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AARP Retirement Survival Guide Review

AARP 5 Star Survival Guide is a good resource for retirees and those about to retire

If you are concerned about out living your money you owe it to yourself to buy The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad. This AARP 5 Star Retirement Survival Guide is packed full of comprehensive information to help you plan for your retirement and make wise choices no matter what circumstances you encounter. Whether you are sitting on a large nest egg or trying to figure out how to stretch your Social Security income this guide will give you sound and easy to understand insights.

The Author of The AARP Retirement Survival Guide is Julie Jason. Julie is a money manager and began her financial career 30 years ago as a securities lawyer on wall street. Julie’s weekly column is in its twelfth year and is widely read and lauded for its accuracy and scope of timely information.

Buy the AARP Retirement Survival Guide through the link below.

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad

What other readers are saying about The AARP Retirement Survival Guide:

Lon.  Just What I Needed

Honest unbiased advise on how to begin to plan for retirement. The book is focused and informative and answers questions baby boomer have about retirement.

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide review paraphrased –

Read the Complete Review Here

Mark.  A must read for pre-retirees and retirees

This book gives you a valuable and comprehensive decision making framework. This retirement survival guide also gives you steps to evaluate financial advisors.

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide review paraphrased-

Read the Complete Review Here

Who Should buy the AARP 5 Star Retirement Guide

  • People nearing retirement and those without a comprehensive plan
  • People who want to take more personal responsibility for their money
  • People who want to ensure that their financial advisor is on their side

Summary of Review:

Accuracy of Information 5 Star AARP Retirement Survival Guide
Completeness AARP 5 Star Retirement Survival Guide
Price and Value AARP Retirement Guide


Purchase below for the lowest price.

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad


  1. What kind of ruse is this??!! Your ad said you didn’t represent any particular company yet the response I get for the Five Lesson on plans is a full ad for AARP!!! Forget it!

  2. Carl, You are mistaken. This site contains hundreds of pages and yes some are devoted to AARP Medicare plans because the company behind AARP Plans is United Healthcare. They currently have more Medicare Advantage members than any other insurance company so it goes to reason that I would comment on their plans.

    The Ad you are referring to is a book review about retirement planning. Please feel free to unsubscribe from our list. We understand that like any piece of information this site is not for everyone. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have plan F and medicare and Ipay $200 Each month and yet others I know pay little or nothing, am I over insured. I have poly malagia and fibromalagia and osteroperours and minears disease yet I still have to pay $380 for celebrix every 3 months. also have sleep apnea but ususally only go to specialist every six months.

  4. Sylvia, Plan F is the most comprehensive Medicare supplement available. It also will have the highest monthly premium. Other who pay little or nothing in monthly premium probably are members of an Advantage Plan and will incur other costs for services. If you can afford the premium you may want to stay with Plan F. If you are unsure of your options meet with a local agent to get guidance.

    Part D Annual Enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7. You may want to compare Part D Plans at that time. Changing Part D will not affect your current Plan F coverage.

  5. good

  6. Wondering what is store for us in 2012. Open enrollment begins soon; when will the plans be available for us to look at vs regular Medicare Part B? and which insurance companies are offering them?

    many thanks,

  7. Charlotte, Both questions are on the minds of many people looking to compare 2012 Medicare plans. October 1st is the date mandated by CMS that plan providers can publish their offerings. As to which companies will be offering 2012 Medicare Advantage plans…. I’d guess all the major players; UnitedHealthCare, Humana, BlueCross, HealthSpring, WellCare, Coventry… but hopefully we’ll see some new providers and new plans give us a little more choice.

  8. I presently have plan F but it’s getting too expensive. What does plan N have to offer–how is it different from F?

    Thank you.

  9. Jackie, Medicare supplement Plan N offers a little less coverage than Medicare supplement plan F. You will be responsible for the Part B deductible, will not have coverage for Part B excess charges and will have a copay of up to $20 for a doctors visit and up to $50 for an ER visit. But the premium is generally quite a bit lower. here’s an article on Medicare supplement Plan N.

  10. Linda G. Richardson

    I’m looking into something that will help pay my medical along with my Medicare

  11. Linda, what you are describing sounds like a Medicare supplement which will pay your share of Medicare covered expenses. Here’s an article about the most popular Medicare supplement. Medicare Supplement Plan F.

  12. this is all so confusing. My boyfriend is disabled, and in july of 2011 was finally eligable for medicare. Now we see that the medicare that they take 200 a month out of his check which is already such a small amount, doesn’t really cover much of anything. Looking at all of the choices and options that are available, I am just too confused. I get dizzy reading all of the coverage for this or that, and im afraid if i put my phone number on the quotes pages that i will get bombed with phone calls. We live in arkansas, any suggestions ? thanks

  13. LaNette, First register for my free mini-course on whether or not a Medicare Advantage plan is a good choice for 2012. Then consider meeting with a local insurance agent who represents companies that offer both Medicare Advantage and Medigap.

  14. how does my looking at this page give you permission to send me information? What am I not seeing? Something sinister?

  15. Larry, Reminds me of the saying, ” Just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean everyone is not out to get you.” but seriously….. I have no earthly idea what you are referring to.

  16. My wife’s cost for prescription drugs will put her into the “donnut h0le” after 3 months. She will have to pay all costs up to 4700 dollars untill “catastrophic coverage”.Our medicare advantage plan in 2011 covered those costs. Our household income does not meet any local,state or gov. program guide lines.
    Are there any medicare advantage plans for 2012 that would help pay for those costs thru the “donut hole”?

