an ins plan to join,and having Medicaid as well, I just don’t understand why they want to make me go thru the appeal process and just a whole bunch of aggravation for no reason. If the people people that make these decisions were in my shoes, u can believe they wouldn’t have this problem. Its not right, no matter how u look at it.

  32. Dear David,
    If this is only a blog why is this website on the back of my insurance card? Very confusing.

  33. Beth, You may be confusing the blog title with the site’s URL. The URL is

  34. Eugene A. Glendenning

    I had a RX filled for Tomolol maleate, my payment was $31. plus some cents. When I had it refilled 6 weeks alter the cost to me was $ some cents. When I quested the pharmacy about the #20.00 inclrease, I was told to contact my insurance company. Why the increase?

  35. Eugene, It does sound like a question for your insurance company. Had you not met your deductible when you paid $51? that could explain it.

  36. Just left where I reviewed and signed up for AARP MedicareRxPreferred (United Health Care). Got confirmation of my enrollment and was given 1-888-867-5575 if any questions…BUT problem is that phone number is auto answer and it asked for member #!!!!!!!! Can not talk to human!
    This website was also listed…so– here is my problem. I printed out enrollment form and confirm #. It said do not contract before 10 days. My Current Part D ends in 10 days! I moved from North Carolina to Maryland and BCBS does not handle Part D here. My notice from BCBS of NC said coverage ends Feb 29, 2016. HOW do I confirm I will have insurance with United Health Care in time???? Help!!!
    REF Conf# 38568745933365

  37. David, Part D coverage always begins on the first of the month. You should have coverage March 1st. If you are still skeptical you could contact a local agent who my be able to verify your coverage.

  38. It may be that you are not thinking of the right number. They mean your AARP membership number. Try it and see if it works. I had this problem too.

  39. Why is the generic for librax not coved by my rx plan

  40. Lois, A Part D formulary is the list of covered drugs. Formularies can and do vary from plan to plan. Although I do not know the specific reason, a plan may determine that a specific drug is too expensive for their tier structure, may have a similar drug of the same class or in some cases a drug may be too new to have been included in the formulary. The good news is we’re only one month away from being able to compare Part D plans and their formularies. The enrollment period begins on October 15th and ends December 7th. If you want help and would like to speak with an agent call PlanPrescriber at 888-31-0376. They have helped thousands of my readers and subscribers. Here’s a video I did a couple of years ago that may be able to help.

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