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Florida Medicare Advantage Plan Changes?

Toy Truck Sits on Florida MapHow much will the landscape change for Florida Medicare Advantage plans?

There’s health care reform, changes to PFFS plans, increasing health care costs and some insurance companies already announcing the non-renewal of Florida Medicare Advantage plans. What are we to expect for Medicare Advantage plans in Florida?

Whether you are looking for a Medicare supplement in Southwest Florida or a Medicare Advantage plan in Orange County you are bound to notice some changes ahead.

Florida Medicare Advantage Plan changes

There will be more changes related to Advantage plans than to Medicare supplemental insurance in Florida. It’s important to remember that Advantage plans can have benefits and premiums change or plans non-renew altogether on an annual basis. But beyond that, what should you expect for your  Medicare Advantage plan if you live in Florida?

  • Expect to see some companies that offer private fee-for-service plans decide to non-renew coverage.
  •  Keep an eye open to make sure you are not surprised by a jump in your monthly premium or a change in plan benefits.
  • On a positive note, health care reform is closing the Medicare Part D coverage gap. The donut hole has long been a problem for many people on expensive medications. The coverage gap will not completely go away, but we will see incremental changes through 2020.


Annual Notice of Change – Must Read Info

If you are new to Medicare or are considering a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time you should do your homework and compare several plans. This is easiest done online as insurance agents are not allowed to do side by side comparisons of plans from different companies.

Florida Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare supplement?

Don’t limit yourself only to Medicare Advantage plans. Take the time to explore Florida Medicare supplemental insurance as well. June 2010 saw the introduction of new Modernized Medicare supplement plans. This was the first major change since 1990.

Medicare Supplement Plan N is proving to be an affordable alternative to some of the higher cost Advantage plans. Many companies have limited underwriting and Medigap Plan N can actually be less per month than some of the private fee-for-service Medicare Advantage plans available in Florida.

Take a look at the rates for AARP Medicare supplement Plan N in Florida. Rates are quite competitive. These plans are worth comparing to your Medicare Advantage plan.

If you decide to go with an Advantage plan many insurance agents are expecting the AARP MedicareComplete plan and Humana Choice plan to be popular options. Both plans are PPO based plans with credible networks in most areas and are widely accepted.

Considering Medicare PPO – Read This Before You Enroll

No matter which way that you go, either with a Florida Medicare Advantage plan or a supplemental plan, make sure that you compare several plans to get your best value.


  1. Could not understand where to click on link when it came back you have me registered. Too confusing. Make links easy. HB

  2. Is this site controlled by AARP, without disclosing that fact?
    Thank you.
    Terry Spragens

  3. Terry, No that is not the case. The disclaimer on the About page clearly states site ownership.

  4. Is there a site that provides comparison of all non drug medicare Florida plan options? I an not speaking of Supplemental Insurance. I’m asking about plans that works to replace part A and part B Medicare. I would like to know if these plans reduce what Part A & B provides. George

  5. George, Your best resource for a comparison of medical-only Medicare advantage plans is the Medicare website. Click Compare Drug and Health Plans and follow the on-screen prompts. You will have the option to choose Part D, plans that include part D and Medical only plans. You will have a high level comparison of medical-only plans and will need to click each one to find a link to that plan’s website where you can do additional research.

  6. i am a vietnam vet 10% disability service connected. va provides all my health and drugs. but i am now 65 and va said i need medicare plus a plan of some type. i don’t need drugs but i do need emergency service access since va won’t cover it anymore. i have to go to a va hospital and there is none in jacksonville fl. your thoughts. thanks

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