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AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Premiums

Word Insurance Highlighted in GreenPremiums for AARP Supplemental are often some of the lowest

Maybe you have decided that AARP Medicare supplemental insurance is the way to go. You may have even compared it to AARP Medicare Complete and other Medicare plans, now it’s time to see if it will fit the budget. Once you know what the monthly premium will be, you can compare it to other companies Medicare supplement insurance plans.

The first step is to determine which Medicare supplemental plan is right for you. Fortunately, once you’ve done the leg work understanding the different plans, you can apply that knowledge to all other companies because Medicare supplement plans are standardized. In other words, a Humana Medicare supplement Plan N will include the same benefits as Plan N with AARP Medicare supplement insurance.

Researching your Medicare supplement insurance options

Aside from collecting dozens of company brochures, the easiest way to compare standardized  Medicare supplement plans, is to get general plan information in the Medicare publication; Choosing a Medigap Policy. This booklet will answer almost every question you may have about Medicare supplement policies. The only question it will not answer is what you will pay in monthly premium.

Whether you are looking at AARP Medicare supplement insurance or another company, you will find that the premium will vary based on which standardized plan you choose. Plan F is the most comprehensive and as such, will normally be the most expensive option.  Modernized Medicare supplement plans were released June 1 2010 and one plan that is getting a lot of attention (and enrollments) is Medicare supplement Plan N.

Plan N has a much lower premium than Plan F, but requires a little more out-of-pocket by the policy holder to use the plan. The Part B deductible is not covered by Plan N and you may have a co-pay up to $20 for a doctors visit and up to $50 for an emergency room visit. Many healthy people are finding that the savings more than makes up for the potential out-of-pocket expense.

Supplemental Premiums Out of Reach? Check Out AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

How companies set Medicare supplement premiums

Knowing how a company determines price can be important when projecting your policies cost into the future. Supplemental policies can be rated in three different ways:

  1. Community-rated- is also known as no-age rated because the same premium is charged to everyone no matter what their age.
  2. Issue-age-rated- bases the price on how old you are when you buy the policy. Rates may go up due to inflation, but not because you get older.
  3. Attained-age-rated- calculates you premium on your current age and policies will become more expensive as you get older.

These guidelines relate primarily to age, your premium for a Medicare supplement policy can go up due to inflation and other factors.

When is Medigap Open Enrollment?

Getting a price for AARP Medicare supplement insurance

In today’s online world, the easiest way, by far to get a price for a specific AARP Medicare supplement is to comparison shop online. The beauty of shopping online for Medicare supplement plans is that plans are standardized, so you won’t find the apples to oranges comparisons that are common when looking at Medicare Advantage plans. Visit the eHealthInsurance website to get a quote  or if you are reluctant to give your information online you can speak with an agent by calling (888) 310-0376. Agents represent  several companies.

When you compare AARP Medicare supplement insurance to other Medicare supplements, you can have hard facts to make an easy decision as to which way to go. In many instances you can receive an early enrollment discount if you are within a few months of turning 65.


  1. richard l. harvey

    changing banks, contact for new info for direct payment

  2. Richard, Make your inquiry to http://www.aarpmedicareplans.com as this site is not owned or operated by united health Care or AARP.

  3. We are looking for prices for AARP supplement to Medicare insurance. Pt is 87 female and lives in OH.



  4. Kris, You’re best course of action is to contact an agent who is authorized to offer AARP Medicare supplements in Ohio. UnitedHealthCare uses different pricing models and health may play a role in the premium. Unlike Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, Medicare supplement rates are generally not readily available online. The Medicare website will allow you to search for Medigap plans in your area but will only display a premium range for each standardized plan.

  5. I am already a member..why can’t I find out how much of a premium increase I’ll have in 2012?

  6. Patricia, Maybe it hasn’t been announced yet. You should receive a written notice. If not call policy holder services at AARP UnitedHealthCare.

  7. I recently sold my home in Florida w a zip code of 32162. Went up to NJ due to my husband need a major spine surgery. I lived with my daughter for that time and needed to change my mailing address and AARP United Health care supplement raised our premium $150.00 more since I changed my zip code. Now I am moving back to the same area which will be my primary residence and they are going to raise the premiums again. There answer was that area zip 32163 had more claims. Make no sense since the customer service agent had said NY and NJ had the highest rate in the country. Who can I call to help me with this problem and I had this insurance since 2007.

  8. Joan, If you initially worked with a local agent in Florida I would start there. You could call customer service but that will probably be a waste of time. If you are healthy and believe that you would have no problem passing medical underwriting, it may be time to shop. Medicare supplements offer standardized benefits so Plan F for instance will be the same for all companies. As you have learned, there is not necessarily a reward for staying with the same company. Most major companies offering supplements will offer the same level of service and payment of claims. Take this time to see if you can save some money. Call PlanPrescriber at (888) 310-0376 to speak with an agent. They represent most all carriers.

  9. Why are premiums so high?
    I have Have plan F and paying $265 and going up again 2020.

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