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AARP Medicare Rx Preferred PDP Versus Enhanced PDP

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3D Blocks with Letters RXAARP Medicare Rx plans – which is right for you?

In most cases you have literally dozens of Medicare Part D plans to choose from. AARP Medicare Rx plans are some of the most popular Medicare drug plans nationwide.

Below is the criteria important to making the right choice between AARP Medicare Rx Preferred PDP and AARP Medicare Rx Enhanced PDP.

Choosing an AARP Medicare Rx plan

Part D plans branded as AARP Rx plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare and are available nationally and widely accepted by most pharmacies. Choosing the right plan can keep you well protected, but make the wrong choice and you may be paying too much or may find that your prescriptions are not covered.

There are two primary factors that will determine whether you should enroll in the AARP Preferred or AARP Enhanced plan. Both are important but if the first criteria is not met the second will not really be relevant.

  • The AARP Medicare Rx plan formulary – A Medicare Part D plan formulary is the list of covered medications included and for which you will receive a benefit by the plan.  Many people believe that there is a universal Medicare Part D formulary but this is not the case.
  • The plan’s monthly premium – If you find that the plan includes you medications but the premium is unaffordable visit medicare.gov and search for other plan in your area. It sounds counter intuitive but the monthly premium is really secondary.

When researching the formulary keep in mind that the formulary may not be the same in all States. You may also find that drugs are not always placed in the same tier from one State to the next.

This means it’s very important to either request a printed formulary or view it online as a PDF.

The majority of people who enroll in an AARP Medicare Rx plan enroll in the Preferred PDP. This has a standard formulary and the placement of drugs in tiers is favorable to other plans. The price is also less than the Enhanced PDP.

The AARP Enhanced Rx plan has an expanded formulary and is well suited to people on less common medications and those with a chronic illness. Even though the monthly premium is higher it would not make sense to save a few dollars on premium and not have some of your medications included.

Mail order pharmacy and $2 copays with the PharmacySaver program are included with both AARP Medicare Rx plans. These benefits are designed to keep your drug costs low and be convenient.

After researching your Medicare Part D options you very well may find that one of the AARP Part

D plans is suitable to your needs. It’s important that you be aware of Medicare enrollment periods to ensure that you are able to join the plan of your choice.


  1. I need to know if AARP Medicare RX 2012 plan will cover the injection FORTEO. It was covered for 2011.
    Thank you.

  2. Jean, The formularies for Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans that include Part D will not be available for review until October 1. After which time you should receive a formulary from UnitedHealthcare AARP if that is your current carrier. You can also call customer service to request that one is mailed to you.

  3. I applied for AARP prescription plan on 6/1/11 but did not receive any confirmation. On 8/15/11, I received my first bill for 4 months, but still was unaware I had been accepted and therefore had spend my own money to purchase medication for June, July, and August. I can not receive reimbursement unless I have the original receipts (which I do not have) and four new prescriptions are not covered. These prescriptions would cost me over $400/ month so I am unable to afford them. I am deeply disappointed in your program and want to find another co for 2011.

  4. Cathy, I’m sorry to hear about your situation but this site is not owned operated by UnitedHealthCare or AARP Rx plans. You can address your concerns to http://www.aarpmedicareplans.com. Given the regulations governing Medicare, unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period, you will more than likely be stuck with what you have through 2011. You can enroll in another Part D plan beginning October 15th through December 7th during the Annual Enrollment Period. Enrollment will be for a plan that becomes effective January 1st.

    If you look around this site you can find several helpful articles to be sure that you choose the best plan for your circumstances. Here is an article on Part D Enrollment for 2012.

  5. I received a letter indicating that on 06/30/12 the Illinois CaresRX program will be terminated. I understand this does not affect my enrollement however, I would like to know how much my monthly premium will be, when I might receive my coupon book and what the copay will be for Lisinopril, Nexium and Symbicort. I can’t find any of this information on the website. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  6. Dorothy, Contact your plan by phone and ask for a Summary of Benefits and a plan Formulary.

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