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AARP Medicare Supplemental – Membership Required

Having access to AARP Medicare supplemental insurance is one benefit of membership

AARP Membership includes many benefits that members look forward to, such as travel discounts and reduced rates on health related services but did you know that you must be a member in order to purchase AARP Medicare supplemental insurance?

This requirement applies to AARP Medigap insurance… not AARP Medicare Advantage Plans like Medicare Complete. An Advantage Plan is not considered a Medicare supplement and therefor cannot require any type of ancillary membership for enrollment eligibility.

Benefits of AARP Medicare supplemental

A Medicare supplement or Medigap policy is not for everyone on Medicare but for those who qualify and can fit the monthly premium into their budgets, it’s a good option. Some reasons why people purchase an AARP Medicare supplement include:

  • Peace of mind resulting from consistent coverage
  • The stability of the insurance company
  • Competitive and stable premiums
  • Extra value added benefits

Conversely, it should be noted that no matter how low the premium for AARP Supplement policies, there are those people who are opposed to AARP as an organization due to what is seen as a liberal bias especially related to the  healthcare reform commonly known as Obama Care.

If you can see past the ideological issues you may find that  AARP Medicare supplement insurance often has some of the lowest premiums and has some other benefits as well.

Peace of mind from consistent coverage is inherent in the nature of Medigap coverage itself. Unlike a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medigap coverage is standardized from one insurer to the next. Medicare supplement Plan F for instance will afford you the same coverage no matter which insurance company offers the plan. Comparing Medicare supplemental insurance is easy.

Plans do not change from year to year and you have the peace of mind that as long as you pay your premiums you cannot be canceled or lose your coverage. In addition, choosing an AARP Medicare supplement can help you plan your budget and not be surprised by large copays or coinsurance amounts when you need to use your plan.

Medicare supplemental insurance fills in the gaps that Medicare does not pay such as the hospital deductible and the dreaded 20% of outpatient charges.

United Healthcare is the insurance company behind AARP Medicare plans and is highly rated and financially stable. AARP is not an insurance company but rather partners with insurance companies to give their members value added products and services.

AARP branded Medicare supplements are some of the most competitively priced plans available. Premiums may vary by location, age, smoking status and other considerations as will plans offered by all companies.

The large number of policy holders allows UnitedHealthcare to keep premiums competitively priced and rates stable. Do keep in mind that as health care costs rise so will premiums but this is true with any company that sells Medigap insurance.

Value added benefits are included in AARP Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Medicare is a great benefit offing insurance for seniors but there are several areas where coverage is lacking. One area is vision. AARP members receive valuable vision benefits when they purchase a supplement from United Healthcare as well as discounts on many medications.

Purchasing  an AARP Medicare supplement

Since supplements are standardized it’s easy to compare plans online. Not all companies will offer all available Medicare supplements so you will need to compare companies to find rates on the same plan. Medicare supplement Plan N has become quite popular because of its lower premium but not all companies offer it. It pays to do your home work.

If you are an AARP member or are considering membership you may find that AARP Medicare supplemental insurance is a good coverage option at the right price.


  1. I mailed my ck in for my membership and have not receive it. Thank You!

  2. what is the cost of aarp medigap plan f cost per month?

  3. Carolyn, The monthly premium for AARP Medigap Plan F depends on several factors. Such as; where you live, your gender, your age, your smoking status etc. Although Medicare supplements have standardized benefits they do not all have the same premium. You’re going to have to request a quote from them or find a local agent who represents them.

  4. I recd my humana card member id H57853985 group R0802 ,Plan N 65+ What will it cost? I signed up by phone & lots of info is forgottten or lost.

  5. Fred, I don’t have that information. Call the member services number on the back side of the card and ask for a complete enrollment kit. Pay close attention to the plan’s Summary of Benefits, Provider Directory, and Part D Formulary. If the plan looks like it will not be suitable you can submit an application for another plan prior to the end of the enrollment period (Dec. 7th) and it will replace the Humana plan.

  6. Hello,
    Must I be a member for the medicare supplement plan F ?
    Thank you.

  7. AARP does require membership to join but you can drop membership after the first year and keep Plan F. There are also other insurance companies that sell Plan F a that do not require an association membership.

  8. I want to drop my AARP membership, but feel bullied into keeping it because “they” claim we have to be a member to keep our supplemental insurance. Why would that be? It is United Healthcare that provides the insurance.

    I lost confidence in AARP when they pushed for passage of the Affordable (haha) Care Act. Since then their liberal bias has worsened. AARP does NOT represent me. It does not help me. I would like to be rid of it altogether, but I’m held hostage because we need the Plan F supplement.

  9. Kelly, I don’t believe you have to keep your membership in order to continue your AARP Plan F coverage through United Healthcare. They state that you must be a member to enroll but on their cancellation page they indicate if you wish to cancel insurance to call the number they provide. Call United Healthcare (not AARP) and get their take on it.

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