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Medicare Premiums 2017 – What to Expect

Medicare Premiums 2017 Going Up?

What are the chances that your Medicare premiums for 2017 will go up? If you’re like most people enrolled in Medicare you know that Medicare premiums can increase. This brief article and the video below will give you come idea what to expect regarding your 2017 Medicare premiums. And for the record, we’re talking about Medicare Part B premiums. Part ...

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2017 Medicare Part D Premiums

2017 Medicare part D Premiums

Medicare projects Part D premiums will remain stable in 2017 2017 Part D prescription drug plan premiums are expected to average $34 per month. This represents a $1.50 per month increase over the average 2016 Part D premium. There are approximately 55 million Medicare beneficiaries and all are eligible for Part D prescription drug coverage. The Medicare Modernization Act of ...

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Medicare Costs – 2016 Premium And Deductible Changes

Medicare Premium and Deductible Changes 2016

How not getting a raise in Your Social Security impacts your Medicare Part B premiums As a Social Security recipient you may be disappointed that there will not be a Cost of Living Adjustment COLA for 2016. Most people on a fixed income would argue that the costs of goods and services are getting more expensive. Legislation enacted in 1973 ...

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Printable Living Will Good Idea For Medicare Beneficiaries

living will forms for medicare beneficiaries

Printable Living Will is a cost effective option for people on Medicare A living will is a legal document that makes your end-of-life wishes known. A living will in combination with completed medical power of attorney forms is also known as an advance directive. If there are certain medical procedures that you are not agreeable to, a living will is ...

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Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Choose Medicare Supplement Plan F when only the best will do If you have decided that purchasing a Medicare supplement is the way to go, you may be wondering which supplemental plan is best. This question is easily answered if you are not severely limited on your health care budget. More people are enrolled in Medicare supplement plan F than ...

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AARP Senior Health Insurance – Senior Health Plan Choices

Understanding the different types of AARP senior health insurance If you are researching senior health plan choices, you may want to compare AARP senior health insurance to other available options. But don’t expect the comparison to simple. There are three several types of AARP insurance for seniors. For our purposes, we will look at plan choices for those that qualify ...

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Medicare Advantage Versus Medicare Supplement Plans

The only thing better than having choices is understanding exactly what you are choosing between. If you are about to be Medicare eligible or are contemplating changing your Medicare coverage, it’s important to understand the differences when considering Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans. If you are new to Medicare and unsure of the differences you are not alone. Even ...

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AARP Medicare Complete

Happy AARP Medicare Complete Members

  AARP MedicareComplete Advantage Plan re-brands from Secure Horizons to United Healthcare A quick visit to Medicare’s official website will list dozens of plan options in most areas of the Country. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at the AARP Medicare Complete Advantage Plan formerly a Secure Horizons brand. One of the most recognized Medicare Advantage plans ...

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Medigap vs Medicare Advantage – eBook Helps You Choose

Medigap vs Medicare Advantage eBook

Straight-forward easy to read eBook helps you decide between Medigap and Medicare Advantage Everyday nearly 10,000 people turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. You may be one of those people or you may be helping someone research their Medicare plan options. And as you have probably learned, unless you’re willing to gamble with Original Medicare, you will need to ...

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Is UnitedHealthcare HouseCalls Program Legitimate?

Skeptical of UnitedHealthcare HpouseCalls Program

Believe it – UnitedHealthcare is now offering HouseCalls program to some Advantage Plan members A friend of mine’s mother was called by someone claiming to represent her Medicare Advantage Plan through UnitedHealthcare. She was a little skeptical and thought she was being scammed. But after¬† some research she decided to go through with it. And she was glad she did. ...

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