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AARP Medicare Complete Choice Essential – Part D Not Included

Senior Couple with Flower PotsDon’t Need Part D? Consider AARP Medicare Complete Choice Essential

Many people would like to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan but do not need Part D coverage. If you fall into this category you may have several choices for a Medicare Advantage plan that offers medical-only health benefits.

One popular plan is available from United Healthcare. AARP MedicareComplete Choice Essential offers the same value as AARP MedicareComplete minus the Part D coverage.

Who should consider this plan?

This AARP Advantage plan is ideal for those individuals who do not need Part D benefits because they have credible drug coverage from another source.

For instance many veterans receive drug benefits from the veterans administration and may want the benefits afforded by an Advantage plan but are happy with their drug coverage from the VA. If you fall into this category compare Medicare Advantage plans that offer health-only medical benefits.

Some people retire and are able to keep credible prescription drug coverage from their former employer. If these people are interested in a Medicare Advantage plan Medicare Complete Choice Essential may fit the bill.

The benefits afforded by enrolling in a Medicare advantage plan like Medicare Complete Choice Essential include:

  • Fixed cost sharing amounts, as in co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles.
  • Lower premium than purchasing a Medigap policy.
  • Underwriting limited to one question about end-stage renal disease.
  • Extra benefits beyond what original Medicare includes such as; dental, vision, hearing and often gym memberships.

In addition to the benefits listed above one advantage of enrolling in a medical-only Advantage plan is that you generally have richer medical benefits than the plan’s counterpart that includes the Part D coverage. You may have lower cost sharing or your maximum annual out-of-pocket expense my be lower than the plan including Part D.

As with any Medicare Advantage plan, you will need to follow all of the enrollment guidelines.

Because Medicare Advantage plans are offered on an annual basis if you enroll in a medical-only Advantage plan and your circumstances change you can elect a plan that does include Part D the following year. In addition, if you lose credible drug coverage during the year through no fault of your own you will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period and will not be required to wait until the Annual Enrollment Period.

Shop smart for your Medicare Advantage plan by locating information online. This will enable you to compare many plan offerings and save time. When comparing plans take a look at AARP MedicareComplete Choice Essential it may fit the bill.


  1. I have enrolled in AARp MedicareComplete Choice Essential ( think). Today a person called me asking me to give information by phone which included my medicare number. I refused to do this by phone. This person told me that my application would not go through unless I completed the form. I still do not give this information by phone. Was this YOUR employee? If so, you need another method of obtaining this information. I do hope my application is still in process. Thank you very much.

  2. Patricia, This site is not owned or operated by United Health Care. When you enroll in a 2011 Medicare Advantage plan like AARP Medicare Complete Choice Essential or any other Advantage plan, the insurance company is required by CMS to conduct an Outbound Verification and Education call. This call is to ensure that you understand the type of plan that you have enrolled in and to ensure that the agent performed as expected. Normally, the company conducting the call will ask for your birth date to verify you identity. Call the phone number for the plan to determine if this was an Outbound Verification and Education call that you received, because they should not be asking for your Medicare claim number. Better safe than sorry.

  3. if i join medicare complete can i still use my va benefits if i choose to.

  4. Steve, Yes many people choose to do that. It’s particularly handy when the VA won’t prescribe a specific medication that is available from the Medicare Advantage plan.

  5. I am enrolled in Medicare Complete Essential, what are the changes for 2011?

  6. James, MedicareComplete Essential, like all 2011 Medicare Advantage plans are offered on a County-by-County basis and the benefits can vary by County. Visit http://www.aarpmedicareplans.com and enter your zip code to see plans in your area. The document that will give you the best insight to any changes will be the Summary of Benefits. The feedback I’ve received overall is that there is not a drastic amount of difference between the 2010 AARP Medicare Complete Essential and the 2011 Medicare Complete essential.

  7. I spoke to an agent yesterday and was told that Choice Essential (WITHOUT PARTD)REQUIRED $10 Primary Visits and $40 Spec visits but the info on your site lists different amounts,’
    Also a neighbor asked me to inquire about “:PLan 2”

    Please respond as quickly a possible.
    Thank you.

  8. Syd, You should ask the agent for the Summary of Benefits. You can also find it online at the plans website. That will give you the correct answer in writing. Also, I re-read my article above and don’t see the specific figures (different amounts) that you reference.

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