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AARP Supplement Insurance Compliments Medicare

Which AARP supplement insurance plan is best?Life Preserver with $100 Dollar Bill Pattern

If you have decided on AARP supplement insurance as a way to fill the gaps in your Medicare costs you may be wondering which of the several Medigap policies will suit you best.

If so, you are not alone. AARP supplemental insurance is one of the most popular ways to ensure that an accident or illness doesn’t break the bank.

This article will give a brief overview of how an AARP supplement insurance policy compliments Medicare. Additionally, we will address which Medicare supplement is the most comprehensive and which policies could save you money if you are relatively healthy.

How AARP supplement insurance works

An AARP supplemental policy is technically called a Medigap policy. Many people refer to a Medigap policy as a Medicare supplement. A Medigap policy is private insurance that requires a separate premium in addition to your Medicare Part B premium.

AARP supplement insurance works by filling in the gaps on your share of Medicare covered expenses. Medicare by itself requires that you pay deductibles and coinsurance for covered services.

The key point to take away from how supplemental insurance works is that it pays your share of Medicare covered expenses (coverage will vary by plan). If a service is not covered by Medicare, such as routine dental, a Medicare supplement will not offer any benefit.

Health and wellness benefits beyond Medicare are sometimes offered by Medicare Advantage plans, such as AARP Medicare Complete. But not Medicare supplements.

A couple AARP supplement insurance plans you should consider

The more comprehensive a Medigap policy the higher the premium. You should also factor in the costs for a Part D plan such as AARP MedicareRx Preferred.

There are generally speaking 10 Medigap plans (Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin have their own versions) and benefits are standardized for each plan. Benefits for any company offering Medicare supplement Plan G for instance will be identical.

Plans include: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. There is also a high deductible option for Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

If you have the budget and want the most comprehensive plan choose AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F. Medigap plan F is the most popular plan nation wide.

Learn About Medicare Supplement Plan F Benefits

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N was introduced in 2010 as a way for people to have the benefits of a Medicare supplemental plan but also have access to a lower monthly premium. Plan N is often referred to as a good alternative to a Medicare Advantage plan.

The plan keeps premiums low by introducing a low copay for doctor’s visits and emergency room visits. Up to $20 and $50 respectively. You are also responsible for the Part B deductible.

If you are relatively healthy but still want the peace of mind that comes with a Medicare supplement this is a good option.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Benefits

Although plans are standardized the AARP supplement insurance plans come with a few extra benefits not often found in other company’s plans. AARP plans include some vision benefits as well as a nurse help line.

AARP Medicare supplements do require that you are a member of AARP but the extra benefits including travel and shopping discounts often pay for the membership.

As to which plan is best, you will need to assess your health and your budget. But given the potentially high costs of going without, it makes sense to choose a plan.


  1. I just want information . I am already a member. In your book you give this email address for questions. Every site is only about information if you want to get the insurance. Where do we go to if we just want answers and do not want to phone to ask them?? I need a Provideer Directory, as I have the Deluxe Rider with my plan. And your office hours for me is not as convient as going on line.

  2. Patricia, You will need to pose your question to a site owned and operated by the Medicare plan in which you are enrolled. This is a blog post about AARP Medicare supplements. You reference being a member and needing a provider directory. It sounds like you may be enrolled in an Advantage plan. Maybe you can contact your insurance agent if the member line which is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week is not convenient.

  3. Carolyn Scheuermann

    David, I have called my representative. I currently have AARP Medicare Complete through Secure Horizons. I have read through comments that the Deluxe Rider, available for $39 a month, covers certain dental, vision and hearing benefits. When I called, I was told that, for vision, it only covered $150 for contact lenses, $70 for eyeglass frames and NOTHING for eyeglass lenses themselves. This sounds nuts to me. Is there any way of finding out what really IS covered? I know when I had this rider in the past, it did cover a percentage towards lenses. Help, please.

  4. David, I am very new to medicare. I am a diabetic and I stick my fingers 6 times a day. Where can I find an policy that covers the testing materials I need. Also as with the above person where do I find a supplemental policy that will pay for a diabetes vision exam and for lenses. Thanks

  5. Judy, Supplemental policies (Medigap) will only pay for things that original Medicare will pay for. For example, if Medicare doesn’t pay for lenses… neither will a supplement. Contact a local agent to review your options or call PlanPrescriber at 888 310-0376.

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