  17. David, Part D plans vary by State. An easy way to find plans that may include coverage in the gap is to visit http://www.medicare.gov. Click Compare Drug and Health Plans and follow the online prompts. It’s not necessary to enter your drugs and choice of pharmacy if you are merely doing research. For each plan a column is dedicated to drug coverage and restrictions, this is where you will learn if plans offer any coverage while in the gap.

  18. I will turn 65 in January so am busy trying to figure out all my options with Medicare. I have been receiving all my medical care from the VA (cannot get health insurance) so don’t know what to expect from a civilian doctor. I am very interested in the Advantage plans but don’t understand how I would coordinate between my Advantage plan’s primary doctor and my VA primary doctor. Prescription drugs are not a concern because I would continue to get them through the VA. Do you have any suggestions for how I should coordinate my health care?

  19. Dave, If you have VA benefits and are enrolled in an Advantage plan you will continue to have those benefits. You could continue to see your VA doctor and use the plan as a back up for specialists and such. Many people in your situation never even see a civilian doctor unless it’s a specialist or they need to see a civilian doctor that may write a prescription that is not covered by the VA. In which case a Medicare Advantage plan which includes part D may be a good option.

  20. Dave, I am 68 and enrolled in Medicare A but not B since I have been covered under my wife’s insurance. That will be ending soon so I will enroll in Part B. Can I enroll in an Advantage plan or am I not qualified since I didn’t enroll at age 65?

  21. Richard, When you enroll in Part B you will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period that will allow you to join a Medicare Advantage plan if you wish. You will receive notification of your Part B effective date. If you enroll in a plan in the month prior to the Part B effective date your Advantage plan and Part B will be effective simultaneously. Of course you must live in the plan’s service area and not have end-stage renal disease.


  23. Judy, Yes, there is a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in a 5 Star rated Medicare advantage plan. Visit medicare.gov and click Compare Health and Drug Plans to search for a 5 Star plan in your area. here’s an article giving you some additional information: 5 Star Medicare Plans – Enroll Anytime

  24. I switched from AARP Peoples Choice(with which there was quite a sum of monthly $$$$ even tho I didn’t go to any Dr. but twice for minor stuff). to AARP Advantage for this year, now I’m having second thoughts about how well I am covered?? It is Secure Horizons, but I did not have that info until after I enrolled. I am in great health for 75 yrs.(I think) and rarely go to the Dr, except for yearly check ups which is required. There is no monthly costs and only co=pay if I do go, what do you think??? and how can I find out if it is a 5 star plan???
    Thanks for your info

  25. Rosetta, Whether or not a Medicare Advantage plan is a good choice depends on a lot of individual variables. It would be difficult for someone to say if you made a good choice without having intimate knowledge of you health and budget. You can visit medicare.gov to get information on 5 Star rated plans. Click Compare Drug and Health Plans, enter your zip code and follow the on-screen prompts. The star rating is listed next to each plan.

  26. This gets more confusing?? I was looking for information on Evercare but I don’t see anything on any of these pages. Then as I am looking I see Plan F?? Plan N??
    I think I shall give up and die!!

  27. Loretta, Part of the problem is the name change due to UnitedHealthCare’s re-branding. Here’s a link to start you in the right direction. Persevere and live Loretta!

  28. I am 51 and currently on medicare parts A&B(as of 2/1/2012. I’m looking to add to my coverage. The Dr I see the most is a specialist for orthopedics. I have herniated discs and have had lumbar fusion. I also take prescription medicines for my back pain. Can you help me wade through it all.

  29. Terri, You could start by subscribing to our Free Mini-Course on this site. When you are ready to compare plans you can speak with an agent by calling 888-310-0376.

  30. Looking for info about Evercare. Have husband in long term care.

  31. Beverly, United Healthcare has re-branded their Special needs Plans. Here a link to find plans in your area.

  32. My 93 year old mother is currently enrolled in a Medicare advantage plan that will be discontinued at year’s end 2012.
    In reviewing her current coverage and premiums, it appears that she is paying out approx. $600.00 per year for drug and health coverage, and has paid $950.00 out of pocket for her drugs. She is a diabetic, but has managed very well with a minimum of major medical procedures, and does not run to the Dr. for minor problems.

    Does she need to stay with the Advantage program, or is there something else that would be more appropriate? Her monthly premium is currently $50.00, and her Medicare Part B is taken out of her Social Security check. She is in good shape financially, but does not have LTC insurance.

    Thank you for a quick response.

  33. Meg, Your Mother’s out of pocket costs do not seem excessive and as long as you are happy with the coverage and the plan renews for 2013 she should be fine. You can also check into other Advantage plans available in your area to see if she could save money or have lower costs. The other option would be to buy a Medigap policy, which at her age may be quite a bit more in premiums. She would also need to purchase a stand alone Part D plan as drug coverage is not included in Medigap policies. She would probably be subject to underwriting. But… if after all that… and you want to explore that option, you could speak with a local agent to nail down some hard costs and discuss the underwriting.

    Getting Long Term Care Insurance at her age would be next to impossible. LTC should be purchased when you are in your 60’s. If my Mom had a similar situation, I may keep her in the Medicare Advantage program. I hope that helps.

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